Mystical Shamanism

Mystical Shamanism

The Shamanic powers to manifest anything

– and –

The Mystical emptying of the egoic self into divinity

I’ve been living and teaching a radical path – one that is spot-on for the modern, in-the-world spiritual aspirant. It’s one that has had such an impact on such a diversity of seekers, from novice to seasoned, that I finally had to codify it, so that I could help people to understand this seemingly paradoxical process of awakening. I call it Mystical Shamanism.

Mystical Shamanism is the unified path of fully embodying both our humanity and our divinity at the same time.  Right here, right now, in this life, on earth. It is wholeness, everything-ness and nothing-ness . . . happening concurrently. Simply put, it’s Oneness!

On this path, there is no separation between you and anyone else or anything else. From this deeply integrated place, where you are unconditionally loving all that is – inside of you and outside of you – you are truly at peace with the world exactly the way it is, discerning  from deep wisdom, you live your truth, play out your life purpose and manifest instantly. This is the secret to living your best life. It’s simple . . . but not always easy. It is the path home to your whole self – your humanity and your divinity.

The Mystical – or the embodiment of Mysticism –  is our divinity, our Godliness, a place where the deepest peace and all-ness pervades every aspect of mind and body. Whereas, Shamanism is our flamed-on humanity, living as a fully-functioning human with all of our gifts and powers activated and masterfully operational.

When these two aspects are fully activated in your beingness, your life gets fully turned on!  It’s the most exciting journey possible, so let’s not wait; let’s begin to explore it together right now. . .




Firstly, it’s to wake up out of a deep sleep in which most of life’s possibilities, thrills, healing, experiences and miracles are unavailable. A shamanic life is about life becoming richer and fuller through using all of our brain, all of our perceptions, all of our senses (including our psychic senses), all of our bodies (including our astral body) to co-create an amazing life. It’s about being fully flamed-on as human beings; fully utilizing all of our gifts and talents. Living a shamanic life is being fully engaged and activated on all levels so that you are living your life purpose, receiving deep & ancient wisdom and living your best life. It’s what we came here to do as humans. To materialize our divine blueprint into this third dimensional waking reality. It’s being fully alive.



The journey of mastering our humanity is the journey of Shamanism. But let’s be clear from the beginning, shamanism is not what most people think. It’s not a technique, or limited to Native Americans or indigenous people, and doesn’t necessarily involve Ayahuasca, sage, drums or plant medicine.

The word “shaman” is actually over 10,000 years old and at its core, it’s the ancient practice of navigating and experiencing multi-dimensional reality. One important historian believes the word “shaman” comes from Sanskrit, the ancient language of parts of India, and that it described a being who is a “seer” between the realms. Then it spread to Buddhism, Russian & Siberian indigenous people, the Americas and elsewhere.

We use the word “shamanism” in its broadest and original sense, not its more modern evolved use to reflect the spiritual practices of indigenous cultures. (Please note: we do not teach indigenous peoples techniques or medicine.) We view the powers and awakenings of Shamanism as a universal experience accessible to all people.

For various reasons, humans have suppressed and repressed our holistic nature and narrowed our range of understanding and proficiency to only the 3rd dimensional experience. The 3rd dimension, or material plane of existence, is limited. Reality is much broader, complex and mysterious. It includes our psychic senses; it’s timeless, and is not limited by physical boundaries nor by the normal laws of physical 3D reality. Reality is multidimensional and includes all planes of existence, all universes, all timelines; everything!

I consider Shamanism the navigation of physical reality through metaphysical means. It’s the acquisition and use of what are called siddhis in the east: powers to manifest and change reality. Shamanism belongs to the realm of “perception.” Anything the mind can discern into different qualities or have a thought about. Anything quantifiable that can be perceived with the senses or the mind. This includes all astral experience (as the astral is just another perceived dimension). Shamanism includes our psychic powers, healing abilities, alchemy and manifestation. In practice, Shamanism is the ability to create and navigate reality so you actualize your dreams, desires & intentions. Simply put, it’s how you get what you want (as long as it’s in your soul’s alignment).


  • Instant Manifestation
  • Inner Guidance & Instant knowing
  • Healing old wounds & trauma
  • Alchemy & Transmutation
  • Communication with Guides & Ascended Masters
  • Talking to Plants, Rocks & Animals
  • Teleportation &  being in two places at once
  • Invisibility & Shape-shifting
  • Resolving confusion, fear & doubt




For starters, it means not being run or affected by wants, desires, fears, doubts, low self-esteem or self worth, scarcity or any other thoughts or feelings anymore. In Mysticism, we surrender the egoic identity and dissolve our sense of self into nothingness. This nothingness is not devoid though. This emptiness is not actually empty. This journey includes the experience of true freedom and liberation from the confines of our monkey mind which is constantly taking us out of presence. Living a mystical life isn’t dominated by identified thoughts and feelings; it is full of a deep infinite peace. The kind of peace where you are at peace with the world exactly the way it is. Imagine being at peace with everything, even the people and things you like the least. In a mystical life, the ebbs and flows of the roller coaster ride of the human experience don’t matter because you are divinity itself, you are source, you are light, you are love, and in that, you are unaffected by the temporary mundane aspects of material reality. To be a mystic is to reside in the “All That Is” and while it’s not always blissful, it does often include states of bliss and ecstasy since you are so immersed in love that external stimulus and internal thoughts and feelings are irrelevant. 



