What if there were a space, a container – a frequency field – in which the veils of illusion could easily fall away and you could experience and know the Uncontainable Truth of the Love, Peace and Perfection that You already are?  There is! And you can be there! It’s what we call a Shamanic Container.

A Shamanic Container is a field of Unconditional Love, multi-dimensional reality, shamanism and mysticism. It is created by a Shaman or Mystic who transmits a variety of “magickal” ingredients into the energy field, which when mixed together alchemically create a caldron of all possibilities. This “container” is a field of Limitlessness, Infinite possibility, Divinity and All That Is (the “Uncontainable”).  

When the Shamanic Container is created, a person or group then marinates in this energy field which dissolves illusion, conditioning, limitation, wounding and trauma. It’s a timeless field of limitless potential, where there is no separation and everything in the material realm is revealed as illusory (without resistance or judgement). Once separation is dissolved by the energy of the container, then Self realization – as God, Divinity, and the Unity of All That Is – can awaken into full consciousness.

The Shamanic Container is both Everything and Nothing – a portal into all possibilities and simultaneously it is all possibilities. It’s a magic carpet ride into the Truth of your Being, the revelation and embodiment of who you really are, your soul, and who you came here to be.

On all my retreats and in all my sessions, I create a powerful Shamanic Container. After decades of intimate apprenticeship with shaman, kahuna and spiritual teachers, I have deeply explored and ultimately codified what we call The 5 Shamanic Tools. While it is impossible to describe the ineffable, we have found that practicing an alchemy of these 5 Shamanic Tools (mixed with indescribable magick) creates a unified field of consciousness – a Shamanic Container –  that supports all to realize higher states of Being. This is the pool we swim in together.

The 5 Shamanic Tools:
Maintaining the Shamanic Container
The Oneness Experience
Unconditional Love
Inner Guidance
Sacred Site Attunement

When used alchemically, intentionally with ceremony & ritual, these practices help to form and maintain the Shamanic Container.

The ancient shamans and mystics cultivated and navigated this energy frequency and its effects. Some call it the “crack between the worlds.”

While the Shamanic Container is created through intention, ritual and ceremony, similar frequencies were already the predominant reality in some ancient cultures in history. It was simply their waking reality. It was the norm in ancient Hawaii and ancient Lemuria. There are still places today in Hawaii and Mount Shasta where the energy of the Shamanic Container naturally exists, untouched by the western world’s dominant frequency of mind, time, space, reasoning and logic.  This Shamanic Container can exist inside of us, or we can visit them on earth, which we call “Sacred Sites”.

On our in person retreats, we go to these “Sacred Sites” (on earth and within) to be quickened by their powerful transformational energy. Voyagers in the Shamanic Container (anyone who is on retreat or does a Shamanic Coaching Session) are infused in this vibration the entire time we are together, which quickens their own frequency to this expanded place of all possibilities.

This powerful energy field awakens Voyagers to their shamanic-psychic gifts, or “siddhi’s,” as they are known in the East. There are hundreds of different shamanic or mystical gifts that are possible in humans. Whichever ones that are your natural proclivity, needed for your evolution, and serve your purpose, will often “flame on” when you begin to resonate in a Shamanic Container.

The Shamanic Container also heals and resolves wounds, trauma and other human conditioning.  People also at times experience instant manifestation, total clarity, knowing your life purpose, dissolution of fears, pain, doubts and other illusions, or even instant healing.

The Shamanic Container also catalyzes mystical Self realization as God, awakening, and experiences of Oneness.  It wakes you up out of illusion and into your Infinite nature, who you truly are.  

All of this and endless other gifts are common in this field within which all parallel universes, all time and space, are co-existing at the same time and freely accessible.

Being in this Shamanic Container 24/7, for as little as hours, but ideally for as long as possible, literally changes you at the deepest levels of your being.  


Unity of All That Is
Spiritual & Mystical Aliveness & Accessibility
Constant Connection to Higher Self & Spirit
The Infinite
Unconditional Love
The Void; the Nothingness


Embodiment of our Humanity & Divinity here on Earth
Being Centered in the Heart, rather than the Mind
Clear Inner Guidance
Waking up Psychic Gifts
Self Realization as God
Self Realization as Love
Realizing your Life Purpose
Instant Manifestation
Play, Fun, Catharsis, Laughter & Love         
Awareness of Everyday Reality as Mystical
Instant Healing
Connection with Ascended Masters and Evolved Beings
Embodying your Authentic Self
Awakening to your True Nature
Epiphanies, Ah-ha’s, Downloads
Realization of your Life Purpose

Immersing yourself in the Shamanic Container is the greatest adventure of your life. No matter if you are sitting still exploring the Sacred Site within, or exploring the wonder of Sacred Sites on earth, the frequency of the Shamanic Container awakens and activates your consciousness beyond time & space so that you can see clearly into the Infinite Being that is yourself and beyond. This Absolute Reality has always been and always will be. It’s who you truly are and it is always available. When you tap into its power and potency with intention and guidance, the transformation will last a lifetime.

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