The Oneness Mystery School

Illuminating the Path of Mystical Shamanism:

Manifest Everything . . . Disappear into The Nothing . . .

If you are ready to empty your longings to realize the true nature of reality and hone your ability to actualize everything that you desire – then exploring The Oneness Mystery School will be the most miraculous journey of your life.

This opportunity only happens 1x a year

But First, Consider . . .

Waking up to the exquisite magnificence of who you are and the infinite nature of multidimensional reality, requires sacrifice. Leaving behind old habits, outdated beliefs, outmoded ways of being. That which keeps you playing small must dissolve.

That why i'm thrilled you have an interest in The Oneness Mystery School

The path of Mystical Shamanism, that we immerse ourselves in at The Oneness Mystery School “OMS,” is the path of Oneness. No separation between you and anyone else or anything else. From this deeply integrated place, where you are unconditionally loving all that is – inside of you and outside of you – you are truly at peace with the world exactly the way it is, discerning  from deep wisdom, you live your truth, play out your life purpose and manifest instantly. This is the secret to living your best life. It’s simple . . . but not always easy. And that’s why I created The Oneness Mystery School, to guide you along the less-fraught path home to your whole self – your humanity and your divinity.

Greetings! I'm Greg Magick Bernstein!

Please call me Magick

For the last twenty five+ years I have been leading Sacred Site spiritual retreats, serving as a spiritual guide, and sharing the ancient teachings of what I call “Mystical Shamanism” and unconditional love. I feel blessed to be living an extraordinary life – combining lauded entrepreneurial success in business and studying extensively and intimately with master spiritual teachers, Elders, Kahuna, Hawaiian Shaman and Universal Mystics. After decades of deep transformation work, I am able to help dissolve the illusory line between the physical and spiritual so that each of us can live our full potential.

My unique approach is to create a powerful field of unconditional love and truth in which awakening, connection to the spirit world, and your Higher Self is exponentially amplified. I do this in part with my unique storytelling style that is adventurous, playful, and often incredible. I share “magical” and seemingly miraculous experiences which result in the everyday world of creating wealth, health, career, relationships and deep connection with Spirit and Inner Guidance. I am able to transmit Universal teachings on an energetic level which penetrate deep into listeners, helping dissolve illusion and awaken them to the truth of who they are. I call this a shamanic transmission.

This is why hundreds of spiritual seekers & individuals committed to extraordinary lives have chosen to work with me as their guide.

Chris R

Greg “Magick” Bernstein reminds us that we all have the ability in us, seemingly magical, to transform our lives. He guides us to the recognition that we too are magical beings, filled with light. Yes, we can actually express our divine selves, our inner “magick” on Earth. Foregoing any fanfare, he has an incredible knack for getting us past our worldly limitations, and creating space for this to happen. The magic of what happens is we learn that we can change our consciousness at will.

Chris R.

Brooke Hart

Magick is a master of the mystical and a master of the practical. He is a master of how we function in our humanity and how we function in our spirit and how those connect together.

Brook Hart


Magick’s teachings amplified access to my higher self & realms from which I created my soul mate & massive wealth quickly & easily.


And, not only have I been teaching and transmitting the path of Mystical Shamanism, but I’ve actually been living it, as miracles manifest in my life over-and-over while at the same time I dissolve into the peace of pure unconditional love. And I’ll share something essential with you . . .

You can live your whole life asleep . . .
or you could actually do what you came here to do:
Live a fully awakened life, completely embodying both your humanity & your divinity.
You can tap into the powers of Mystical Shamanism – the path to Oneness.

So What Exactly is Mystical Shamanism?

The combination of:
the Shamanic powers to manifest anything
– and –
the Mystical emptying of the egoic self into divinity.

I’ve been living and teaching a radical path – one that is spot-on for the modern, in-the-world spiritual aspirant. It’s one that has had such an impact on such a diversity of seekers, from novice to seasoned, that I finally had to codify it, so that I could help people to understand this seemingly paradoxical process of awakening. I call it Mystical Shamanism.

Mystical Shamanism is the unified path of fully embodying both our humanity and our divinity at the same time.  Right here, right now, in this life, on earth. It is wholeness, everything-ness and nothing-ness . . . happening concurrently. Simply put, it’s Oneness!

The Mystical – or the embodiment of Mysticism –  is our divinity, our Godliness, a place where the deepest peace and all-ness pervades every aspect of mind and body. Whereas, Shamanism is our flamed-on humanity, living as a fully-functioning human with all of our gifts and powers activated and masterfully operational.

When these two aspects are fully activated in your beingness, your life gets fully turned on!  It’s the most exciting journey possible, so let’s not wait; let’s begin to explore it together right now. . .


