Live YOUR Inner Guidance


You can learn to make every decision from a deep place of knowing, a place beyond logic and reason, a place that isn’t bound by space and time, a place that knows what is best for all concerned.   We can call it many different names:  Inner Guidance, Deep Knowing,  Intuition, Higher Self, or Omnipotent Self.  Inner Guidance provides you the ability to always be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  It’s both part of how to live a more source/spiritually based life, and it’s essential to manifesting in the physical. Our retreats focus on facilitating experiential learning of how your higher self uniquely delivers deep inner knowing to your conscious mind and body. Get to know how you personally and specifically, internally and externally, perceive guidance.  Know it so well that you can distinguish it from any other voice, thought, picture or feeling inside or outside yourself.  This is true empowerment: to be aligned with spirit, in divine right action in every moment.  Plus our ability to actualize or manifest anything is partially dependent on our ability to know what to say, where to be, what to do, and what decisions to make. What would be possible? What would your life be like? What if you had the highest wisdom available to you at all times?

how your life will change 

On our retreats, you will discover just how often you are not living guidance and just how different your life could be if you followed it more. Almost everyone is following guidance much, much LESS than they think….and are missing out on the everyday miracles that occur when we know and act on our intuition. We teach about accessing your Higher Self for big important decisions that you know will transform your life. But perhaps more importantly, we teach about how to use guidance in ordinary, seemingly mundane, situations; and this will change your life forever in unexpected and delightful ways!!!

On or after retreat, with a clearer connection to guidance, some marry or divorce, discover and begin to love their life purpose, quit or start a job, move or stay in a city, all with a sense of ease and clear knowing what is best for them.  Others excel in sales, find the perfect job, create more love and ease in relationships, heal disease, create more abundance, or even find their soul mate. Life just gets easier when you are learn how to know and act from your higher self.   With this higher form of intuitive decision making, it is possible to know the truth, about any decision, with absolute certainty, all the time.