The journey of mastering our awareness of our inherent divinity is the journey of Mysticism. Contrary to popular belief, Mysticism is not a state of asceticism, living in a high mountain cave, away from the influences of the world. Rather, it is a state of being, which is accessible to all of us, here and now.

The Mystical points to the ineffable. It’s the ability to cross veils into “apperception.” A place of “no mind.”  Total divine absorption. The dissolution of the illusion of individuality and self (with a small “s”) into the Self as God. It’s the experienceless experience of no-self and no separate consciousness witnessing anything. No ego identity. And without ego running the show, there are no barriers to anything and everything and nothing. Mysticism is pure, unconditional love with no subject and no object.


  • Absorption in the Field of Consciousness​
  • Being Pure Unconditional Love​
  • Experiencing the Singular (without another)​
  • Dissolving ego identity​
  • Disappearing into the Nothing​
  • Living Pure Presence & Peace​
  • No separate consciousness witnessing anything​
  • Apperception, experiencing without the mind or senses​
  • Realize your Divinity​



To simplify Mystical Shamanism, for easier understanding, you can think of it like this:

Shamanism is the mastery of creating and navigating multidimensional reality.

Mysticism is emptying and disassembling all perceptions of reality.

The Shaman becomes and the Mystic disappears.

To embody both at the same time is seemingly paradoxical. It is the holism of the dual / non-dual. The awareness of the “many” and the awareness of the “oneness.” It’s the path of the immaterial and the material at the same time. It’s the path of navigating multi-dimensional reality to create and actualize anything you desire, and the path of emptying all egoic desires and attachments, living in the nothingness without a care in the world. This is the state of Oneness.

Fully actualizing these two aspects of our journey – humanity (Shamanism) & divinity (Mysticism) – is essential to our health, well-being and ultimately our awakening. We are here to fully realize and embody what it is to be a human on earth, and at the same time, what it is to be divinity on earth.

In The Oneness Mystery School, we take the journey together to the precise pinpoint place where our divinity and humanity meet. And to fully awaken to an indescribably miraculous life.

For most of us, our divinity and our humanity feel like very separate aspects of reality that can’t possibly co-exist. On the one hand, in our humanity, we are born and we will die. We are finite, temporary, separate, individual and everything matters. If we get hurt, it matters. If we fail, it matters.  And while all these constrictive things matter, what also matters is creating and manifesting what we are here to do, our life purpose. And even what we want and desire is important. The path of the shamanic is to become masterful at navigating life, excelling at it, and manifesting all that supports it. 

On the other hand, in our divinity, we were never born and we will never die. We are infinite, everlasting, undifferentiated and nothing matters. If we get hurt, it doesn’t matter at all. And there is nothing that could ever be a failure. Emptying our wants and turning our lives over to our divinity is Mystical. 

The path of Mystical Shamanism is the path of a “unified paradox.” (Now, that’s a brain bender.) I matter and I don’t matter, at the same time. I was born and I wasn’t born. I will die and I won’t die. I am finite and I am infinite, all at the same time. Our humanity and our divinity seem mutually exclusive. But, truly, they are not. The path of Mystical Shamanism is the path of Oneness.

Fully actualizing these two aspects of our journey – humanity (Shamanism) & divinity (Mysticism) – is essential to our health, well-being and ultimately our awakening. We are here to fully realize and embody what it is to be a human on earth, and at the same time, what it is to be divinity on earth.

In my Oneness Mystery School, on my Sacred Site Retreats, and during my Mystical Shamanic Coaching Sessions, I endeavor to take people on a journey into the precise pinpoint place where our divinity and humanity meet, Oneness.

How can one have no ego or identity and yet manifest what they want? How can you care about what happens in your life and take actions to shift and actualize what you want and at the same time be empty and living in the void? This is the journey of Mystical Shamanism.

Mystical Shamanism is wholeness. It’s where the “as above” meets the “so below.”  The place where humanity and divinity meet. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Mystical Shamanism is the pathless path of the great paradox. 


Imagine a life where you are free from attachments, longings, urges and cravings.

You are liberated from the commentator in your head that’s always giving you the play by play of what is happening, offering bad advice, criticizing you or others, doubting you and generally holding you back from your best life.

You are residing in the nothingness, in the void, where there is no you and as such nothing affects you or even matters.

Yet at the exact same time you are a powerful manifestor, creating and actualizing anything and everything you are here to create in this life.

You can heal anything, communicate precisely, know what’s going to happen before it happens, give and receive telepathic communication, and have anything you desire (as long as it’s in your highest good and the highest good of the whole).

You are living Inner Guidance and divine right action so that your life is full of synchronicities, instant manifestation, life purpose, divine relationships and your dreams coming true.

Living a Mystical Shamanic life means you have emotional mastery so that you are one with your emotions and living unconditional love for yourself and everyone else, all the time. This means you are wise and discerning, choosing and making decisions that are truly right for you. It’s your dreams coming true.

It’s your best life. It’s the everything and nothing, which means its deep lasting peace and everything you want materially all wrapped in one.


So how does one get on the path of Mystical Shamanism? There are many answers to this question. And yet the one answer that includes all the others is: unconditional love. 

To explore more about unconditional love: read the blog, join us on a Shamanic Adventure Retreat, or checkout The Oneness Mystery School.



