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Welcome to Sacred Voyages. There is much to discover here for just about everyone: those who are evolution-curious as well as seasoned adventurers in Oneness.

For well over two decades, Founder and Shamanic Guide, Greg “Magick” Bernstein has been passionate about creating a Shamanic Container of Unconditional Love and mystical experience which catalyzes lasting transformation and awakening.

If you are called to step through the veils of resistance and limitation or to continue your unfolding into the mystical realms, we offer:

Whichever you choose, your Sacred Voyage awaits you . . .

What Our "Voyagers" Experience

“Everything became alive. . . I had this most incredible magical experience where I received downloads…I had this blissful state…this was a high I have never felt without drugs. . . all is possible on these retreats.”
Rachelle Karp
Group Retreat Voyager
"My life has changed forever!!! This is the most amazing transformational retreat I have ever done. I had breakthrough after breakthrough in every area of my life: manifesting, health, wealth, relationship, intimacy, love, intuition, sex, spirit, knowing myself, manifesting, knowing my truth and more.”
Margot Zaher
Group Retreat Voyager
“HOLY ENLIGHTENMENT! Everything in my life has more color, peace & purpose…The sacred sites filled us with grace & love that I tap into everyday!"
Penny J.
Group Retreat Voyager

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Group & Custom Retreats

Embark on a Sacred Voyage - alone, with family, or a group of like-hearted spiritual adventurers. Experience a group spiritual awakening retreat, a couples relationship retreat or a family wellness retreat Hawaii or Mount Shasta vortex retreat. Immerse yourself in ancient Sacred Sites that catalyze & accelerate the actualization of any intentions that you bring on your journey. When a group gathers in the Shamanic Container that Magick builds and then travels together to potent energy vortex locations, the veils disappear and any change or awakening is possible. What many participants call "miracles" happen on these retreats on a regular basis!

Meet Magick

For well over 20 years, Greg "Magick" Bernstein, founder of Sacred Voyages & Shamanic Guide, has been guiding individuals and groups to the Sacred Sites on Earth, and ultimately, the Sacred Site Within. His extensive apprenticeship-like relationships with several of the worlds most powerful Kahuna & Hawaiian Shaman, combined with easy mastery of the material realms, make Magick's offerings transformational on all levels, often instantly. He transmits his teachings on an energetic level which penetrates deep into participants and helps dissolve illusion and awaken to the truth.

Shamanic Life Coaching

Work virtually with Magick 1-on-1 via phone or video for shamanic healing sessions, transmutational awakening coaching and shamanic transmission. Magick creates a powerful Shamanic Container of Unconditional Love and deep Wisdom to remove any blockages, create healing, discover clarity and ultimately step into Oneness. Typically one session can permanently change any pattern, belief, fear, doubt, confusion, condition and/or anything holding you in separation and preventing you from living your highest truest self. Sessions can focus on psychological shifts and/or awakening to the truth of who you really are and even reality itself.

The 5 Shamanic Tools

On all Sacred Voyages and Shamanic Coaching Sessions with Magick, lasting transformation is ignited and sustained by The 5 Shamanic Tools: Sacred Site Attunement, The Shamanic Container, Inner Guidance, Unconditional Love & The Oneness Experience. Alchemically, they create a field of energy for awakening & manifesting miracles.

Sacred Site Vortexes

On many of our retreats we travel to Hawaiian Sacred Sites and Mount Shasta Sacred Sites - unique multi-dimensional vortexes on the earth which carry very specific energies that exponentially amplify, accelerate and catalyze all change, transformation and awakening. The veils are thinner in these sites so that participants can experience instant change, manifestation, empowering connection with Higher Self and awakening.

The Oneness Mystery School

When you learn how to access the Sacred Site within, you will open the gateway to the entire universe. Ultimately, all of the magic, mystery, power and beauty of the Universe lies within you. This pathway to Oneness dissolves and resolves all illusion and separation, healing your psychological, egoic wounds and reforming you into your unconditioned divine blueprint. The greatest voyage is Within.

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