From Three Dimensional to Multidimensional Reality

If you hang out with us for any length of time (or timelessness), you will soon come to know that we are Voyagers, across the “chasm” of  three dimensional reality to multidimensional reality. 

What is Three Dimensional Reality?

Three dimensional “reality” is a time/space where the rules and laws of Newtonian physics and linear/analytical thought hold us in an invisible cage of our everyday consciousness where we cannot see, hear, feel or experience the totality of reality. This is duality.

In three dimensional “reality,” the entire world is shaped by thought, which inherently cuts the All That Is (Oneness/Singularity) into smaller discernable chunks (separation/duality). Here we are stuck in an analytical linear time sequence that is created by our mind. 

This “reality” – which is just a small slice of multidimensional reality – is greatly myopic because of how limitations create and shape our perspective. Firstly the wiring of our brain and bodily systems limits perception. Other limitations include thoughts and beliefs such as: cause and effect, gravity, “if you cannot see it, hear it, or feel, it does not exist,” suppression of psychic powers, and our belief systems. If you believe that you cannot walk through a solid object, then you cannot. Yes, walls are solid when you are experiencing them at the level of three dimensional consciousness. But they are not when you experience them from multidimensional consciousness. 

What is Multidimensional Reality?

In liberating contrast, multidimensional reality is not created by thought and therefore there is no time. In this timeless perception, we might experience reality from an expanded perspective approaching Oneness. This is because there are less limitations, less separation.  

In multidimensional reality, we experience timelessness/spacelessness where our veils, filters, programming, conditioning and other illusions/delusions have dissolved. With this expanded perception, we are seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing, with more than our 5 senses, a broader spectrum of the totality of reality. Our psychic abilities come online and Shamanic Transformation and Mystical Awakenings are more available.

 At an even higher frequency beyond that, we may “enter the Void” where there is only “apperception” of the totality of All that Is, the Oneness/Singularity. At this level-less level there are no distinctions, borders or differences between anything.  (This is an advanced teaching that we will explore further in the future.) 

One way of approaching and understanding multidimensional reality can be through the example of dreams. In the dream world we are subject to less belief systems, natural laws, or rules. Therefore we can fly, shape shift, jump scenes, create or destroy anything in an instant. In short, we can do things we can’t do in our everyday three dimensional waking lives. Where the analogy fails us is that in dreams we are not fully multidimensional because we still experience some limiting perceptions, thoughts, fears and beliefs. Yet, so much of the three dimensional reality has dropped away, it gives us some insight for teaching purposes. In dreams we are not fully in multidimensional reality, but we are closer.

Where Do I Fit in All of This?

The purpose of evolving to multidimensional reality is so that we can easily experience Shamanic Transformation (healing, manifestation, psychic abilities, etc.) and Mystical Awakening (self realization as God, Remembering one’s Divinity, and eventually Oneness).

All of us are somewhere on this spectrum ranging from only three dimensional to fully multidimensional reality. While most of us are operating in the third dimension, where Shamanic Transformation is important to us, the ultimate purpose of our journey is to merge into Oneness. Along the way, we evolve from wherever we are now to greater levels of multidimensional reality. This can be a doorway into the ultimate stateless state of Oneness.

How Do Sacred Sites Fit in All of This?

Sacred Sites are a rich and vast catalyst which transform us from a three dimensional to a multidimensional being. They hold the frequencies of no separation and infinite possibilities. 

In Sacred Sites, there are no limits: instant manifestation, healing, psychic abilities coming on-line, epiphanies, transformation, connection to Higher Self, awakening; anything is possible in these places where the veils are thinner and portals open. In Sacred Sites, you can literally step from one timeline or reality to the another in an instant. 

Sacred Sites are multidimensional, and in them there are gateways and portals to your multidimensional self and ultimately Oneness.

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