General FAQ

Do you have any courses or retreats coming up that aren’t on your calendar?

Yes. There are special retreats that are sometimes planned over other dates. Sacred Voyages also offers custom and one day journeys that you can schedule at any time.

Do you do retreats in Sedona?

Sedona is a very magical place. At this time we only have custom retreats in Sedona. Contact us for details.

Do you do retreats in Machu Pichu?


Where else do you do retreats?

All retreats are held in Hawaii (Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Oahu and Lanai) and in Mount Shasta, California. The sacred sites in these areas are recognized as some of the most powerful sacred sites in the world.

Do you do retreats on the mainland of the US?

The retreats held on the mainland of the US are at Mount Shasta, located in California. Custom retreats can take place anywhere.

Do you do private or custom retreats?

Yes. We can do retreats that are catered to your specific needs. Your dates, times, people etc… Just let us know what you want!

Can you do a special retreat for my honeymoon, wedding or business?

Yes. We do these quite often and they are always incredibly magical.


I can’t come to the retreat you are holding for the week. Is there another option?

You can join Magick on a custom journey or the one day journey. During this time, you will be introduced to the vortexes and sacred sites that you need to transform your life.

Do the Custom Retreats Have the Same Format As the Week Retreat?

The one day journey or custom retreat provides you with the same information, insight and transformation that you would get if you were on a seven day retreat. The experience is very potent since 100% of Magick’s attention is on you. Contact us and we can explain more if the differences and similarities.

The dynamics with a custom retreat or one day journey differ because of the group size.

Where Do I Go on a One Day Journey?

Every one day journey is unique to the needs of the individual for the time. For sure you will go to at least one sacred site. Which one or which ones depends on what is present in the moment with you and your needs. Magick will be guided by your higher self as to where to take you and what teachings/transmissions to present.

What Other Formats Are Available?

The inner guidance weekend or a small business retreat asometimesmes held. Private mastery sessions are also available. These may be held in an individual or group setting. Inquire for more info.

How do I contact Sacred Voyages?

Visit us on our Contact us or simply give us a call at 214-577-7725.

Find out more about what happens on a retreat and check out a day in life of the retreat.