What is Shamanism?

The journey of mastering our humanity is the journey of Shamanism. But let’s be clear from the beginning, shamanism is not what most people think. It’s not a technique, or limited to Native Americans or indigenous people, and doesn’t necessarily involve Ayahuasca, sage, drums or plant medicine.

The word “shaman” is actually over 10,000 years old and at its core, it’s the ancient practice of navigating and experiencing multi-dimensional reality. One important historian believes the word “shaman” comes from Sanskrit, the ancient language of parts of India, and that it described a being who is a “seer” between the realms. Then it spread to Buddhism and eventually to Russian & Siberian indigenous peoples, the Americas and elsewhere.

We use the word “shamanism” in its broadest and original sense, not its more modern evolved use to reflect the spiritual practices of indigenous cultures. (Please note: we do not teach indigenous peoples techniques or medicine.) We view the powers and awakenings of Shamanism as a universal experience accessible to all people.

For various reasons, humans have suppressed and repressed our holistic nature and narrowed our range of understanding and proficiency to only the 3rd dimensional experience. The 3rd dimension, or material plane of existence, is limited. Reality is much broader, complex and mysterious. It includes our psychic senses; it’s timeless, and is not limited by physical boundaries nor by the normal laws of physical 3D reality. Reality is multidimensional and includes all planes of existence, all universes, all timelines; everything!

I consider Shamanism the navigation of physical reality through metaphysical means. It’s the acquisition and use of what are called siddhis in the east: powers to manifest and change reality. Shamanism belongs to the realm of “perception.” Anything the mind can discern into different qualities or have a thought about. Anything quantifiable that can be perceived with the senses or the mind. This includes all astral experience (as the astral is just another perceived dimension). Shamanism includes our psychic powers, healing abilities, alchemy and manifestation. In practice, Shamanism is the ability to create and navigate reality so you actualize your dreams, desires & intentions. Simply put, it’s how you get what you want (as long as it’s in your soul’s alignment).

What is Mysticism?

The journey of mastering our awareness of our inherent divinity is the journey of Mysticism. Contrary to popular belief, mysticism is not a state of asceticism, living in a high mountain cave, away from the influences of the world. Rather, it is a state of being, which is accessible to all of us, here and now.

The Mystical points to the ineffable. It’s the ability to cross veils into “apperception.” A place of “no mind.”  Total divine absorption. The dissolution of the illusion of individuality and self (with a small “s”) into the Self as God. It’s the experienceless experience of no-self and no separate consciousness witnessing anything. No ego identity. And without ego running the show, there are no barriers to anything and everything and nothing. Mysticism is pure, unconditional love with no subject and no object.

The Union of Mystical Shamanism

To simplify this seeming contrast for easier understanding, you can think of it like this:

Shamanism is the mastery of creating and navigating multidimensional reality.
Mysticism is emptying and disassembling all perceptions of reality.
The Shaman becomes and the Mystic disappears.

To embody both at the same time is seemingly paradoxical. It is the holism of the dual / non-dual. The awareness of the “many” and the awareness of the “oneness.” It’s the path of the immaterial and the material at the same time. It’s the path of navigating multi-dimensional reality to create and actualize anything you desire, and the path of emptying all egoic desires and attachments, living in the nothingness without a care in the world. This is the state of Oneness.

Fully actualizing these two aspects of our journey – humanity (Shamanism) & divinity (Mysticism) – is essential to our health, well-being and ultimately our awakening. We are here to fully realize and embody what it is to be a human on earth, and at the same time, what it is to be divinity on earth.

In The Oneness Mystery School, we take take the journey together to the precise pinpoint place where our divinity and humanity meet. And to fully awaken to an indescribably miraculous life.

The Power of Oneness

The Abilities of Shamanism

The Beingness of Mysticism

The {Practically} Indescribable Bliss
of Living a Mystical Shamanic Life

Imagine a life where you are free from attachments, longings, urges and cravings.

You are liberated from the commentator in your head that’s always giving you the play by play of what is happening, offering bad advice, criticizing you or others, doubting you and generally holding you back from your best life.

You are residing in the nothingness, in the void, where there is no you and as such nothing affects you or even matters.

Yet at the exact same time you are a powerful manifestor, creating and actualizing anything and everything you are here to create in this life.

You can heal anything, communicate precisely, know what’s going to happen before it happens, give and receive telepathic communication, and have anything you desire (as long as it’s in your highest good and the highest good of the whole).

You are living Inner Guidance and divine right action so that your life is full of synchronicities, instant manifestation, life purpose, divine relationships and your dreams coming true.

