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You can learn to make every decision from a deep place of knowing, a place beyond logic and reason, a place that isn’t bound by space and time, a place that knows what is best for all concerned. While it may be called by many different names – Deep Knowing, Intuition, Higher Self, or Omnipotent Self – I simply call it Inner Guidance.

Inner Guidance provides you the ability to always be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It’s both part of how to live a more source/spiritually based life, and it’s essential to manifesting in the physical. Our ability to actualize or manifest anything is partially dependent on our ability to know what to say, where to be, what to do, and what decisions to make.

If you lived following your Inner Guidance . . . What would be possible? What would your life be like? What if you had the highest wisdom available to you at all times?



Our retreats focus on facilitating experiential learning of how your Higher Self uniquely delivers deep inner knowing to your conscious mind and body. Get to know how you personally and specifically, internally and externally, perceive Inner Guidance. Know it so well that you can distinguish it from any other voice, thought, picture or feeling inside or outside yourself. This is true empowerment: to be aligned with spirit, in divine right action in every moment.

Almost everyone is following Inner Guidance much, much less than they think….and are missing out on the everyday miracles that occur when we know and act on our intuition. On our retreats, you will discover just how often you are not living from Inner Guidance and just how different your life could be if you followed it more.

But you can activate your reliance on Inner Guidance and cultivate a deeper and more profound relationship with your Higher Self. We teach about accessing your Higher Self for big important decisions that you know will transform your life. But perhaps more importantly, we teach about how to use Inner Guidance in ordinary, seemingly mundane, situations; and this will change your life forever in unexpected and delightful ways!!!

On or after retreat, with a clearer connection to Inner Guidance, some marry or divorce, discover and begin to live their life purpose, quit or start a job, find a new home, all with a sense of ease and clear knowing what is best for them. Others excel in sales, find the perfect job, create more love and ease in relationships, heal disease, create more abundance, or even find their soulmate. Life just gets easier when you are learning how to know and act from your Higher Self, following your Inner Guidance.

With this higher form of intuitive decision making, it is possible to know the truth about any decision, with absolute certainty, all the time.



Our ultimate intention is for you to develop the trust and faith to follow your Inner Guidance, with confidence and ease, all the time. On all our retreats there are detailed teachings on how to cultivate a deeper and more conscious relationship with Inner Guidance. But that is just the warm up. We invite participants to not just form or deepen their relationship with their Higher Self, but to actually follow Inner Guidance in every moment during the retreat. As such, it’s not just an intellectual teaching, it’s a real world experience with a real world feedback loop. There is no better way to learn something than practice and marinating in it.

To ignite the process, on most retreats we go to Sacred Sites – Earth vortexes of power – that amplify our ability to discern and perceive our Inner Guidance. Guidance is louder, clearer and more obvious in these sites and this magnification teaches us how we perceive our Higher Self in ways we wouldn’t learn in our normal fast paced lives. On our retreats that are virtual, or not in earth Sacred Sites, we create a Shamanic Container, which has the same amplification effect on access to Higher Self.



Connecting to your Higher Self creates more ease, more grace, and limits drama and unnecessary challenge, in every aspect of life. Wherever you apply it, you will see results.

When people are immersed in Inner Guidance – learning to connect more with, and act from, their Higher Self – it is commonplace to see huge changes in their lives. We have countless stories from participants in all of these areas.

–Knowing your life purpose
–Clear knowing about beginning or ending a relationship
–Deciding a career path, to take or quite a job
-Finding a partner (or soulmate if you believe in soulmates)
-Knowing Truth vs lies
– Healing oneself or staying healthy through various clear choices
– Improved business decisions about whom to do business with or how to make a sale
–Better relating with others

Above is a small list among infinite possibilities. Some of the most important results come from mundane everyday decisions that don’t fall into these obvious life changing decisions. Each little decision we make in life leads us closer to our goals or further away. And these seemingly unimportant smaller decisions could be life changing if we make them from Inner Guidance.

What important decision do you need to make that would benefit from clear knowing of what is in the highest good for all?
When we connect with Inner Guidance, synchronicities and manifestation happen quickly and more easily, life changes course, and dreams do come true.


Watch the Video:
What is Inner Guidance?

(If you would like to know more about inner guidance, then please look into our Guidance for Life DVD series [available for digital download] or contact us about our retreats.)

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  1. Inner guidance has been my greatest tool yet for navigating my way through life! Yes to all of this!!

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