expand your Inner Guidance

“How to always be in the right place… at the right time… doing the right thing.”

Magick shows us a way of identifying what is really our inner guidance and helps us build that relationship so that when it comes in we can trust it and know that it’s our guidance.”

Johanna Wilson

Inner Guidance Course Participant

how ACT ON YOUR knowing

Then, once you know your inner guidance, the next step is being able to ACT on it in every moment. We teaches dozens of ways that the identity (ego) can get in the way of knowing and acting on our inner guidance. Consciousness is power and knowing these obstacles will change your life forever.  But the approach doesn’t stop there, next we teach a number of POWERFUL TECHNIQUES specifically tailored to move you through any obstacle.  If you learn and apply this approach, you can always be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing! How would your life be different?

Of course if you attend our retreats you will learn all of this experientially rather than conceptually. But if that’s not in your flow at this time, the DVDs are potent and detailed and include powerful expercises. Please Get Started with the DVDs Now or Learn More!

Magick’s a phenomenal teacher and the teachings in the DVD’s are so easy to watch & get. Since I began watching them, now, without any conscious attention, I find myself just living guidance more and more of the time. The results are sometimes miraculous!

Chris Korbis

DVD watcher