Mystical Shamanism

What I call “Mystical Shamanism” is the way that I define the teachings that I offer – the pathless path that I walk. It is a “unified paradox.” (Now, that’s a brain bender.) Mystical Shamanism is the full awakening into the truth that we are simultaneously 3-dimensional human beings and multi-dimensional spiritual beings. We are divinity having a human experience.  

Yet for most of us, our divinity and our humanity feel like very separate aspects of reality. On the one hand, in our humanity, we are born and we will die. We are finite, temporary, separate, individual and everything matters.  On the other hand, in our divinity, we were never born and we will never die. We are infinite, everlasting, undifferentiated and nothing matters.

Our humanity and our divinity seem mutually exclusive and paradoxical. But, truly, they are not. Fully embodying these two aspects of our journey is essential to our health, well being and ultimately our awakening. We are here to fully realize and embody what it is to be a human on earth, and at the same time what it is to be divinity (All That Is) with timeless multi-dimensional awareness. Remember that “unified paradox” I spoke of?

On all of my retreats and sessions, I endeavour to take people on a journey into the precise pinpoint place where our divinity and humanity meet. This is the journey of Mystical Shamanism. Mystical is our divinity and Shamanism is our humanity.  Mystical Shamanism fully embodied as a “unified paradox” is the Oneness Experience, the place where our divinity and our humanity meet.

SHAMANISM (Our Humanity)
The “Shamanism” aspect belongs to the realm of “perception.” Anything the mind can discern into different qualities or have a thought about. Anything quantifiable that can be perceived with the senses or the mind. This includes all astral experience (the astral is just another perceived dimension). This includes all the siddhis (spiritual powers):

Psychic powers
Talking to a rock an animal or an ascended master
Shape Shifting, Being in Two Places at Once, Invisibility, Teleportation
Healing an old wounds and body parts
Transmutation of elements of consciousness into new forms
Alchemy. . .lead into gold  
Turning Confusion into clarity

Plant medicine journeys


MYSTICISM (Our Divinity)
The Mystical aspect points to the ineffable. It’s the ability to cross veils into “apperception.” A place of “no mind.”  Total divine absorption. The dissolution of the self (individual locus of identity) into the Self as God – where there is no self and no god, apperception (another brain bender).  Here are a few descriptions to describe the indescribable:

No separate consciousness witnessing anything
No ego identity
No evidence of anything
The singular (without another)
Ability to be in Oneness in apperception
Pure Unconditional Love with no subject and no object
Pure Divinity
Pure Presence


Mystical shamanism is wholeness. It’s where the “as above” meets the “so below.”  Place where humanity and divinity meet. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Mystical Shamanism is the pathless path of The Great Paradox. Here Everything matters and Nothing matters (another brain bender – another portal into the Self).

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  1. Interesting, I always thought mysticism was the same thing as shamanism. Learn something new every day!

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