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One Tuesday Per Month


Through sacred storytelling and ancient mystical teachings, Greg “Magick” Bernstein, Sacred Voyages Founder & Shamanic Guide, offers a “shamanic transmission” of energy that will connect you to your deepest and most authentic Self and awaken you to your Infinite nature. This talk will not only convey deep wisdom, but will also transmit the teaching, activating and transforming you, as you listen.

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August 13, 2024

“Is your meditation practice really meditating?”

Join us for this talk in which Magick will illuminate various types of meditation and their unique and important purposes.  He will talk about the difference between active and passive meditation, mediations that simply relax us, versus transform our psychological, metal and emotional lives, as well meditations that take us closer realizing our divinity, closer to god, the divine and the All That Is.  There are meditations that help is disappear into the void and meditations that help us create something from nothing.  There are even meditations that do it all, heal our wounds and trauma creating better health, relationships and manifestation, as well realize our Godliness and experience Oneness. Join us for this in depth and illuminating look at meditation and its many faces.  

"After your Magick Talks, that night in my dreams I saw God!!!
BonniE W.

Sample Topics From Previous Magick Talks

  • Experiencing Oneness: From Everything to Nothing
  • Shamanic Secrets to Manifesting
  • Facing Fear of the Unknown
  • Igniting Awakening & Transformation through Relationships
  • Awakening Your True Nature through Visiting Vortexes
  • Cultivating Your Psychic Gifts
  • The Power of Death to Heal, Transform & Awaken
  • How to be a Health Empath
  • Cultivating Your Inner Guidance


Magick Talks is more than wisdom sharing. It is a Shamanic Transmission. The energetic power and frequency of the subject matter of the talk is transmitted to the listener. As Magick shares stories of miraculous awakenings and transformations, he transmits to the audience their catalyzing power and the power of the Sacred Sites they occurred in.
Magick’s Higher Self, and the Higher Selves of those listening, will be in communication during the call. He simply “gets out of the way” and transmits what comes through. Sharing from this place, the audience receives, uniquely and exactly, what is needed in the moment for their own transformation, awakening and remembering.

Magick has always been a gifted speaker. In a law school national competition round, he was voted “best oralist.” But it was not until he met his Shaman and Kahuna teachers that his storytelling evolved into Shamanic Transmissions. This ancient technique of masterful shamanic storytelling was used by most of Magick’s teachers and he has spent over two decades refining his own gift of doing the same. It is a gift he shares freely for the uplifting of humankind.


Magick Talks Host
Sacred Voyages Founder
Mystical Shamanic Guide

How Will You Benefit from Magick Talks

If you are ready to awaken out of illusion and into your True Nature, transform your physical well being to include more wealth, health, better relationships, know and live your life purpose, be fully and authentically self expressed, wake up to the Unconditional Love and Divinity that you are, then join us for Magick Talks.

Here is more of what you might expect during, or after, listening to “Magick Talks”:

Awakening, Remembering, Activations, Downloads, Epiphanies

Deeper connection with your Inner Guidance (Higher Self)

True Unconditional Love for all that is, including self

Deeper sense of Grace & Ease in life

True Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance

Instant Manifestation

Catharsis, release of old wounds and trauma

Shift how you relate with others

Learning about Sacred Sites, vibrational portals

Glimpses into the heart of Mystical Shamanism

Experience Oneness, Your Infinite Nature


"I just listened to your talk on death. Oh my god, what an extraordinary, extraordinary download!! Oh my god! I gotta go back and listen a couple more times. It was so deep, probing, transparent, eloquent and powerful... Wow, I love it! Don't ever stop doing these. They are fabulous."
Grace Purusha
Magick Talks Listener
“In the middle of listening, I involuntarily sort of screamed. Then I cried not knowing why. Then I had an ah-ha moment of seeing how I’ve been limiting myself by what I’d been telling myself over and over about getting older: 'I can’t do this, can’t do that.' All that blew away. I have felt like I was brought back to myself since then. I feel Magick has a real gift of helping us get back to who we really are.”
Lesta Frank
Magick Talks Listener
"How meaningful and powerful your Magick Talks have been! I learn so much through your storytelling “transmissions." Tears flow each time, awakening and deepening me to the next level. So grateful to have you as a mentor on this journey!"
Jennifer Miyakubo
Magick Talks Listener

"This Is the Best Free Spiritual Stuff Available!" ~ IK


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