Are you visiting Hawaii or Mount Shasta and want to include a Sacred Site shamanic experience into your travel plans? Do you want to experience the true power and beauty of these places? The One-Day Journey is the perfect spiritual adventure to include on your travels.  It is an all-day customized Sacred Site shamanic experience, just for you (or you and your friends or family).
Most of your day is experiential, adventuring to specific Sacred Sites –  magical power places – in sacred ceremony, shamanic experience and meditation. These places are portals into all possibilities.  Timelessness, amplification of perceptions, heightened awareness/consciousness, catharsis, epiphanies, downloads and altered states are all possible on this deep immersion into mystical awakened consciousness and reality.  Your facilitator, Greg Magick Bernstein, will be creating a Shamanic Container and providing a shamanic energy transmission of unconditional love and exactly what you are needing for your evolution, healing, transformation and/or awakening in the moment of now.
It is almost always an extraordinary life-altering experience from which you will never be the same again. Voyagers have shared not only that it was the best day of their vacation, but that it was the best days of their life. If you are ready for an epic transformational adventure that happens in nature, in the most beautiful places in the world, accelerating change through beauty, shamanism, fun, play and laughter, then we’ll see you on your One-Day Journey. It’s time to amplify your adventure!



Pick Your Location

The Aloha of Hawaii or the Astral glimmer of Mount Shasta, both are filled with potent Sacred Sites. Choose the one that speaks to you in this moment of your healing and awakening.

Choose Your Companions

Just you, your partner, your friends, your family or your group. Your One-Day Journey is designed to create the most adventure transformation for you and your companions.

Decide Your Day

Coordinate with your existing travel plans and choose the day that will fit best with your travel itinerary. Advanced booking required.



Whether you are on vacation to Hawaii or travel there just for our One-Day Journey together, Hawaii can be an amazing experience.  The resorts are some of the best in the world, beaches extraordinary and the rain forest is exquisite.  Yet for those who want to dive deeper into spirit, there is something more available.
There is a veiled treasure, a mystical part of Hawaii that lies well hidden. A place shrouded in mystery, where the spirit of the Island is alive and communicates. A world where the invisible is more real and far more powerful than the visible.  It’s a place where the crack between the worlds, multi-dimensional reality, is more available and palpable.  A shamanic place where anything is possible. Anything!
Experiencing Hawaii’s power places – Sacred Sites – with proper understanding, respect and care, can change your life forever.  Our One-Day Journey is a deep immersion into ancient Hawaii, a time before western mind pervaded, when shamanic reality was real and available. Just one day on retreat in Hawaii’s secret and ancient Sacred Sites will wake you up and quicken your spiritual evolution in ways you never knew possible.
Your One-Day Journey can make a great vacation into, perhaps, the best of adventure your life. 



Any trip to Mount Shasta is inevitably a spiritual experience. One can’t be in the energy field of this potent mountain and not be affected.  Further, hidden on and around the mountain are various vortexes – Sacred Sites – that hold gateways into all possibilities. To find them and fully access their power, you’ll need an experienced guide who can not only show you the way, but also give you the keys to open the gateway. 
The healing power of Mount Shasta is exponentially amplified in these Sacred Sites and each has its own frequency or vibration and as such evokes its own unique form of healing or awakening.  Ascended masters, the Violet Flame, St. Germaine, Telos and Lemuria await.   On a One Day Journey, your time in the sacred sites will include transmissions and downloads of ancient teachings and ways of living from various ancient cultures and traditions such as Shamanism, Lemurian teachings, and far Eastern & Western wisdom.  A day in deep immersion in the Mount Shasta vortexes will change your life forever.


