Sacred Site Quickening

What if you could walk through a multidimensional gateway to the heart of the Universe and experience all of the miracles that await you? What if there was a geographic location on Earth that would amplify your Shamanic abilities and heighten your access to the Mystical? A place so radical that you step out of your everyday three dimensional self and enter into multidimensional reality? A place where you could instantly manifest anything, become your full authentic self, and heal anything? Well, there are such places; I call them Sacred Sites.


What is a Sacred Site?

Some people call Sacred Sites vortexes, portals, earth chakra centers, etc. One way of describing Sacred Sites is that they are awakened spaces of land / water vibrating the heartbeat of all existence.    

I define Sacred Sites as rarified places in nature where the land / water itself has a higher frequency, vibration, and potency that amplifies, catalyzes and accelerates evolution, transformation, and awakening. 

This amplification  is what I call a quickening. To say it more simply, this means your process of transformation happens faster from visiting these power places.


What Happens in a Sacred Site?

Anything you are looking to change or uplevel in your life, whether it is something in your behavior, reactions, emotions, approaches, physical body, beliefs, attitudes or things you want to create, manifest, realize or awaken, is quickened in the Sacred Site.

Your psychological and healing work can be accelerated in these places. What might take years of transformational work or therapy in your everyday life, can happen in an instant in a Sacred Site. 

Your spiritual evolution is also activated in these places so that you can leap, with extraordinary swiftness, into the experience of “no mind”, ego death, your own divinity and/or Oneness. 

This is because unlike our everyday three dimensional reality, Sacred Sites resonate a frequency of multidimensional reality. {If you haven’t seen our distinction between the two, check it out here.} 


Getting Quickened

One of the easiest ways to kick-start or deepen your ability to move from three dimensional to multidimensional reality is to visit a Sacred Site. If you are “in sync” when you visit, you will receive a Sacred Site Quickening: an attunement to a higher frequency that often changes you forever. 

What is a quickening? Sacred Sites hold a much higher resonance than most of us are experiencing in our everyday lives which are filled with illusion, conditioning, separation and limitation. When we visit these high-vibrational awakened places, our energy field, psyche and soul is upleveled and upgraded simply by being there. And in this higher vibration, we manifest, actualize and awaken in ways that were previously unavailable or impossible to us.

Consider the analogy of a room full of violins. If you begin to strum one violin string, the other strings will begin to syncopate with the one that was plucked. The strings on the other violins start vibrating in resonance with the one you strumed. In this analogy, you are the violin that begins to vibrate faster to match the frequency of the Sacred Site. Imagine, your entire being gets attuned to the higher frequency of this sacred and hallowed place.

Once we have experienced this higher frequency, our own energy signature and egoic existence never returns to the place we were residing before the visit. We are forever changed, transformed from the inside out.

Sacred Site quickening not only elevates who we are, it can permanently increase our life force energy, and catalyze epiphanies, manifestation, connection to Higher Self, realization and even awakening. 

Whatever next higher level of expression and experience you are ready for,  it will actualize.


Who is Transformed by a Sacred Site Visit and Who is Not

Remember earlier, I said that to access the benefits of the Sacred Site you had to be “in sync.”

Unfortunately, many people visit Sacred Sites and experience nothing extraordinary or life-changing other than a nice day out in nature. One reason for this is they are in a state of being and frequency that is not congruent with the Sacred Site. 

To receive the gifts Sacred Sites have to offer, we must “sync up” with them. To do this, we shift ourselves out of our common three dimensional way of being into a more multidimensional way of being. When we shift our consciousness to more closely match the frequency of the Site, we can then access their full power. 

Typically, once we make this change, we will be out of our thinking mind and into our body, some of our belief systems will be temporarily offline, we will be less in linear time and more in timelessness, and we may be less identified with our ego personality allowing us to be more Present. 

So, yes, Sacred Sites will quicken you, if you are open, but you must also raise your frequency and get into resonance before you enter the Sacred Site so that it will show up for you with all its boons.  

Another way people miss out on the transformational power of Sacred Sites, is they don’t have the mindset that activates the Sacred Site and thins the veils.  Much like the truth in quantum physics that a particle does not exist until an observer puts their attention on it, the Sacred Sites don’t exist as power places until you place your intention and attention on them in a particular way. When you do, they shape shift beyond a normal three dimensional place in nature, and into a vortex portal of multidimensionality where anything is possible.

To shift your frequency and attention to open the potency of Sacred Sites, there are preparations and approaches that help be in a heightened multidimensional state. 


The 7 Secrets the Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites 

Over the last 30 years of working with Sacred Sites and serving as a guide to hundreds of people experiencing Sacred Sites, I have curated an approach that anyone can use to elevate their resonant frequency – so they can fully access these catalyzing places of power. 

Without “getting into resonance” with the Site, Mystical Shamanic experiences will likely remain just a thought or fantasy. Unfortunately, most will never see the true possibility for transformation available in these magical places of miracles. 

But with the keys, and knowing how to use them to raise your resonance and sync up, Sacred Sites hold limitless possibilities to all who enter.  

I have written a comprehensive 130 page, full-color ebook called The 7 Secrets: Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites that reveals exactly how to activate them for yourself. This book illustrates the power of being present in multidimensional reality through the “unbelievable” but true stories of myself and other Sacred Site Voyagers who have used these keys to elevate their frequency and access miracles. 

If you truly want to be in sync for a Sacred Site Quickening (as well as access the Shamanic & Mystical realms available each moment of your life), you’ll want to immerse yourself in these 7 Secrets. I invite you to download the ebook (I have priced it so that almost anyone can easily say “yes” to a Mystical Shamanic life).  And . . . If you aren’t ready to dive that deep, to make it an easy first step, I have revealed the most important Secret  in a free PDF: The #1 Secret to Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites.

May you know the infinite miracles and transformations of Sacred Site Quickening.

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