For some, reading this blog reinforces what you have already experienced, to some degree. For others, Mystical Shamanism may seem impossible or difficult to imagine. Paradoxes are often very challenging to fully embody without experience. To understand something with the mind is one thing, but to know the truth of it through first hand experience is another matter entirely. One is just mental, while the other translates into a deep life-changing knowingness. If you have read this entire blog, then it’s likely that this multidimensional reality is drawing you more towards itself, either consciously or unconsciously.  It’s likely that it’s calling you. I hope you will answer the call and jump into the experience of the magic and miracles of Mystical Shamanism. 

From Three Dimensional to Multidimensional Reality

From Three Dimensional to Multidimensional Reality

If you hang out with us for any length of time (or timelessness), you will soon come to know that we are Voyagers, across the “chasm” of  three dimensional reality to multidimensional reality. 

What is Three Dimensional Reality?

Three dimensional “reality” is a time/space where the rules and laws of Newtonian physics and linear/analytical thought hold us in an invisible cage of our everyday consciousness where we cannot see, hear, feel or experience the totality of reality. This is duality.

In three dimensional “reality,” the entire world is shaped by thought, which inherently cuts the All That Is (Oneness/Singularity) into smaller discernable chunks (separation/duality). Here we are stuck in an analytical linear time sequence that is created by our mind. 

This “reality” – which is just a small slice of multidimensional reality – is greatly myopic because of how limitations create and shape our perspective. Firstly the wiring of our brain and bodily systems limits perception. Other limitations include thoughts and beliefs such as: cause and effect, gravity, “if you cannot see it, hear it, or feel, it does not exist,” suppression of psychic powers, and our belief systems. If you believe that you cannot walk through a solid object, then you cannot. Yes, walls are solid when you are experiencing them at the level of three dimensional consciousness. But they are not when you experience them from multidimensional consciousness. 

What is Multidimensional Reality?

In liberating contrast, multidimensional reality is not created by thought and therefore there is no time. In this timeless perception, we might experience reality from an expanded perspective approaching Oneness. This is because there are less limitations, less separation.  

In multidimensional reality, we experience timelessness/spacelessness where our veils, filters, programming, conditioning and other illusions/delusions have dissolved. With this expanded perception, we are seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing, with more than our 5 senses, a broader spectrum of the totality of reality. Our psychic abilities come online and Shamanic Transformation and Mystical Awakenings are more available.

 At an even higher frequency beyond that, we may “enter the Void” where there is only “apperception” of the totality of All that Is, the Oneness/Singularity. At this level-less level there are no distinctions, borders or differences between anything.  (This is an advanced teaching that we will explore further in the future.) 

One way of approaching and understanding multidimensional reality can be through the example of dreams. In the dream world we are subject to less belief systems, natural laws, or rules. Therefore we can fly, shape shift, jump scenes, create or destroy anything in an instant. In short, we can do things we can’t do in our everyday three dimensional waking lives. Where the analogy fails us is that in dreams we are not fully multidimensional because we still experience some limiting perceptions, thoughts, fears and beliefs. Yet, so much of the three dimensional reality has dropped away, it gives us some insight for teaching purposes. In dreams we are not fully in multidimensional reality, but we are closer.

Where Do I Fit in All of This?

The purpose of evolving to multidimensional reality is so that we can easily experience Shamanic Transformation (healing, manifestation, psychic abilities, etc.) and Mystical Awakening (self realization as God, Remembering one’s Divinity, and eventually Oneness).

All of us are somewhere on this spectrum ranging from only three dimensional to fully multidimensional reality. While most of us are operating in the third dimension, where Shamanic Transformation is important to us, the ultimate purpose of our journey is to merge into Oneness. Along the way, we evolve from wherever we are now to greater levels of multidimensional reality. This can be a doorway into the ultimate stateless state of Oneness.

How Do Sacred Sites Fit in All of This?

Sacred Sites are a rich and vast catalyst which transform us from a three dimensional to a multidimensional being. They hold the frequencies of no separation and infinite possibilities. 

In Sacred Sites, there are no limits: instant manifestation, healing, psychic abilities coming on-line, epiphanies, transformation, connection to Higher Self, awakening; anything is possible in these places where the veils are thinner and portals open. In Sacred Sites, you can literally step from one timeline or reality to the another in an instant. 

Sacred Sites are multidimensional, and in them there are gateways and portals to your multidimensional self and ultimately Oneness.

Sacred Site Quickening

Sacred Site Quickening

What if you could walk through a multidimensional gateway to the heart of the Universe and experience all of the miracles that await you? What if there was a geographic location on Earth that would amplify your Shamanic abilities and heighten your access to the Mystical? A place so radical that you step out of your everyday three dimensional self and enter into multidimensional reality? A place where you could instantly manifest anything, become your full authentic self, and heal anything? Well, there are such places; I call them Sacred Sites.


What is a Sacred Site?

Some people call Sacred Sites vortexes, portals, earth chakra centers, etc. One way of describing Sacred Sites is that they are awakened spaces of land / water vibrating the heartbeat of all existence.    

I define Sacred Sites as rarified places in nature where the land / water itself has a higher frequency, vibration, and potency that amplifies, catalyzes and accelerates evolution, transformation, and awakening. 

This amplification  is what I call a quickening. To say it more simply, this means your process of transformation happens faster from visiting these power places.


What Happens in a Sacred Site?

