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“…the one day experience with Magick was one of the best of my entire life! The mystical part of Hawaii sprung to life and this new found spiritual connection changed my life forever. Afterwards, I suggested that he should be on Oprah and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t charging $10,000 a day! I would recommend it to anyone!”


– Chivas Warren,
Retreat participant



The One Day Journey includes transmissions and downloads of ancient teachings and ways of living from various ancient cultures and traditions such as Shamanism, Lemurian teachings, and Far Eastern & Western wisdom. However, most of your day is experiential, adventuring to specific power places in magic and sacred ceremony.  Timelessness, amplification of perceptions, heightened awareness/consciousness, catharsis, epiphanies, downloads and altered states are typically reported.  It is often a life altering experience from which you will never be the same again. Participants have shared not just that it was best day of their vacation, but that it was the best day of their life.

If you are ready for an EPIC Transformational Retreat that happens mostly outdoors in one of the most beautiful places in the world, accelerating your changes through fun, play and laughter, then you’ve come to the right place.


HAWAII: For those who want to dive deeper into spirit, there is something more than just fancy resorts and beaches available. This is something that can make a great vacation into perhaps the best of your life. There is a veiled treasure, a mystical part of Hawaii that lies well hidden. A place shrouded in mystery, where the spirit of the Island is alive and communicates. A world where the invisible is more real and far more powerful than the visible.  Is there something you want that you aren’t currently receiving?  Experiencing Hawaii’s power places, with proper protocol, respect and care, can change your life forever. 


MOUNT SHASTA: Any vacation to Mount Shasta is inevitably a spiritual experience. One can’t be in the energy field of this mountain and not be affected. Hidden on and around the mountain are very specific sites that hold gateways into all possibilities.  The healings power of Mount Shasta are exponentially amplified in these vortex sites. Ascended masters, the Violet Fire, St. Germaine, Telos and Lemuria await. This mountain will change your life forver!




If you are ready to schedule your one day journey, then please contact us for more information.

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“The one day journey was absolutely life changing encounter. We were constantly discussing the wisdom shared through the rest of our stay in Hawaii.  it was one of the most profound/important spiritual expanding encounters I have ever experienced. Thank you!!”


– Andre Vas,
Retreat participant