Greg “Magick” Bernstein, Founder of Sacred Voyages, serves as a shamanic guide & mystic, leading Sacred Site Retreats and working with people one-on-one via his Shamanic Coaching. His work is an alchemy of the extensive training and various spiritual healing modalities he has intimately studied for over two decades with master teachers, Elders, Kahuna, Hawaiian Shaman and Universal Mystics.
In the roles of both Mystic and Shaman Magick ’s unique approach is to create & transmit a powerful field of Unconditional Love and Truth in which awakening, healing, the mystical, and connection to your Higher Self is exponentially amplified. He does this partially with a storytelling style that includes his sharing magical and miraculous experiences which results in the everyday world of creating wealth, health, inner peace, life purpose, relationships and deep connection with Spirit and Inner Guidance. He transmits the teachings and their deep wisdom on an energetic level which penetrates deep into Voyagers and helps dissolve illusion and awaken them to the Truth of who they are so they can live their full authentic selves. He calls this a Shamanic Transmission.
Magick’s work is based in Love and Truth, is non-denominational, non-directional, non-dual.

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In his monthly Magick Talks, Magick employs sacred storytelling and ancient mystical teachings to offer a “Shamanic Transmission” of energy that will connect you to your deepest and most authentic Self and awaken you to your Infinite nature. This talk will not only convey deep wisdom, but will also transmit the teaching, activating and transforming you, as you listen.

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“I have spent quality time with friends Eckhart Tolle, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Michael Beckwith. Greg “Magick” Bernstein is a star among star’s. His transformational teachings are truly life changing and influence the quality and fulfillment of every moment of my life since I took his training.”
Spar Street
Custom Retreat Voyager

Multi-Dimensional Magick

Magick’s worldly success as an attorney with a BA in Finance turned lauded entrepreneur, combined with his adept nature as a mystic, shaman, spiritual teacher and transformational seminar/retreat developer, deepens his ability to connect with all people and makes his life and work unique.

Magick in the Physical Realm

In 3-dimensional reality, Magick has enjoyed notable success. After graduating from law school and passing the Bar exam, he has founded several companies over the last 25 years, including two advertising companies. Before age 30 he had already turned down an offer to buy one of his first successful companies from one of the largest conglomerates in the world. His next company had many large Fortune 500 clients, enjoyed growth rates as high as 700% per year, did business in the US and Europe, and opened offices in Dallas, New York and Miami.  In 2005, at age 37, he sold the company and moved to Hawaii to focus more exclusively on spiritual pursuits.

Magick in the Spiritual Realms

In the non-physical arena, at the same time he was running his companies, most of his personal time was dedicated to spiritual pursuits, inner personal development and training. He developed and taught his first transformational course in 1996 at age 28 and began teaching a number of different modalities at a transformational center not long thereafter. In the 1990’s and 2000’s Magick worked one-on-one with clients and taught NLP, Silva, Hypnosis, Teaching & Transformation through Storytelling, Shamanic and Hawaiian Mysticism, Inner Guidance, meditation, and taught in a mystery school. Throughout this time he also apprenticed extensively and intensely, one-on-one, in Hawaiian mysticism and Hawaiian shamanism with a number of very powerful Hawaiian shaman and kahuna. Most of these mystical teachers were not public figures and did not hold public teachings.

“Magick is a master of the mystical and a master of the practical. He is a master of how we function in our humanity and how we function in our spirit - and how those connect together.”
Brooke Hart
Group Retreat Voyager

Qualifications & Achievements

Magick in the Physical Realm

  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance (Cum Laude)
  • Doctorate of Jurisprudence (J.D. Law)
  • AdWeek Magazine (cover)
  • Dallas Business Journal (cover)
  • JCI Leadership Magazine (cover)
  • The Dallas Morning News (Business Section)
  • Outdoor Advertising Magazine (cover)
  • Nominated twice for the most prestigious award for entrepreneurs in the country: The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Member of Young Entrepreneur’s Organization (YEO) for 7 years and served on the Board of Directors – Dallas Chapter