The ONE-DAY JOURNEY Experience


Greg “Magick” Bernstein leads each One-Day Journey following Inner Guidance, according to what your deepest Self is needing in the moment. Every Journey is delightfully unique and miraculously shapes itself to fulfill your clear intentions. You can look forward to experiencing a unique blend of joyful & potent shamanic activities which may include:

Visit Sacred Site(s) using mystical "Keys" to access their Transformational power

Storytelling to engage the subconscious mind in liberating transformation

Guided meditation and healing practices to help you release, manifest and receive

Shamanic transmission to heal wounds, trauma and awaken

Learning the Oneness Method

Deepening guidance in every area of life by honing your connection to Higher Self

Ceremony, ritual and sacred sound

Personal Shamanic guidance to lift the veils

Individual time to go within

         {Please note we do not use plant medicine.}


  • Mystical Experiences
  • Epiphanies
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Awakening
  • Spiritual/Shamanic Healing
  • Ah-Ha’s
  • Activations
  • Downloads
  • Empowerment
  • Alchemy
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Instant Healing
  • Deep Catharsis
  • Ascended Masters
  • Ancient Beings/Guides
  • Connection to Higher Self

Meet Magick, YOUR GUIDE

sacred Voyages Founder | Retreat FACILITATOR | Shamanic Guide

Greg “Magick” Bernstein, serves as a shamanic guide, leading the One-Day Journey and working with people one-on-one. His work is an alchemy of all the training and modalities he has intimately studied for well over two decades with several master teachers. His own unique approach has evolved, braiding the teachings of many different cultures, traditions and spiritual tenants into a tapestry that is always different, depending on the moment and who and what is present. Magick engages and works with the mystical and the material realms all at once to help awaken people to their fullest actualization on all levels.

What Our ONE-DAY JourneYers Experience

"Although I was unsure of what to expect, the One-day Journey with Magick in Hawaii was one of the best of my entire life! The mystical part of Hawaii sprung to life and this new found spiritual connection changed my life forever. Afterwards, I suggested that he should be on Oprah and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t charging $10,000 a day! I would recommend it to anyone!"
Chivas Warren
One-Day Journeyer
“I continue to have magical opportunities with the energy I experienced with you while John and I were in Maui. I can’t thank you enough for your intuitive guidance during our “Journey Day” with you earlier this year. The beauty and power of the falls and the bamboo forest and the shamanic seeds helped us bring our intentions of the day into our lives on an ongoing basis. Blessings to you and your work. You spread blessings exponentially to all those you touch!"
Sharon Bolton
One-Day Journeyer
"Magick is far more than a tour guide, he is a brilliant man, a powerful healer and spiritual guide - not just as tour guide but for inner guidance as well. He was filled with such wisdom and knowledge, it was a breath of fresh air to be with him. Magick is wisdom and knowledge both, and that is what makes him Magick. He has brought the Magick into his own life and gotten results, and as a result, he is able to help others do the same. I highly recommend to anyone who comes to Hawaii or Mount Shasta, who is looking for a great guide both of the land and with your spirit, to contact Magick."
Dan Hyman
One-Day Journeyer

What's Included On Your ONE-DAY JOURNEY


Guided journeys to potent earth vortexes


Eternal wisdom to activate awareness


Open the gateway to Infinite Consciousness


Shamanic transmission through storytelling


Open the doorway to the eternal with intention


Rest, meditate, stroll, journal, smell the flowers


We are here to help!


LEARN MORE: Our One-Day Journey is one of our Custom Retreats.

AVAILABILITY: One-Day Journey can be booked in Hawaii most times of year. One-Day Journey can be booked at select times of the year in Mount Shasta. Advanced booking required.

LET’S GET STARTED: Simple and easy, start out by filling out your “One-Day Journey Planner.” Then we’ll reach out to you to schedule a quick phone call to discuss the details of your Journey, answer your questions and create an itinerary that is perfect for you. Once you approve, your deposit will hold your spot.


INVESTMENT: Everything is customized on these journeys, including the pricing. The Journey is affordable for most.


There is no obligation by with using the One-Day Journey Planner.

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