Anything you are looking to change or uplevel in your life, whether it is something in your behavior, reactions, emotions, approaches, physical body, beliefs, attitudes or things you want to create, manifest, realize or awaken, is quickened in the Sacred Site.

Your psychological and healing work can be accelerated in these places. What might take years of transformational work or therapy in your everyday life, can happen in an instant in a Sacred Site. 

Your spiritual evolution is also activated in these places so that you can leap, with extraordinary swiftness, into the experience of “no mind”, ego death, your own divinity and/or Oneness. 

This is because unlike our everyday three dimensional reality, Sacred Sites resonate a frequency of multidimensional reality. {If you haven’t seen our distinction between the two, check it out here.} 


Getting Quickened

One of the easiest ways to kick-start or deepen your ability to move from three dimensional to multidimensional reality is to visit a Sacred Site. If you are “in sync” when you visit, you will receive a Sacred Site Quickening: an attunement to a higher frequency that often changes you forever. 

What is a quickening? Sacred Sites hold a much higher resonance than most of us are experiencing in our everyday lives which are filled with illusion, conditioning, separation and limitation. When we visit these high-vibrational awakened places, our energy field, psyche and soul is upleveled and upgraded simply by being there. And in this higher vibration, we manifest, actualize and awaken in ways that were previously unavailable or impossible to us.

Consider the analogy of a room full of violins. If you begin to strum one violin string, the other strings will begin to syncopate with the one that was plucked. The strings on the other violins start vibrating in resonance with the one you strumed. In this analogy, you are the violin that begins to vibrate faster to match the frequency of the Sacred Site. Imagine, your entire being gets attuned to the higher frequency of this sacred and hallowed place.

Once we have experienced this higher frequency, our own energy signature and egoic existence never returns to the place we were residing before the visit. We are forever changed, transformed from the inside out.

Sacred Site quickening not only elevates who we are, it can permanently increase our life force energy, and catalyze epiphanies, manifestation, connection to Higher Self, realization and even awakening. 

Whatever next higher level of expression and experience you are ready for,  it will actualize.


Who is Transformed by a Sacred Site Visit and Who is Not

Remember earlier, I said that to access the benefits of the Sacred Site you had to be “in sync.”

Unfortunately, many people visit Sacred Sites and experience nothing extraordinary or life-changing other than a nice day out in nature. One reason for this is they are in a state of being and frequency that is not congruent with the Sacred Site. 

To receive the gifts Sacred Sites have to offer, we must “sync up” with them. To do this, we shift ourselves out of our common three dimensional way of being into a more multidimensional way of being. When we shift our consciousness to more closely match the frequency of the Site, we can then access their full power. 

Typically, once we make this change, we will be out of our thinking mind and into our body, some of our belief systems will be temporarily offline, we will be less in linear time and more in timelessness, and we may be less identified with our ego personality allowing us to be more Present. 

So, yes, Sacred Sites will quicken you, if you are open, but you must also raise your frequency and get into resonance before you enter the Sacred Site so that it will show up for you with all its boons.  

Another way people miss out on the transformational power of Sacred Sites, is they don’t have the mindset that activates the Sacred Site and thins the veils.  Much like the truth in quantum physics that a particle does not exist until an observer puts their attention on it, the Sacred Sites don’t exist as power places until you place your intention and attention on them in a particular way. When you do, they shape shift beyond a normal three dimensional place in nature, and into a vortex portal of multidimensionality where anything is possible.

To shift your frequency and attention to open the potency of Sacred Sites, there are preparations and approaches that help be in a heightened multidimensional state. 


The 7 Secrets the Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites 

Over the last 30 years of working with Sacred Sites and serving as a guide to hundreds of people experiencing Sacred Sites, I have curated an approach that anyone can use to elevate their resonant frequency – so they can fully access these catalyzing places of power. 

Without “getting into resonance” with the Site, Mystical Shamanic experiences will likely remain just a thought or fantasy. Unfortunately, most will never see the true possibility for transformation available in these magical places of miracles. 

But with the keys, and knowing how to use them to raise your resonance and sync up, Sacred Sites hold limitless possibilities to all who enter.  

I have written a comprehensive 130 page, full-color ebook called The 7 Secrets: Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites that reveals exactly how to activate them for yourself. This book illustrates the power of being present in multidimensional reality through the “unbelievable” but true stories of myself and other Sacred Site Voyagers who have used these keys to elevate their frequency and access miracles. 

If you truly want to be in sync for a Sacred Site Quickening (as well as access the Shamanic & Mystical realms available each moment of your life), you’ll want to immerse yourself in these 7 Secrets. I invite you to download the ebook (I have priced it so that almost anyone can easily say “yes” to a Mystical Shamanic life).  And . . . If you aren’t ready to dive that deep, to make it an easy first step, I have revealed the most important Secret  in a free PDF: The #1 Secret to Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites.

May you know the infinite miracles and transformations of Sacred Site Quickening.

Inner Guidance

Inner Guidance


You can learn to make every decision from a deep place of knowing, a place beyond logic and reason, a place that isn’t bound by space and time, a place that knows what is best for all concerned. While it may be called by many different names – Deep Knowing, Intuition, Higher Self, or Omnipotent Self – I simply call it Inner Guidance.

Inner Guidance provides you the ability to always be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It’s both part of how to live a more source/spiritually based life, and it’s essential to manifesting in the physical. Our ability to actualize or manifest anything is partially dependent on our ability to know what to say, where to be, what to do, and what decisions to make.