Magick in the Spiritual Realm

  • Extensive one-on-one training in Hawaii with several Hawaiian Kahunas
  • Extensive one-on-one training with Elder Nagual Shaman (Toltec/Mayan – Carlos Castaneda lineage)
  • Mastery of Spiritual Energy Training
  • Mastery of Manifestation Training
  • The Magic Class
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) – Certified Master of NLP
  • Design Human Engineering with Richard Bandler
  • Emotional Release & Inner Guidance work (Greg Ehmka)
  • Hypnosis Training with Ian Jackson (student of Milton Erickson)
  • Reiki Levels I & II
  • Matrix Energetics Level I & II
  • Tantra – Extensive and various
  • Human Awareness Institute (HAI)  Levels 1-7
  • Quodoshka Shamanic Sacred Sexuality – Level I, II, III
  • Recapitulated Shamanic De-Armouring
  • Various Shamanic Coursework (intensive and varied)
  • Shamanic Sacred Site Adventure Retreat – Creator
  • You Are the Sacred Site Retreat – Creator
  • Shamanic Awakening Retreat – Creator
  • Shamanic Relationship Intensive Retreat – Co-Creator
  • The Power of Inner Guidance Weekend – Creator
  • Manifest Anything Now Retreat – Creator
  • The Mystical Heart Shamanic Retreat – Co-Creator
  • Transforming Your Health with your Mind Course – Co-Creator
  • Young Entrepreneurs Organization Forum Retreat – Reaching Goals Now – Creator
  • Hawaiian Mystical Retreats – Retreat Leader
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Certified Trainer/Course Leader-All levels including Mastery Level
  • Mastery of Transformation thru Story Telling – Teacher/Trainer
  • Hypnosis- Eriksonian Language Patterns Level 1-4 – Trainer
  • Lotus Meditation/Mystery School – Teacher
  • The Silva Method – Teacher & Cottage Group Leader
  • Firewalking – Assistant in dozens of events

The Roots of Magick's Work

Universal Mysticism and Hawaiian Mysticism

Magick’s early work with various modalities from the human potential movement enabled him to be a master communicator and story-teller as well as understand the deep structure of “Voyagers'” (clients & retreat participants) psyche, beliefs and emotional worlds.

His later work with Hawaiian Shaman and Kahuna and Universal Mystic teachers deepened his mystical abilities of seeing the Unseen, transmitting Unconditional Love & healing energy, as well as facilitating Awakening in others.

The teachings that Magick shares are founded in many forms of both Western and Eastern shamanism, mysticism and wisdom. We call these transmissions/teachings Mystical Shamanism as they pull from the core tenants of many indigenous shamanic teachings and mystical aspects of some of the world’s wisdom traditions, including mystery schools and many teachings from varied sources. Far different that what most Westerners consider shamanism,

Magick’s approach is a mystical process of transmuting the illusion of fear and separation so that every human being has the opportunity to have direct access to their full Divinity.

Just a Few "Magickal Morsels" . . .

Mystic Shaman Magick

When Magick works with a “Voyager” (client / retreat participant) he is offering what he calls a Shamanic Transmission – a field of Unconditional Love and Truth that bypasses the Voyager’s Conscious Mind so that he/she can access the essence of Being.

In this Shamanic Transmission, Magick is employing The 5 Shamanic Tools: Sacred Site Attunement, The Shamanic Container, Unconditional Love, Inner Guidance and The Oneness Experience.

Magick teaches all Voyagers how to employ and embody the 5 Shamanic Tools within yourself so you can heal and awaken.

Magick'S Teaching / Coaching MODALITIES

Whether on a Shamanic Adventure Retreat, a You Are the Sacred Site Retreat, or via phone in a Shamanic Coaching session, when Magick is with a Voyager, he is always in the space of offering a Shamanic Transmission, constantly emanating a field of Unconditional Love and Truth. Whether he is silent, eye-gazing, talking, walking, dancing, meditating or sounding, Magick is transmitting unconditional healing and non-dual awakening energy. Within this vibrational frequency, he uses three main modalities in his work, individually or in alchemy: Sacred Site Guidance, Shamanic Storytelling & Psycho-Spiritual Transmutation.

Sacred Site Guidance-On Earth & Within

Magick is a Mystical Shamanic guide into the mysteries of the Sacred Sites – both the geographic vortexes on earth and ultimately the most potent Sacred Site – You.

ON EARTH – On your journey with Magick he may steward you as you adventure to the physical earth vortexes. When you approach these places of power with awareness, these Sacred Site Vortexes amplify, accelerate and catalyze both your awakening to the Sacred Site that you are, as well as assist you in healing and transforming anything in your life.

WITHIN – From inside a Shamanic Container of Unconditional Love, he guides you to the Sacred Site within through a process he has developed called The Oneness Method – a step-by-step approach to heal anything and eventually realize your Divinity and Unity with All That Is. 

