Using Ayahuasca Plant Medicine on a Shamanic Journey

Using plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca, DMT, or psilocybin, has become very popular in western culture in the last few years, and for good reason. Ceremony with these extraordinary medicines can change one’s life, expand one’s consciousness, show you “God,” or even facilitate the death of the ego. But there are limitations if you are on the path to fully waking up – and maintaining that awareness in everyday life.

Many people ask if Sacred Voyages offers Ayahuasca retreats on Maui or Mount Shasta. While we have nothing against Ayahuasca Retreats, our retreats are plant medicine-free. Our intention is to give you a multidimensional life changing experience that is similar to Ayahuasca, but without the medicine. Why? Because awakening should be unconditional. Understanding how to tap into multidimensional consciousness anytime, anywhere. This is where the real adventure begins!


Whether you use plant medicine or not, there is a world of multidimensional consciousness that awaits you in the subtle reality. Right here! Right now! May your voyage lead you to a fully awakened life, in every moment.



  • We support you to wake up out of the trance you are in – into full experience of reality, in a way that you know 100% it was real and it was you. No doubt. No questions. Full ownership. This can happen with Ayahuasca but often doesn’t.
  • We provide you the opportunity to be able to recreate your mystical experiences without the use of external substances or medicine. You are a multidimensional being already, without medicine. Most of us have just been conditioned out of our expanded cosmic nature. We teach you how to wake up to your inherent multidimensional consciousness in everyday life, not just a one-time ceremonial experience.
  • We support an addiction-free path of freedom. Although most people do not get addicted to Ayahuasca, the psyche can unconsciously become dependent upon plant medicines for powerful mystical experiences. If your psyche becomes dependent, this is the opposite of achieving freedom.
  • We teach you how to tap into the subtle reality – where your power truly lies. Many substances create a powerfully intense experience of multidimensional reality that can’t be experienced in everyday ordinary reality. Because the experience is so intense, our brain then begins to think that God, the multiverse etc, are always that As a result, we ignore more subtle reality. At Sacred Voyages we help you cultivate a relationship with subtle reality. It is indeed the subtle reality where all of our power lies. You can access it all the time (rather than just occasionally in ceremony). Tapping into subtle reality requires a very different kind of experience than the intensity created by plant medicines.
  • We believe you can live in “Divine Awareness” all of the time. With the proper introduction, experiences, and guidance you can tap into cosmic consciousness any time. To experience cosmic, multi-dimensional reality, you do not need to enter a plant medicine ceremony, which will often take you away from work and other practical daily reality. You can cultivate your awareness to be tuned in anytime, all the time. This is the path to be fully awake in your everyday.

Are You Ready for a Shamanic Adventure into the Subtle Realms of Consciousness {Substance-Free}?

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  1. It blows my mind that these experiences are available WITHOUT ayahuasca!
    I’ve never felt inclined to take it either, im glad its not a requirement c:

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