If you lived following your Inner Guidance . . . What would be possible? What would your life be like? What if you had the highest wisdom available to you at all times?



Our retreats focus on facilitating experiential learning of how your Higher Self uniquely delivers deep inner knowing to your conscious mind and body. Get to know how you personally and specifically, internally and externally, perceive Inner Guidance. Know it so well that you can distinguish it from any other voice, thought, picture or feeling inside or outside yourself. This is true empowerment: to be aligned with spirit, in divine right action in every moment.

Almost everyone is following Inner Guidance much, much less than they think….and are missing out on the everyday miracles that occur when we know and act on our intuition. On our retreats, you will discover just how often you are not living from Inner Guidance and just how different your life could be if you followed it more.

But you can activate your reliance on Inner Guidance and cultivate a deeper and more profound relationship with your Higher Self. We teach about accessing your Higher Self for big important decisions that you know will transform your life. But perhaps more importantly, we teach about how to use Inner Guidance in ordinary, seemingly mundane, situations; and this will change your life forever in unexpected and delightful ways!!!

On or after retreat, with a clearer connection to Inner Guidance, some marry or divorce, discover and begin to live their life purpose, quit or start a job, find a new home, all with a sense of ease and clear knowing what is best for them. Others excel in sales, find the perfect job, create more love and ease in relationships, heal disease, create more abundance, or even find their soulmate. Life just gets easier when you are learning how to know and act from your Higher Self, following your Inner Guidance.

With this higher form of intuitive decision making, it is possible to know the truth about any decision, with absolute certainty, all the time.



Our ultimate intention is for you to develop the trust and faith to follow your Inner Guidance, with confidence and ease, all the time. On all our retreats there are detailed teachings on how to cultivate a deeper and more conscious relationship with Inner Guidance. But that is just the warm up. We invite participants to not just form or deepen their relationship with their Higher Self, but to actually follow Inner Guidance in every moment during the retreat. As such, it’s not just an intellectual teaching, it’s a real world experience with a real world feedback loop. There is no better way to learn something than practice and marinating in it.

To ignite the process, on most retreats we go to Sacred Sites – Earth vortexes of power – that amplify our ability to discern and perceive our Inner Guidance. Guidance is louder, clearer and more obvious in these sites and this magnification teaches us how we perceive our Higher Self in ways we wouldn’t learn in our normal fast paced lives. On our retreats that are virtual, or not in earth Sacred Sites, we create a Shamanic Container, which has the same amplification effect on access to Higher Self.



Connecting to your Higher Self creates more ease, more grace, and limits drama and unnecessary challenge, in every aspect of life. Wherever you apply it, you will see results.

When people are immersed in Inner Guidance – learning to connect more with, and act from, their Higher Self – it is commonplace to see huge changes in their lives. We have countless stories from participants in all of these areas.

–Knowing your life purpose
–Clear knowing about beginning or ending a relationship
–Deciding a career path, to take or quite a job
-Finding a partner (or soulmate if you believe in soulmates)
-Knowing Truth vs lies
– Healing oneself or staying healthy through various clear choices
– Improved business decisions about whom to do business with or how to make a sale
–Better relating with others

Above is a small list among infinite possibilities. Some of the most important results come from mundane everyday decisions that don’t fall into these obvious life changing decisions. Each little decision we make in life leads us closer to our goals or further away. And these seemingly unimportant smaller decisions could be life changing if we make them from Inner Guidance.

What important decision do you need to make that would benefit from clear knowing of what is in the highest good for all?
When we connect with Inner Guidance, synchronicities and manifestation happen quickly and more easily, life changes course, and dreams do come true.


Watch the Video:
What is Inner Guidance?

(If you would like to know more about inner guidance, then please look into our Guidance for Life DVD series [available for digital download] or contact us about our retreats.)

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Ain’t love grand? (Of course it is!)

Spiritual teachers of almost every lineage (as well as therapists and coaches) direct people to love themselves and to love what is, but seldom offer any concrete means to accomplish this monumental and most important feat.

So it is no wonder that most of us are still suffering the heartbreak of falling in and out of love with ourselves (and what is happening around us in every moment). But what if we could sustain this ever elusive love, always and forever?

Imagine what life would be like if you loved yourself fully and unconditionally. What if you were in love with everything and everyone, including all parts and aspects of yourself, in every moment. This means the shadow parts, the wounded parts, illusions, as well as your golden shadow, your beauty and power. All of you!

All illusion and separation, which includes self-criticism, fears, doubts, guilt and shame, can permanently melt away through the power of love.
But we aren’t talking about the kind of love that most people associate with the word love. We are talking about that so-often-celebrated slightly-out-of-reach idea of Unconditional Love. But what is Unconditional love? And what is it not?

The Greeks had 8 words for love; Sanskrit has 96, and yet English has 1. No wonder we get so confused about what love really is (and is not).

What is Unconditional Love (and What is It Not)?
True Unconditional Love is not a feeling or thought, doesn’t come and go, isn’t born and doesn’t die, and has nothing to do with what you like, what you are attracted to, or what you condone or want. It has nothing to do with romance, and people don’t fall in or out of it. It’s different than marital, fraternal, erotic, and other kinds of love.

Unconditional Love is a universal love that doesn’t judge or distinguish, compare or contrast or evaluate or measure. Those are realms of the mind and emotion.

