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Sacred Voyages offers full immersion shamanic* retreats in powerful vortexes around the world, primarily Mount Shasta, California and Hawaii. Imagine diving deep into mystical worlds and traveling to vortexes in ceremony and ritual.  Whether you experience a one day individual private retreat, customized retreat just for you, or our signature one week group retreat, we visit specific sacred sites that catalyze & accelerate the actualization of any intentions that you  bring on the journey.  This is not a retreat like most others, where you will have some insights, relax, feel better and then go home only to have it all fade slowly into the past. This retreat will completely transform your life!  We often suggests people bring their biggest challenges, ones that have haunted people their entire lives. Whether you are seeking something in the material world like more wealth, better relationships, soul mates, or improved health, or the spiriutal, such as a profound awakening out of illusion & separation, liberation and freedom from conditioning and the dream, lasting inner peace, oneness, unconditional love or ascension, this retreat will likely to deliver it, and more!  We experience true miracles on every retreat!

*Note: While some shamanic practices include the use of plant “medicine” substances, our retreats intend to give participants the experience of extraordinary states of consciousness without substances. We don’t want to put you in a trance or altered state, we want to wake you up out of the one you are already in!  

differEnt than other retreats

SHAMANISM & Multidimensional reality

On retreat, we create a field of multi-dimensional reality; what we call a shamanic container.   It’s a field where there is no separation and everything in 3D is revealed as illusion.   This powerful container awakens participants to their mystical-psychic gifts, or “siddhi’s,” as they are known in the East.  Self realization as God, awakening, instant manifestation, total clarity, knowing your life purpose, and dissolution of fears, doubts and other illusions, are all common in this field within which all parallel universes, all times and space, are co existing at the same time. The crack between the worlds opens and we enter the shamanic realms of all possibilities. Life is never the same again.

“On the 3rd day of the retreat I noticed I had “forgotten” to take my daily depression medication.  As I entered this magical vortex it was quick and easy to heal the severe depression I’d had for about 5 years.  I never took the medication again and have been healthy and vibrant every since!”

Melanie Beatty

Retreat Participant

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