Ancient Lemurian Civilization

Legend tells us that Lemuria was an ancient continent and civilization of highly evolved beings which existed thousands of years before known recorded history. Lemuria appears in the mythology of dozens of indigenous cultures including Hindus, Australian Aborigines, Polynesians and Native Americans. Some even say it was the Garden of Eden. Like its cousin Atlantis, it is believed that the “Lost Continent” either sank into the ocean or suffered a cataclysmic event.  Physically, it is believed that Lemuria existed largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. It is widely asserted that parts of a prehistoric culture called Lemuria (also called Mu or Pacifica) still exist today in Hawaii & Mount Shasta, California.

Mount Shasta and Hawaii Lemurian Connection

Hawaii & Mount Shasta, CA are two places that hold the frequency of Lemuria and are like no other places on earth. One of the Hawaiian Islands is said to be the capital of this ancient culture and Mount Shasta is said to be where the surviving Lemurian’s live today, inside the mountain in a place called Telos inner earth city. Many seekers pilgrimage to travel through the Hawaii or Mt Shasta Lemurian portal. These sacred places are vortexes of multi-dimensional power that can catalyze the visitor into healing and awakening.

Lemurian People

Legends speak of the Lemurians as first coming to earth from other planets and stars. Lemuria is said to have been a Utopian culture which was deeply rooted in heart-centered Unconditional Love. At its zenith, myths of Lemuria tell of a civilization that was highly spiritually and psychically evolved, an awakened culture of humans – those with Lemurian heart. Many people today experience Lemurian beings as the Ascended Masters or simply as light beings who come to transmit healing and awakening.

It is believed that the Lemurian People lived in a high frequency of consciousness, multi-dimensional consciousness characterized by Unconditional Love, Oneness and Peace. These ancient principles of enlightenment are still embodied today by the Hawaiian Elders and many of the metaphysically-oriented residents of Mount Shasta.

Lemuria: Myth or Real

While Western science now considers the Lemuria theory disproved (as a sunken continent) because of plate-tectonics and continental drift, many people still believe in it’s existence.  One theory being that it was destroyed by a cataclysmic event rather than sinking. Nevertheless, with or without evidence, those who believe in Lemuria’s existence have either experienced it directly, or simply have a knowing and feel a strong connection.  Lemuria lives in the hearts of many and calls out to them to come home and quicken to its higher frequency & vibration.  Whether Lemuria existed or not, Sacred Voyages is dedicated to the proliferation of the Utopian principles and frequency Lemurians reportedly resonated, among those being love, awakening, peace, joy and oneness.

Shamanic Retreats in Lemuria

For those who feel a strong Lemurian connection, or for those who feel drawn to its principles of love, oneness and awakening, at Sacred Voyages, we hold shamanic retreats in Sacred Sites that are part of ancient Lemuria – Lemuria Hawaii & Lemuria Mount Shasta. This creates an energetic quickening of Oneness, Unconditional Love and an opening and expanding of psychic senses. Just by being in these places we wake up to their frequency within ourselves. Some Voyagers (retreat participants) report visiting with Lemurians and/or experiencing Telos (Lemurian underground city underneath Mount Shasta). Whether or not you experience this ancient culture, you will certainly be transformed by the powerful and blissful vibrations of the Utopian ideals they are revered for embodying.

Are You Ready for Your Lemuria - Inspired Spiritual Retreat?

Embark on Your Hawaii or Mount Shasta Sacred Site Retreat

Group Retreats

Gather with us in the Sacred Sites of Hawaii or Mount Shasta - the earth’s most powerful vortexes and within the space of your own Being. Together with other like-hearted “spiritual voyagers,” we explore the limitless possibilities of multi-dimensional reality together and individually. Most days we will venture out to potent mystical geographical vortexes that have the power to instantly change your life forever. In a Shamanic Container of Unconditional Love, the dynamic of shared experience with others, group intention, personal transformational process, and the mystical, leads us deep into the heart of the Unknown where miracle transformations abound. Join us here.

Custom Retreats

Creating a Custom Retreat in Hawaii or Mount Shasta for your family, friends, partner or yourself is an opportunity to experience the transformational power of Sacred Sites. Adventure out into the mystery of these geographical power vortexes in nature. This Custom Retreat caters to your exact needs and desires. You choose the dates, place, number of days, and type of experience you want: grand adventure, deep personal shamanic work, or a bit of both. It’s a laser focused shamanic journey mystically designed to support your personal intentions. All customized just for you. It will change your life forever. Begin your awakening adventure in Hawaii or Mount Shasta now.

One-Day Journey

Are you visiting Hawaii or Mount Shasta and want to include a Sacred Site shamanic experience into your travel plans? The One-Day Journey is the perfect spiritual adventure to include on your travels. It is an all-day customized Sacred Site shamanic experience, just for you (or you and your friends or family). Voyagers have shared not only that it was the best day of their vacation, but that it was the best day of their life. If you are ready for an epic transformational adventure that happens in nature in the most beautiful Sacred Sites in the world, accelerating change through beauty, shamanism, fun, play and laughter, then we’ll see you on your One-Day Journey. It's time to amplify your adventure!