The Oneness Experience & The Oneness Method

Experiencing Oneness is a multidimensional experience that can both heal the wounds of our humanity and restore our connection to our divinity. The Oneness Experience, at an individualized level, can resolve our human pain and wounds in a way that restores a healthy clear psyche through which manifestation is natural and easy. The Oneness Experience, at its most infinite, is about being one with All That Is, everything and everyone that has ever existed or ever will exist, Unity in Divinity. The Oneness Method, which I will introduce you to shortly, is a process by which you can manifest anything through resolving wounds; and/or it’s a method by which you can wake up out of the illusion of material reality being what you need and into Unity with All That Is.

So here is a paradox . . . The Oneness Experience has two stages*:
   1) The Individualized Oneness Experience
   2) The Infinite Oneness Experience.

(*disclaimer: There really aren’t two stages but it is helpful for understanding – more on that later.)
These two distinct (but not actually distinct) stages can occur at different times, or can also occur as one, at the same time. Let’s break this down so the mind can follow (and then dissolve).



The Individualized Oneness Experience (Stage One)
At its most basic level, the Individualized Oneness Experience is about merging with and being one with everything you perceive inside yourself – all the aspects of yourself. Another way of describing it to say its being One with all aspects of your humanity.

The aspects of your humanity, whether negative or positive, that are calling for the Individualized Oneness Experience are:
-emotions (fears, anger, sadness, shame, guilt and all other derivations)
-and all other aspects of a “personal” self

Stage One, The Individualized Oneness Experience, is where/when you have released all resistance to what is present in your current reality, inside and outside yourself. You are One with what it is to be human in the moment of now. In this state you have closed the gap between that which is observing your experience, and the experience itself. You become One with you. There is no separation and no inner observer (thought) to comment on what is happening. You have become unified with yourself. This could be for a second, a minute, an hour, days, weeks, months or a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how long you have the experience, the experience will change you forever.

Once you realize the Individualized Oneness Experience, you are already in the process of awakening into what’s next . . .

The Infinite Oneness Experience (Stage Two)

Stage Two of The Oneness Experience, The Infinite Oneness Experience, includes all of Stage One, which is when you have released all resistance to what is present in your current reality. You are in Oneness with yourself and One with your humanity. Now, for Stage Two. Given that you have attained the Individualized Oneness Experience, now something miraculous and magical can happen. (And yet it’s not within your control because the “you” that would control it isn’t present.)

At this point, a portal or doorway can open into unity with All That Is. The Oneness with all parts of yourself becomes Oneness with the singularity of the universe. When this happens the Infinite Oneness Experience is present. Now you are both in Oneness with all of your humanity AND with all of your divinity. There is no separation between you and anything else. This is awakening to your True Nature, unity with All That Is, your infinite nature. . . ( I have simply run out of words to explain the unexplainable, but you get the picture.)

Their Really Aren’t Two Stages
Ok, now that you understand the Individual Oneness Experience and the Infinite Oneness Experience – let’s address that disclaimer above that indicated “there really aren’t two stages.” The reality is there is actually no distinction between different kinds of Oneness. If you enter into the fullness of Stage One (Individual Oneness), you are actually in Stage Two (Infinite Oneness). Oneness is Oneness.
However, I make the distinction of two stages because when a person is deep in Stage One – but not fully realized in it yet – their experience will be similar to what I have described as Stage One. But it’s actually not Oneness (yet). There are still bits and pieces of separation in their experience. Yet it can feel like Oneness (until you experience True Oneness – Stage Two) so I have created these two stages to help people understand what they are experiencing along the way.



So now begs the question, “How can I realize The Oneness Experience?

I have developed an approach I call The Oneness Method. It facilitates actualizing both of these seemingly paradoxical aspects of Oneness – humanity (Individual Oneness) and divinity (Infinite Oneness).

I call it The Oneness Method because it’s one method for accomplishing a variety of results and has infinite applications, depending on your intention. For example, The Oneness Method enables you to manifest whatever you intend. When The Oneness Method is used to manifest, it takes you into deep intimacy with all your human losses, wounds, conditioning and trauma that is blocking your manifestation. This intimacy with your humanity heals and resolves your wounds thereby clearing the way for manifestation of all your material needs. This can be accomplished without even reaching the Individual Oneness Experience fully, but in the process itself. While this process can clear any obstacles to manifestation, when it deepens into realizing the Infinite Oneness Experience, it wakes you up out of the illusion of separation (the illusion where we think we need to manifest anything) and into the pureness of our divinity. It’s one method with a variety of results all the way up to Oneness with All That Is.

The Individual Oneness Method (Our Humanity)
If you want to heal and resolve your wounds, trauma, conditioning, fears, doubts, insecurities, physical illness, shame guilt, sadness, anger, reactivity, non beneficial thoughts or other debilitating dis-ease, The Oneness Method will deliver. If you want to manifest or actualize anything into material reality, The Oneness Method is an integral part of my proven Manifestation Process. The Oneness Method is also an essential part of my model for cultivating a more potent relationship with your Higher Self.

The Infinite Oneness Method (Our Divinity)
Now, if you want to dissolve the egoic hold on your experience of reality and instead fully awaken and experience Oneness with All that Is, unity with everything and your infinite nature, practice The Oneness Method. This is how you wake up!

One method for all applications – which eventually, no matter what the application, leads to the Infinite Oneness Experience!

The Oneness Method is a simple, but not necessarily easy, approach with just a few steps for creating the Individual Oneness Experience (Humanity) and the Infinite Oneness Experience (Divinity). There are different subtle nuances to how to apply The Oneness Method depending on your intention. But the basic methodology is the same no matter what you are seeking.

I have shared The Oneness Method with thousands of people individually and in groups with awe-inspiring results. Join me for a retreat or private shamanic coaching session and experience The Oneness Method for yourself. Miracles of Oneness await youo

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