customized retreats

Most of our retreats are total customized.  You can Create your own retreat! There are all kinds of reasons to Create your own retreat:

  -Set your Own Dates


  -Pick the Number of Days


  -Pick your Location


  -Avoid Group Retreats with Strangers


 –Select Who is on the Retreat: Just you, Just your Family, Just     your Friends or just you and  your Partner.  You Choose!

Most of our retreats are small, created and facilitated just for you.  Often, it’s just one person, a couple, a family or friends that, for whatever reason, can’t or don’t want to attend our group retreats. They can be just one day, or a full week, anything in between, or more.  With the custom retreat, 100% of our attention and focused is on you, making it extremely potent!  Want to experience a retreat on your own terms? Dates of our group retreats don’t work for you? On your honeymoon or romantic trip and want a special and unique experience that will bond you in your spiritual life together.  Want to assemble a group of friends or family for a life changing shamanic awakening retreat in an exotic, sacred and beautiful place.   Pick a Hawaiian Island, Mount Shasta, or other location for your retreat.  Choose the dates that fit with your needs and get the privacy you need.  These retreats provide a laser focused experience whereby the sacred sites you visit are selected specifically for you in the moment.  We will work together to create a unique experiential retreat customized to cater to your every need. Retreats are priced by the day and are affordable for most.  Minimum one day up to 30 days, you choose!   Just contact us to find out more!

“It’s a miracle:  just 2 months after our retreat  &  I am off the narcotic pain killers I took for 10 years & I am calm & clear!   All the debilitating pain I had suffered for so many years is gone!…My life is totally transformed  &  I can’t thank you enough!” 

Stacey Stratton

Retreat Participant


You will spend the entire day in mystical sacred sites.  Nature will come alive in a powerful and shamanic way.  With the power of the land, combined with our shamanic transmission, people often experience one of more of the following: dissolving of illusions and conditioning (fears, doubt, confusion, etc…), their divinity, unconditional love, true peace, knowing your life purpose or next move, timelessness, your higher self, expanded perceptual awareness, heightened consciousness, your psychic powers, catharsis, epiphanies, downloads and/or other altered states. These retreats change people’s lives!



  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Executive Teams
  • Families
  • Organized Groups
  • Corporate Leaders
  • Entrepreneurial Groups
  • Reward and Incentive Based Trips
  • Individuals

Pick a theme

It is also possible to pick a theme you want emphasized, such as relationships (finding a partner or deciding whether to end a coupleship), finding you life purpose, health/healing awakening to your true nature, authentic self expression, clarity, wealth, business, shamanism, inner guidance or others!  Anything is possible on these individualized and unique retreats.  If you are an entreprenuer, click here to find out more about our specific retreats for small businesses. 

Call 214-577-7725 or contact us to discuss possibilities today.

After heavily smoking cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco for 28 years, after 30 minutes with Magick, I never wanted, or touched tobacco again! Wow! Thank you Magick”

Douglas Ross

Retreat Participant

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