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[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”650px” height=”” background_color=”#dab864″ border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]”On the third day of the retreat I noticed I had “forgotten” to take my daily medication. As I entered this magical vortex it was quick and easy to heal the severe depression I’d had for about 5 years without it. I never took the medication again and have been healthy and vibrant every since.”

Melanie B

Retreat Participant [/dropshadowbox]

In many shamanic courses people seek to learn how to enter into “altered” states. Drums, chanting, meditation, movement or other practices are taught to induce such states.  While the effect is similar, we like to think of it differently.  This DVD will teach you how to wake up out of the altered state you are already experiencing but may not even realize. The DVD teaches participants how to step out of the trance of the mind and conditioning of our modern culture and into the reality of being. 

Most people live their entire lives within one narrow slice of an infinite and holistic pie, never knowing that their entire world is just a sliver of reality.  The rest of the pie consists largely of an invisible world that can only be experienced when we are in specific states of consciousness.   These are the shamanic realms.  These are the places where the veils are thinner, allowing access to all possibilities, all parallel universes, all worlds.  Oneness, psychic gifts, communication without words, manifestation, extra sensory perception, and connection to higher self are all the norm rather than extraordinary in these realms.  The Shamanic Realms are omnipotent & encompass all realities, past, present and future. How would your life be different if you were awakened in this reality in every moment? 

Living In These Realms Creates:

– Connection to Spirit / Higher Self

– Manifesting Anything (wealth, health, relationships, ease, anything!)

– Psychic Abilities

– Miraculous Healing

– Awakening

The 3 Keys to Entering a Shamanic State:

– How to create timelessness

– How to have expanded perception

– How to be in nothingness

Through Greg “Magick” Bernstein’s story telling style of teaching and transmission, you will go on a journey into the shamanic realms…and in that journey you will not only experience a more awakened state of your own naturalness and what’s possible, but you will learn how to create and enter these higher states of consciousness any time, any where.…

(DVD coming soon-in production)