Mystical Shamanism

The Shamanic powers to manifest anything

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The Mystical emptying of the egoic self into divinity

I’ve been living and teaching a radical path – one that is spot-on for the modern, in-the-world spiritual aspirant. It’s one that has had such an impact on such a diversity of seekers, from novice to seasoned, that I finally had to codify it, so that I could help people to understand this seemingly paradoxical process of awakening. I call it Mystical Shamanism.

Mystical Shamanism is the unified path of fully embodying both our humanity and our divinity at the same time.  Right here, right now, in this life, on earth. It is wholeness, everything-ness and nothing-ness . . . happening concurrently. Simply put, it’s Oneness!

On this path, there is no separation between you and anyone else or anything else. From this deeply integrated place, where you are unconditionally loving all that is – inside of you and outside of you – you are truly at peace with the world exactly the way it is, discerning  from deep wisdom, you live your truth, play out your life purpose and manifest instantly. This is the secret to living your best life. It’s simple . . . but not always easy. It is the path home to your whole self – your humanity and your divinity.

The Mystical – or the embodiment of Mysticism –  is our divinity, our Godliness, a place where the deepest peace and all-ness pervades every aspect of mind and body. Whereas, Shamanism is our flamed-on humanity, living as a fully-functioning human with all of our gifts and powers activated and masterfully operational.

When these two aspects are fully activated in your beingness, your life gets fully turned on!  It’s the most exciting journey possible, so let’s not wait; let’s begin to explore it together right now. . .




Firstly, it’s to wake up out of a deep sleep in which most of life’s possibilities, thrills, healing, experiences and miracles are unavailable. A shamanic life is about life becoming richer and fuller through using all of our brain, all of our perceptions, all of our senses (including our psychic senses), all of our bodies (including our astral body) to co-create an amazing life. It’s about being fully flamed-on as human beings; fully utilizing all of our gifts and talents. Living a shamanic life is being fully engaged and activated on all levels so that you are living your life purpose, receiving deep & ancient wisdom and living your best life. It’s what we came here to do as humans. To materialize our divine blueprint into this third dimensional waking reality. It’s being fully alive.



The journey of mastering our humanity is the journey of Shamanism. But let’s be clear from the beginning, shamanism is not what most people think. It’s not a technique, or limited to Native Americans or indigenous people, and doesn’t necessarily involve Ayahuasca, sage, drums or plant medicine.

The word “shaman” is actually over 10,000 years old and at its core, it’s the ancient practice of navigating and experiencing multi-dimensional reality. One important historian believes the word “shaman” comes from Sanskrit, the ancient language of parts of India, and that it described a being who is a “seer” between the realms. Then it spread to Buddhism, Russian & Siberian indigenous people, the Americas and elsewhere.

We use the word “shamanism” in its broadest and original sense, not its more modern evolved use to reflect the spiritual practices of indigenous cultures. (Please note: we do not teach indigenous peoples techniques or medicine.) We view the powers and awakenings of Shamanism as a universal experience accessible to all people.

For various reasons, humans have suppressed and repressed our holistic nature and narrowed our range of understanding and proficiency to only the 3rd dimensional experience. The 3rd dimension, or material plane of existence, is limited. Reality is much broader, complex and mysterious. It includes our psychic senses; it’s timeless, and is not limited by physical boundaries nor by the normal laws of physical 3D reality. Reality is multidimensional and includes all planes of existence, all universes, all timelines; everything!

I consider Shamanism the navigation of physical reality through metaphysical means. It’s the acquisition and use of what are called siddhis in the east: powers to manifest and change reality. Shamanism belongs to the realm of “perception.” Anything the mind can discern into different qualities or have a thought about. Anything quantifiable that can be perceived with the senses or the mind. This includes all astral experience (as the astral is just another perceived dimension). Shamanism includes our psychic powers, healing abilities, alchemy and manifestation. In practice, Shamanism is the ability to create and navigate reality so you actualize your dreams, desires & intentions. Simply put, it’s how you get what you want (as long as it’s in your soul’s alignment).


  • Instant Manifestation
  • Inner Guidance & Instant knowing
  • Healing old wounds & trauma
  • Alchemy & Transmutation
  • Communication with Guides & Ascended Masters
  • Talking to Plants, Rocks & Animals
  • Teleportation &  being in two places at once
  • Invisibility & Shape-shifting
  • Resolving confusion, fear & doubt




For starters, it means not being run or affected by wants, desires, fears, doubts, low self-esteem or self worth, scarcity or any other thoughts or feelings anymore. In Mysticism, we surrender the egoic identity and dissolve our sense of self into nothingness. This nothingness is not devoid though. This emptiness is not actually empty. This journey includes the experience of true freedom and liberation from the confines of our monkey mind which is constantly taking us out of presence. Living a mystical life isn’t dominated by identified thoughts and feelings; it is full of a deep infinite peace. The kind of peace where you are at peace with the world exactly the way it is. Imagine being at peace with everything, even the people and things you like the least. In a mystical life, the ebbs and flows of the roller coaster ride of the human experience don’t matter because you are divinity itself, you are source, you are light, you are love, and in that, you are unaffected by the temporary mundane aspects of material reality. To be a mystic is to reside in the “All That Is” and while it’s not always blissful, it does often include states of bliss and ecstasy since you are so immersed in love that external stimulus and internal thoughts and feelings are irrelevant. 



The journey of mastering our awareness of our inherent divinity is the journey of Mysticism. Contrary to popular belief, Mysticism is not a state of asceticism, living in a high mountain cave, away from the influences of the world. Rather, it is a state of being, which is accessible to all of us, here and now.