No matter the Sacred Site you seek, Magick gives you the keys to unlock their power – True Presence, ancient protocols, Inner Guidance, shifting into a Shamanic Perspective, and other timeless and mystical secrets. His ultimate intention is to facilitate you to fully embody the most mystical Sacred Site – YOU. 

Shamanic Storytelling

Magick uses storytelling as a means to transmit the wisdom, healing & teachings directly into the psyche of the listener.  In a sense, the words he speaks are less relevant than the frequency of the sound wave which is carrying the vibration of the teachings directly into the exact place in the listener’s consciousness where potent healing, transformation and awakening can occur. Magick often does this by weaving a tapestry of stories together, beginning a story before finishing the last one, and then starting another story soon thereafter. Then he circles back to complete the earlier story. Often several stories are woven in and out of the entire teaching. He does this continuously throughout his transmission which overrides the conscious mind and its typical defense mechanisms against change and new ideas, especially ones that threaten the ego.  He calls this a shamanic transmission. For many, during this process, awareness, epiphanies and downloads pop into consciousness and often healings or activations occur.

Psycho-Spiritual Transmutation

Through his Higher Self, Magick uses highly-developed intuitive and creative processes that psychically transmit wisdom and healing directly, assisting Voyagers to maximize their evolutionary potential and be who they truly came here to be.

Through Presence, deep-listening to your sharing, eye-gazing (or any other situation in the moment), Magick interacts directly with people’s unconsciousness to find core issues that are causing obstacles and stuck-ness in their lives. He zeros in on beliefs, thought processes, core wounds and illusions that give rise to physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual challenges and facilitates change at a core level. Next is a transmission of Unconditional Love that reaches into the deepest shadows to heal and reveal the Love that we all are at all times.  The work heals the illusion of separation that lives in all of us, and restores our remembering of who we really are as Infinite. When changes occur at these core inner levels, the external shifts as well, with long-lasting/permenent positive effect.

"Greg “Magick” Bernstein reminds us that we all have the ability in us, seemingly magical, to transform our lives. He guides us to the recognition that we too are magical beings, filled with light. Yes, we can actually express our divine selves, our inner “magick” on Earth. Foregoing any fanfare, he has an incredible knack for getting us past our worldly limitations, and creating space for this to happen. The magic of what happens is we learn that we can change our consciousness at will."
Chris R.
Group Retreat Voyager

How Magick Got His Name

In some shamanic traditions names were quite important. A person was given a name that fit who they were and/or who they were becoming. They would keep that name until such time as they grew into their next name. A person might have several names over a lifetime.
“Magick” was named Greg Bernstein by his parents upon birth and was called by that name until an unexpected surprise in 2006. At that time, he was on a pilgrimage with two people he considered spiritual elders, and a shaman friend. During a meditation in a sacred cave high above Kauai’s eastern shores, his shaman friend received the name “Magick” for him in a download from spirit. She shared it with Greg, along with much detail about its esoteric meaning. Although Greg had never sought a new name, when the name was revealed to him, he immediately knew it was the Truth. There was no thought, no hesitation and no analysis. He instantly knew deep inside that “Magick” was his name. The name Magick felt as natural and a part of him as any other part of his body and spirit. He has been going by Magick ever since.
He also learned that day that the spelling of the name “Magick” is significant.  Magic, without a “k” at the end, is what people typically associate with magic. A magician creates something that seems extraordinary and mystical, appearing to be real, but is actually a trick, an illusion. In contrast, the ancient definition of Magick, with a “k” at the end, is about bringing illumination, realization and understanding to extraordinarily mystical and hidden things that most people think aren’t real. It’s about bringing light to darkness, wisdom to ignorance.

Being and teaching magick is what Magick is here for:
To illuminate a greater understanding and embodiment of that which was once hidden and shrouded in mystery – the totality of reality, the form and the formless.

A Few More "Magickal Morsels" . . .

“With one single gaze in your eyes, Magick can melt away all the layers, all the junk, all the hurt, all the pain . . . it is just healed with no words, no touching - just pure unadulterated love in one single gaze.”
Tracy Sve
Shamanic Coaching Client
“The sincerity of his teachings echo back in my head at just the right moments, I think he is the gate keeper of many truths. Soak up the knowledge he shares.”
Rainelle Lushina
Workshop Voyager
“Magick’s teachings amplified access to my Higher Self & realms from which I created my soul mate & massive wealth quickly & easily.”
Custom Retreat Voyager

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