Unconditional Love is Infinite, always has been, and always will be. It’s a spiritual kind of love. It’s “unconditional;” It literally has no conditions on what is loved.

For most, it’s a new experience to discover this kind of love and can be challenging to understand and accept at first. For all, experiencing this kind of love changes your life forever!

Unconditional Love Brings More Wisdom/Discernment
With the practice of Unconditional Love comes a deep peace, but you do not become a doormat. In fact, your discernment is enhanced and becomes crystal clear. When we love ourselves, there is a Truth that emerges & guides our lives. Loving your shadow heals and resolves all obstacles to living from the deep wisdom of your higher-self. It’s not necessarily an easy path, as loving your shadows can be uncomfortable, but it’s what they need to fully resolve – and the payoff is the deep wisdom, and true lasting peace that resides in clarity.

As we practice Unconditional Love, our boundaries become well defined and expressed. Our ability to know and speak authentic “yes’s” and “no’s” becomes clear and articulated. Our life purpose becomes clear. Love heals anything in the way of the Truth and anything in the way of your soul’s most authentic expression. It reveals wisdom and deep knowing. This is what we call “the Flow” or The Truth or Inner Guidance. When you live this way, life becomes a continuous stream of miracles.

Avoiding Spiritual Bypassing
Replacing our wounds with the “feeling” of love doesn’t resolve anything, but merely bypasses the wound and replaces it with the temporary sensation or feeling of love. Essentially nothing has changed other than your current state. Unconditional Love is the way to truly bring love to your wounds, rather than pushing your pain down and replacing it with the good feelings of love. When we do this properly, the process often temporarily amplifies our experience of our wounds, which isn’t always comfortable or pleasant. But this Love Warrior practice brings to our wounds what they have always needed, our Unconditional Love, and they can therefore finally resolve, heal, empty and dissolve.

Our Mission: Love
Our mission is to transmit this Unconditional Love to you so that it heals and awakens you to the love that you are. When you are on retreat with us or in a private Shamanic Coaching session, we teach you the process for cultivating Unconditional Love in your own being. We call it The Oneness Method. When you fully realize Unconditional Love (and it is readily possible), you are deeply connected with your humanity and your divinity – ultimately in Oneness with All That Is. All the confusion, shame, separation melts away, and you realize whole-heartedly, you are the One you have been seeking.

The Oneness Experience

The Oneness Experience & The Oneness Method

Experiencing Oneness is a multidimensional experience that can both heal the wounds of our humanity and restore our connection to our divinity. The Oneness Experience, at an individualized level, can resolve our human pain and wounds in a way that restores a healthy clear psyche through which manifestation is natural and easy. The Oneness Experience, at its most infinite, is about being one with All That Is, everything and everyone that has ever existed or ever will exist, Unity in Divinity. The Oneness Method, which I will introduce you to shortly, is a process by which you can manifest anything through resolving wounds; and/or it’s a method by which you can wake up out of the illusion of material reality being what you need and into Unity with All That Is.

So here is a paradox . . . The Oneness Experience has two stages*:
   1) The Individualized Oneness Experience
   2) The Infinite Oneness Experience.

(*disclaimer: There really aren’t two stages but it is helpful for understanding – more on that later.)
These two distinct (but not actually distinct) stages can occur at different times, or can also occur as one, at the same time. Let’s break this down so the mind can follow (and then dissolve).



The Individualized Oneness Experience (Stage One)
At its most basic level, the Individualized Oneness Experience is about merging with and being one with everything you perceive inside yourself – all the aspects of yourself. Another way of describing it to say its being One with all aspects of your humanity.

The aspects of your humanity, whether negative or positive, that are calling for the Individualized Oneness Experience are:
-emotions (fears, anger, sadness, shame, guilt and all other derivations)
-and all other aspects of a “personal” self

Stage One, The Individualized Oneness Experience, is where/when you have released all resistance to what is present in your current reality, inside and outside yourself. You are One with what it is to be human in the moment of now. In this state you have closed the gap between that which is observing your experience, and the experience itself. You become One with you. There is no separation and no inner observer (thought) to comment on what is happening. You have become unified with yourself. This could be for a second, a minute, an hour, days, weeks, months or a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how long you have the experience, the experience will change you forever.

Once you realize the Individualized Oneness Experience, you are already in the process of awakening into what’s next . . .

The Infinite Oneness Experience (Stage Two)

Stage Two of The Oneness Experience, The Infinite Oneness Experience, includes all of Stage One, which is when you have released all resistance to what is present in your current reality. You are in Oneness with yourself and One with your humanity. Now, for Stage Two. Given that you have attained the Individualized Oneness Experience, now something miraculous and magical can happen. (And yet it’s not within your control because the “you” that would control it isn’t present.)

At this point, a portal or doorway can open into unity with All That Is. The Oneness with all parts of yourself becomes Oneness with the singularity of the universe. When this happens the Infinite Oneness Experience is present. Now you are both in Oneness with all of your humanity AND with all of your divinity. There is no separation between you and anything else. This is awakening to your True Nature, unity with All That Is, your infinite nature. . . ( I have simply run out of words to explain the unexplainable, but you get the picture.)

