What is Magick Talks?

Through sacred storytelling and ancient mystical teachings, Greg “Magick” Bernstein, Sacred Voyages Founder & Shamanic Guide, offers a “shamanic transmission” of energy that will connect you to your deepest and most authentic Self and awaken you to your Infinite nature. This talk will not only convey deep wisdom, but will also transmit the teaching, activating and transforming you, as you listen.


The Power Of Mount Shasta

Mystical Shamanism: Embodying Your Humanity & Divinity Simultaneously

Shamanism Embodying Your Multidimensional Humanity

Mysticism Embodying Your Inherent Divinity

The Hidden Pitfalls of Psychedelics

Love for Maui

How to Create Your Own Shamanic Container

The Mystical Powers Of Mount Shasta

Q & A Sacred Voyages Retreat

The Power Of Twin Flames

Attracting Your SoulmateRepelling Your Wound Mate

Transforming Family Heartache into Powerful Healing

The Benefits and Consequences of NOT Following Inner Guidance

Fantacy: Harmful or Beneficial

Releasing Control: Letting Go into the Unknown

How to eLOVEate Your Relationship: Breakup and Remain Friends

Spiritual Ego: The Trap of Being Half Awake (and Not Knowing It)

How to Create and Sustain Lasting Love

The Oneness Method: Make 2022 the Year of Your Dreams

Activating Your Innate Gift of Telepathy

Wealth and Spirituality

The Multi - Dimentional Power Of Shamanic Sound

Past Lives: Why They Matter

Sadness: Friend or Foe {Part 3 0f 3}

Fear: Friend or Foe {Part 2 0f 3}

Anger: Friend or Foe {Part 1 0f 3}

The Oneness Method: One Technique for Spiritual & Material Intentions

Finding Your Greatest Love – YOU!

How to Use the Limitations of 2020 to create a Limitless Life in 2021

The Healing Opportunities of Family of Origin

Ghosts, Entities & Curses: They exist and they don't

How to Love What Is

Sex and spirituality: What is Real Tantra

Experiencing Oneness: From Everything to Nothing

The Limits of The Law of Attraction

You Are the Sacred Site

Reuniting with Humanity while Retaining Personal Sovereignty

Using Inner Guidance to Navigate Social Connection

How to Commune Intimately With Nature

The Hidden Gifts of Isolation

Facing Fear of the Unknown

Q&A: Sacred Voyages Retreats

Loving the Unlovable

How to be a Healthy Empath

Shamanic Secrets to Manifesting

Igniting Awakening & Transformation Through Relationships

Traveling through Time & Space

Cultivating your Psychic Gifts

The Power of Death to Heal, Transform & Awaken

The Power of the Sacred Sites of Hawaii

Cultivating your Inner Guidance

The Power of the Sacred Sites of Mount Shasta