The Mystical points to the ineffable. It’s the ability to cross veils into “apperception.” A place of “no mind.”  Total divine absorption. The dissolution of the illusion of individuality and self (with a small “s”) into the Self as God. It’s the experienceless experience of no-self and no separate consciousness witnessing anything. No ego identity. And without ego running the show, there are no barriers to anything and everything and nothing. Mysticism is pure, unconditional love with no subject and no object.


  • Absorption in the Field of Consciousness​
  • Being Pure Unconditional Love​
  • Experiencing the Singular (without another)​
  • Dissolving ego identity​
  • Disappearing into the Nothing​
  • Living Pure Presence & Peace​
  • No separate consciousness witnessing anything​
  • Apperception, experiencing without the mind or senses​
  • Realize your Divinity​



To simplify Mystical Shamanism, for easier understanding, you can think of it like this:

Shamanism is the mastery of creating and navigating multidimensional reality.

Mysticism is emptying and disassembling all perceptions of reality.

The Shaman becomes and the Mystic disappears.

To embody both at the same time is seemingly paradoxical. It is the holism of the dual / non-dual. The awareness of the “many” and the awareness of the “oneness.” It’s the path of the immaterial and the material at the same time. It’s the path of navigating multi-dimensional reality to create and actualize anything you desire, and the path of emptying all egoic desires and attachments, living in the nothingness without a care in the world. This is the state of Oneness.

Fully actualizing these two aspects of our journey – humanity (Shamanism) & divinity (Mysticism) – is essential to our health, well-being and ultimately our awakening. We are here to fully realize and embody what it is to be a human on earth, and at the same time, what it is to be divinity on earth.

In The Oneness Mystery School, we take the journey together to the precise pinpoint place where our divinity and humanity meet. And to fully awaken to an indescribably miraculous life.

For most of us, our divinity and our humanity feel like very separate aspects of reality that can’t possibly co-exist. On the one hand, in our humanity, we are born and we will die. We are finite, temporary, separate, individual and everything matters. If we get hurt, it matters. If we fail, it matters.  And while all these constrictive things matter, what also matters is creating and manifesting what we are here to do, our life purpose. And even what we want and desire is important. The path of the shamanic is to become masterful at navigating life, excelling at it, and manifesting all that supports it. 

On the other hand, in our divinity, we were never born and we will never die. We are infinite, everlasting, undifferentiated and nothing matters. If we get hurt, it doesn’t matter at all. And there is nothing that could ever be a failure. Emptying our wants and turning our lives over to our divinity is Mystical. 

The path of Mystical Shamanism is the path of a “unified paradox.” (Now, that’s a brain bender.) I matter and I don’t matter, at the same time. I was born and I wasn’t born. I will die and I won’t die. I am finite and I am infinite, all at the same time. Our humanity and our divinity seem mutually exclusive. But, truly, they are not. The path of Mystical Shamanism is the path of Oneness.

Fully actualizing these two aspects of our journey – humanity (Shamanism) & divinity (Mysticism) – is essential to our health, well-being and ultimately our awakening. We are here to fully realize and embody what it is to be a human on earth, and at the same time, what it is to be divinity on earth.

In my Oneness Mystery School, on my Sacred Site Retreats, and during my Mystical Shamanic Coaching Sessions, I endeavor to take people on a journey into the precise pinpoint place where our divinity and humanity meet, Oneness.

How can one have no ego or identity and yet manifest what they want? How can you care about what happens in your life and take actions to shift and actualize what you want and at the same time be empty and living in the void? This is the journey of Mystical Shamanism.

Mystical Shamanism is wholeness. It’s where the “as above” meets the “so below.”  The place where humanity and divinity meet. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Mystical Shamanism is the pathless path of the great paradox. 


Imagine a life where you are free from attachments, longings, urges and cravings.

You are liberated from the commentator in your head that’s always giving you the play by play of what is happening, offering bad advice, criticizing you or others, doubting you and generally holding you back from your best life.

You are residing in the nothingness, in the void, where there is no you and as such nothing affects you or even matters.

Yet at the exact same time you are a powerful manifestor, creating and actualizing anything and everything you are here to create in this life.

You can heal anything, communicate precisely, know what’s going to happen before it happens, give and receive telepathic communication, and have anything you desire (as long as it’s in your highest good and the highest good of the whole).

You are living Inner Guidance and divine right action so that your life is full of synchronicities, instant manifestation, life purpose, divine relationships and your dreams coming true.

Living a Mystical Shamanic life means you have emotional mastery so that you are one with your emotions and living unconditional love for yourself and everyone else, all the time. This means you are wise and discerning, choosing and making decisions that are truly right for you. It’s your dreams coming true.

It’s your best life. It’s the everything and nothing, which means its deep lasting peace and everything you want materially all wrapped in one.


So how does one get on the path of Mystical Shamanism? There are many answers to this question. And yet the one answer that includes all the others is: unconditional love. 

To explore more about unconditional love: read the blog, join us on a Shamanic Adventure Retreat, or checkout The Oneness Mystery School.



For some, reading this blog reinforces what you have already experienced, to some degree. For others, Mystical Shamanism may seem impossible or difficult to imagine. Paradoxes are often very challenging to fully embody without experience. To understand something with the mind is one thing, but to know the truth of it through first hand experience is another matter entirely. One is just mental, while the other translates into a deep life-changing knowingness. If you have read this entire blog, then it’s likely that this multidimensional reality is drawing you more towards itself, either consciously or unconsciously.  It’s likely that it’s calling you. I hope you will answer the call and jump into the experience of the magic and miracles of Mystical Shamanism. 

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  1. Interesting, I always thought mysticism was the same thing as shamanism. Learn something new every day!

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