Their Really Aren’t Two Stages
Ok, now that you understand the Individual Oneness Experience and the Infinite Oneness Experience – let’s address that disclaimer above that indicated “there really aren’t two stages.” The reality is there is actually no distinction between different kinds of Oneness. If you enter into the fullness of Stage One (Individual Oneness), you are actually in Stage Two (Infinite Oneness). Oneness is Oneness.
However, I make the distinction of two stages because when a person is deep in Stage One – but not fully realized in it yet – their experience will be similar to what I have described as Stage One. But it’s actually not Oneness (yet). There are still bits and pieces of separation in their experience. Yet it can feel like Oneness (until you experience True Oneness – Stage Two) so I have created these two stages to help people understand what they are experiencing along the way.



So now begs the question, “How can I realize The Oneness Experience?

I have developed an approach I call The Oneness Method. It facilitates actualizing both of these seemingly paradoxical aspects of Oneness – humanity (Individual Oneness) and divinity (Infinite Oneness).

I call it The Oneness Method because it’s one method for accomplishing a variety of results and has infinite applications, depending on your intention. For example, The Oneness Method enables you to manifest whatever you intend. When The Oneness Method is used to manifest, it takes you into deep intimacy with all your human losses, wounds, conditioning and trauma that is blocking your manifestation. This intimacy with your humanity heals and resolves your wounds thereby clearing the way for manifestation of all your material needs. This can be accomplished without even reaching the Individual Oneness Experience fully, but in the process itself. While this process can clear any obstacles to manifestation, when it deepens into realizing the Infinite Oneness Experience, it wakes you up out of the illusion of separation (the illusion where we think we need to manifest anything) and into the pureness of our divinity. It’s one method with a variety of results all the way up to Oneness with All That Is.

The Individual Oneness Method (Our Humanity)
If you want to heal and resolve your wounds, trauma, conditioning, fears, doubts, insecurities, physical illness, shame guilt, sadness, anger, reactivity, non beneficial thoughts or other debilitating dis-ease, The Oneness Method will deliver. If you want to manifest or actualize anything into material reality, The Oneness Method is an integral part of my proven Manifestation Process. The Oneness Method is also an essential part of my model for cultivating a more potent relationship with your Higher Self.

The Infinite Oneness Method (Our Divinity)
Now, if you want to dissolve the egoic hold on your experience of reality and instead fully awaken and experience Oneness with All that Is, unity with everything and your infinite nature, practice The Oneness Method. This is how you wake up!

One method for all applications – which eventually, no matter what the application, leads to the Infinite Oneness Experience!

The Oneness Method is a simple, but not necessarily easy, approach with just a few steps for creating the Individual Oneness Experience (Humanity) and the Infinite Oneness Experience (Divinity). There are different subtle nuances to how to apply The Oneness Method depending on your intention. But the basic methodology is the same no matter what you are seeking.

I have shared The Oneness Method with thousands of people individually and in groups with awe-inspiring results. Join me for a retreat or private shamanic coaching session and experience The Oneness Method for yourself. Miracles of Oneness await youo

Plant Medicine Ayahuasca

Using Ayahuasca Plant Medicine on a Shamanic Journey

Using plant medicine, such as Ayahuasca, DMT, or psilocybin, has become very popular in western culture in the last few years, and for good reason. Ceremony with these extraordinary medicines can change one’s life, expand one’s consciousness, show you “God,” or even facilitate the death of the ego. But there are limitations if you are on the path to fully waking up – and maintaining that awareness in everyday life.

Many people ask if Sacred Voyages offers Ayahuasca retreats on Maui or Mount Shasta. While we have nothing against Ayahuasca Retreats, our retreats are plant medicine-free. Our intention is to give you a multidimensional life changing experience that is similar to Ayahuasca, but without the medicine. Why? Because awakening should be unconditional. Understanding how to tap into multidimensional consciousness anytime, anywhere. This is where the real adventure begins!


Whether you use plant medicine or not, there is a world of multidimensional consciousness that awaits you in the subtle reality. Right here! Right now! May your voyage lead you to a fully awakened life, in every moment.



  • We support you to wake up out of the trance you are in – into full experience of reality, in a way that you know 100% it was real and it was you. No doubt. No questions. Full ownership. This can happen with Ayahuasca but often doesn’t.
  • We provide you the opportunity to be able to recreate your mystical experiences without the use of external substances or medicine. You are a multidimensional being already, without medicine. Most of us have just been conditioned out of our expanded cosmic nature. We teach you how to wake up to your inherent multidimensional consciousness in everyday life, not just a one-time ceremonial experience.
  • We support an addiction-free path of freedom. Although most people do not get addicted to Ayahuasca, the psyche can unconsciously become dependent upon plant medicines for powerful mystical experiences. If your psyche becomes dependent, this is the opposite of achieving freedom.
  • We teach you how to tap into the subtle reality – where your power truly lies. Many substances create a powerfully intense experience of multidimensional reality that can’t be experienced in everyday ordinary reality. Because the experience is so intense, our brain then begins to think that God, the multiverse etc, are always that As a result, we ignore more subtle reality. At Sacred Voyages we help you cultivate a relationship with subtle reality. It is indeed the subtle reality where all of our power lies. You can access it all the time (rather than just occasionally in ceremony). Tapping into subtle reality requires a very different kind of experience than the intensity created by plant medicines.
  • We believe you can live in “Divine Awareness” all of the time. With the proper introduction, experiences, and guidance you can tap into cosmic consciousness any time. To experience cosmic, multi-dimensional reality, you do not need to enter a plant medicine ceremony, which will often take you away from work and other practical daily reality. You can cultivate your awareness to be tuned in anytime, all the time. This is the path to be fully awake in your everyday.

