“I experienced an indescribable energetic transmission from Magick through which I let go of patterns I had been carrying my entire life.  I cried & cried for almost an hour as I released wounding and trauma. I shifted deep in my cells. It was a profoundly healing experience. Since then my life has been a continuous stream of miracles.” 

M. Beatty

Retreat Participant


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9 PM EST / 8 PM CST / 7 PM MST / 6 PM PST / 3 PM HST

Join Greg “Magick” Bernstein for a free wisdom talk and shamanic transmission. This talk will not only inform you but will transmit the teaching directly, activating and transforming you, just by listening.


June 2, 2020: "You are the Sacred Site"

June 16, 2020: "Mystical Powers of Mt. Shasta"

June 30, 2020: "Secrets to instant miraculous Healing"



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“I  was listening to Magick’s meditation on youtube and was quite astonished by what happened during a very short video. His voice became a long sound and then in the middle of listening to it, I involuntarily sort of screamed. Then I cried not knowing why. Then I had an ah- ha moment of seeing how I’ve been limiting myself by what I’d been telling myself over and over about getting older- I can’t do this ,can’t do that. All that blew away sort of like a wind coming through and blowing things away. I have felt like I was brought back to myself since then. I feel Magick has a real gift of helping us get back to who we really are. Thank you Magick for sharing your gifts and wisdom” 

Lesta Frank


It is intended that the energetic power and frequency of the subject matter of the talk is transmitted to the audience. One way to describe this is to say that as Magick shares stories of miraculous awakenings and transformations, he transmits their catalyzing power, and the power of the sacred sites they occurred in, to the audience. Magick’s higher self, and those listening’s higher selves, will be in communication during the call.

Magick will share from this place, delivering the audience uniquely and exactly what is needed in the moment for their transformation, awakening and remembering. Magick says he simply “gets out of the way” and just transmits what comes through. Most of his teachers taught through this ancient technique of shamanic story telling. Magick says “Through story telling, I bypass both my conscious mind, and the participants conscious minds. In this I transmit not just specifically tailored metaphors that open doorways of possibility in their being, but also I transmit the frequency of whatever specific awakening and transformation is needed in the moment. Often, after I have done a transmission / talk to a group, several individuals tell me that it seemed that the stories were all custom tailored for them. People are often quite altered by the transmission.”


If you are ready to awaken out of illusion and into your true nature, transform your physical well being to include more wealth, health, better relationships, know and live your life purpose, be fully and authentically self expressed, wake up to the unconditional love and divinity that you are, then join us for Magick talks. Here is more of what you might expect during, or after, the “Magick Talks” call:

  • Awakening, Remembering, Activations, Downloads, Epiphanies
  • Deeper connection with your Inner Guidance (higher self)
  • True unconditional love for all that is, including self
  • Deeper sense of Grace & Ease in life
  • True Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Catharsis, release of old wounds and trauma
  • Shift how you relate with others
  • Various Wisdom and Teachings
  • Learning about Sacred sites and Shamanism
  • and more!


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