Lemuria Hawaii Connection

A lost Continent that can be found in the human heart.

Some people believe that Lemuria, also called Mu or Pacifica, was an ancient continent and civilization of highly evolved beings which existed thousands of years before known recorded history. Some even believe it was the Garden of Eden.   It is believed that the “Lost Continent” either sank into the ocean or suffered a cataclysmic event.  Physically, it is believed that Lemuria existed largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. At its zenith, myths of Lemuria tell of a civilization that was highly spiritually and psychically evolved.  Lemuria appears in the mythology of dozens of indigenous cultures including Hindus, Australian Aborigines, Polynesians and Native Americans.   

Descriptions of Lemurian civilization very much resemble descriptions of the ancient Hawaiian people and their Aloha spirit. Lemurians are distinguished as being emotional beings and extraordinarily heart centered.  They lead from the heart. Hawaii and Mount Shasta are believed to be the tips of the once great civilization and still carry the resonance of its loving and peaceful vibration. While Western science now considers the theory of Lemuria disproved (as a sunken continent) because of plate tectonics and continental drift, many people still believe in its existence.  One theory being that it was destroyed by a cataclysmic event rather than sinking. Nevertheless, with or without evidence, those who believe in Lemuria’s existence say they just have a knowing and that they feel a strong connection to Lemuria or Mu.  Lemuria lives in the hearts of many and calls out to them.  Whether Lemuria existed or not, Sacred Voyages is dedicated to the proliferation of the Utopian principals and frequency Lemurians reportedly resonated, among those being love, awakening, peace, joy and play. 

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We hold shamanic retreats in places that are reported by some to have been part of Lemuria.  For many this creates an energetic experience of the Lemurian ideals. For others it is much more than energetic!  This year we have retreats in both Hawaii and Mount Shasta, two of the most potent as well as active power places on the planet at this time.  Each has it’s own special and unique frequency and energy. Yet whether it’s Hawaii or Mount Shasta, something they both have in common is they both amply connection to source/higher self, as well as exponentially accelerate and catalyze all change and transformation. Most people experience these places as having an aliveness and a consciousness that acts as teacher.  Plants talk, waterfalls heal, thoughts manifest, psychic phenomenon become common, and everything just seems to be active, alive and interacting with you.  Ascended masters and the violet fire are often encountered on the mountain.  For these and many other reasons, Sacred Voyages’ foundational retreats are mostly held in these sacred places. 

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