Whether you use plant medicine or not, there is a world of multidimensional consciousness that awaits you in the subtle reality. Right here! Right now! 

If you are curious about taking a journey deep into Nature and deep into your Self, learn more about our Sacred Site Retreats. May your voyage lead you to a fully awakened life, in every moment.



What if there were a space, a container – a frequency field – in which the veils of illusion could easily fall away and you could experience and know the Uncontainable Truth of the Love, Peace and Perfection that You already are?  There is! And you can be there! It’s what we call a Shamanic Container.

A Shamanic Container is a field of Unconditional Love, multi-dimensional reality, shamanism and mysticism. It is created by a Shaman or Mystic who transmits a variety of “magickal” ingredients into the energy field, which when mixed together alchemically create a caldron of all possibilities. This “container” is a field of Limitlessness, Infinite possibility, Divinity and All That Is (the “Uncontainable”).  

When the Shamanic Container is created, a person or group then marinates in this energy field which dissolves illusion, conditioning, limitation, wounding and trauma. It’s a timeless field of limitless potential, where there is no separation and everything in the material realm is revealed as illusory (without resistance or judgement). Once separation is dissolved by the energy of the container, then Self realization – as God, Divinity, and the Unity of All That Is – can awaken into full consciousness.

The Shamanic Container is both Everything and Nothing – a portal into all possibilities and simultaneously it is all possibilities. It’s a magic carpet ride into the Truth of your Being, the revelation and embodiment of who you really are, your soul, and who you came here to be.

On all my retreats and in all my sessions, I create a powerful Shamanic Container. After decades of intimate apprenticeship with shaman, kahuna and spiritual teachers, I have deeply explored and ultimately codified what we call The 5 Shamanic Tools. While it is impossible to describe the ineffable, we have found that practicing an alchemy of these 5 Shamanic Tools (mixed with indescribable magick) creates a unified field of consciousness – a Shamanic Container –  that supports all to realize higher states of Being. This is the pool we swim in together.

The 5 Shamanic Tools:
Maintaining the Shamanic Container
The Oneness Experience
Unconditional Love
Inner Guidance
Sacred Site Attunement

When used alchemically, intentionally with ceremony & ritual, these practices help to form and maintain the Shamanic Container.

The ancient shamans and mystics cultivated and navigated this energy frequency and its effects. Some call it the “crack between the worlds.”

While the Shamanic Container is created through intention, ritual and ceremony, similar frequencies were already the predominant reality in some ancient cultures in history. It was simply their waking reality. It was the norm in ancient Hawaii and ancient Lemuria. There are still places today in Hawaii and Mount Shasta where the energy of the Shamanic Container naturally exists, untouched by the western world’s dominant frequency of mind, time, space, reasoning and logic.  This Shamanic Container can exist inside of us, or we can visit them on earth, which we call “Sacred Sites”.

On our in person retreats, we go to these “Sacred Sites” (on earth and within) to be quickened by their powerful transformational energy. Voyagers in the Shamanic Container (anyone who is on retreat or does a Shamanic Coaching Session) are infused in this vibration the entire time we are together, which quickens their own frequency to this expanded place of all possibilities.

This powerful energy field awakens Voyagers to their shamanic-psychic gifts, or “siddhi’s,” as they are known in the East. There are hundreds of different shamanic or mystical gifts that are possible in humans. Whichever ones that are your natural proclivity, needed for your evolution, and serve your purpose, will often “flame on” when you begin to resonate in a Shamanic Container.

The Shamanic Container also heals and resolves wounds, trauma and other human conditioning.  People also at times experience instant manifestation, total clarity, knowing your life purpose, dissolution of fears, pain, doubts and other illusions, or even instant healing.

The Shamanic Container also catalyzes mystical Self realization as God, awakening, and experiences of Oneness.  It wakes you up out of illusion and into your Infinite nature, who you truly are.  

All of this and endless other gifts are common in this field within which all parallel universes, all time and space, are co-existing at the same time and freely accessible.

Being in this Shamanic Container 24/7, for as little as hours, but ideally for as long as possible, literally changes you at the deepest levels of your being.  


Unity of All That Is
Spiritual & Mystical Aliveness & Accessibility
Constant Connection to Higher Self & Spirit
The Infinite
Unconditional Love
The Void; the Nothingness


Embodiment of our Humanity & Divinity here on Earth
Being Centered in the Heart, rather than the Mind
Clear Inner Guidance
Waking up Psychic Gifts
Self Realization as God
Self Realization as Love
Realizing your Life Purpose
Instant Manifestation
Play, Fun, Catharsis, Laughter & Love         
Awareness of Everyday Reality as Mystical
Instant Healing
Connection with Ascended Masters and Evolved Beings
Embodying your Authentic Self
Awakening to your True Nature
Epiphanies, Ah-ha’s, Downloads
Realization of your Life Purpose

Immersing yourself in the Shamanic Container is the greatest adventure of your life. No matter if you are sitting still exploring the Sacred Site within, or exploring the wonder of Sacred Sites on earth, the frequency of the Shamanic Container awakens and activates your consciousness beyond time & space so that you can see clearly into the Infinite Being that is yourself and beyond. This Absolute Reality has always been and always will be. It’s who you truly are and it is always available. When you tap into its power and potency with intention and guidance, the transformation will last a lifetime.