“7 KEYS TO UNLOCK THE MYSTICAL POWER of sacred sites” (coming soon)

Sacred Voyages facilitates life changing transformational spiritual retreats in Hawaii & Mount Shasta, two of the most potent vortexes in the world.  On our retreats, we venture out to powerful sacred sites and temples of concentrated energy. These power sites exponentially amplify and accelerate all transformation, awakening and spiritual connection. In these exotic and mystical places, where the veils are thinner, miracles regularly happen and anything is possible. 

Our Retreats


Hawaii is one of the most powerful & activating sacred site vortexes in the world.  The spiritual is alive and palpable in the timelessness that occurs on our retreats in Hawaii.  The Islands serve as a powerful healer, teacher and amplifer of all change and awakening.  We visit specific and potent sacred sites that catalyze and transform anything.  We will marinade and be transformed by Aloha, or unconditional love.  Life will never be the same again from shamanic retreats Hawaii.


Mount Shasta is one of the highest frequency places on earth, eminating the vibration of the crown chakra. Native Americans have long held this mountain as sacred and some say it’s even part of what remains of an ancient civilization. Guided by spirit, we visit mystical sacred sites that amplify awakening, healing and tranformation.   This is not an ordinary retreat as this vortex will change you at a core level.   When attending a shamanic retreat here, results are often nothing short of miraculous.


Although we hold several group retreats per year, most of our retreats are small, with just one individual, couple, family or friends who arrange a private experience that caters to their exact needs. You choose the dates, place, number of days, and type of experience you want.  It’s a laser focused shamanic mystical journey to saced site vortexes that will change your life forever. Minimum one day and 30 days maximum. All customized just for you.


Sometimes people don’t plan in advance. They find themselves coming to (or already in) Hawaii or Mount Shasta and realize they want to incorporate spirituality and/or transformation into their travel plans.  Or perhaps they just have a day or two.  That’s where we come in, providing a customized private shamanic retreat just for you.  Like all our retreats, during our day together we will visit ancient and mystical sites that heal, transform & awaken.

“After my retreat with Magick, I have awakened into a complete non-dual state of love and bliss in every moment without any fear. Being diagnosed with a brain tumor just after the retreat hasn't changed my bliss one bit. I am in total peace and awe and miracles are happening every moment. My diagnosis is irrelevant."

– Michelle Sandlin, Retreat participant


We use Shamanism as a broad term similar to mystism.  On retreat, we create a container of limitless possibilites where you can literally step from one reality to another in an instant.  This field of awakened consciousness  quickens you to its frequency, dissolving all illusion.  Anything is possible in the mystical shamanic realms.

Sacred sites are powerful places where the earth’s energy is concentrated into a thick frequency of all possiblities.  In Hawaii & Mount Shasta, there are many vortexes where the potency is even more refined & specific (such as sites for manifesting or releasing). These sites amplify & acceelerate all transformation & awakening.

We create a marinade of unconditional love which penetrates deep into your pysche. It finds wounds, conditioning, fears, doubts, & beliefs; melting, resolving & healing them.  We  teach how to bring the unifying power of undconditional love to everyone & everything, including yourself, so you can  have true peace.