Living a Mystical Shamanic life means you have emotional mastery so that you are one with your emotions and living unconditional love for yourself and everyone else, all the time. This means you are wise and discerning, choosing and making decisions that are truly right for you. It’s your dreams coming true.

It’s your best life. It’s the everything and nothing, which means its deep lasting peace and everything you want materially all wrapped in one.

This sounds great for spiritual badasses,
but what about the rest of us?

I’ll say it again: It’s simple . . . but it’s not always easy.

The secret is to have a guide, know the path and follow your Inner Guidance.

This is why The Oneness Mystery School was created for YOU!

The  Buddha is known for extolling the virtues of “the beginner’s mind.” It is this place of awe, wonder, humility before infinite possibility that is the very place that is unjaded enough to have the “A-Ha!” of Everything & Nothing.

And often times, even the most advanced spiritual practitioners need a big jolt, a soul-zap to shake them off the plateau of the spiritual comfort zone and out into the quantum field of mystical Unconditional Love.

The Oneness Mystery School is a field of infinite possibility where we bend time, heal blockages, and make space for miracles to occur instantly and simultaneously. Being a badass is not a prerequisite. In fact, saying “Yes!” to this journey into the Everything / Nothing is the very essence of spiritual badassery.

Here's what other people
- both advanced spiritual practitioners and spirit-curious explorers -
have experienced working with me on the path of Mystical Shamanism

Magick is a shaman’s shaman, a healer's healer. He helped me see and acknowledge my innate gifts, power and abilities. And in perfect timing, he helped me shift the obstacles that were in the way of me bringing them to the world. Magick’s tutelage has been vital to guiding me towards mastering my own intrinsic abilities. He honors and supports each individual's unique journey to their One True Self.
Paul Fiske
“Before my time with Magick, most days were despondent & dissatisfied. Since then, every single day has been the BEST day of my life! Everything in my life is amazing & I am at peace & in love with all that is in every moment. For the first time in my life I am truly happy!”
Michele Sandlin
"I realized that I had to maintain the balance, both in the world and within myself. And I felt so much more powerful, but in a balanced way. This led to many changes in my own life, including ending my 21 year marriage, reconnecting with my college sweetheart who is now my wife, moving from Texas to Florida, and dramatically accelerating my spiritual evolution. It was one of the most important and life changing experiences of my life!"
Mark Youngblood
I have accomplished more growth, healing, and change – than I ever would have sitting in front of a traditional therapist…for the next 10 years. My life is on a completely different path, and I have an all new sparkle and a skip in my step – love it!
Rebecca R. Smith
“Magick’s teachings amplified access to my higher self & realms from which I created my soul mate & massive wealth quickly & easily.”
Tanja Miller
“With one single gaze in your eyes, Magick can melt away all the layers, all the junk, all the hurt, all the pain…It is just healed with no words, no touching…Just pure unadulterated love in one single gaze.”
Tracey Sve

If You are One of Theses Types of Spiritual Seekers The Oneness Mystery School is especially Effective

Now is the perfect time for you . . .
Let me explain . . .

All that you have ever desired,
whether it is the Everything or the Nothing {and especially both},
is waiting for you to claim it!
You do not have to keep “wanting.”
You can have it, right now!
There is a clear path to Oneness.
And it is my deepest honor to illuminate it for you and walk it with you at


What if you already have a dedicated Spiritual Practice . . .

What if you are just jumping into Spirituality . . .
{Or you're ready to re-ignite the flame}

What's the catch with the Spiritual Path?

what we create iin OMS – ie the Shamanic Container – will help you suceeed.

That's What OMS is all about.
I am passionate about this process because I know it works.
but how can I be so confident? FOr years I have been in a very unique position . ..

M’s expereince as a student of his teachers. The Container and committment. The support.

ANd that’s when I discoverd . . .

there are 2 ways to approach the spiritual path.

  1. curoius interest and take it as it comes maybe you’ll expereince something great.
  2. Certainty that you are intentional and committed you will arrive at the destination

So I aid attention to my process of Commitcommittment and kept close others who also displayed that commitmnet. And I saw exactly what works.


I took all the ried and true practices for disolving what gets in the way and opening to discovering how to access the infinite and I created OMS

The path can be applied by any sincere seeker and results are achieved.


The point is, with the right context – our shamanic container – you can access these teachings, practives and vibrationally harmonic community – and transform your life.

I'd like to share how

The Oneness Mystery School

works with you . . .

The challenge with leading short-terms retreats is that we all have to take a week off and travel a great distance. And although the retreats are deep and the effects long-lasting, we go back to our lives, often without a strong support system, and we slowly forget some of what we realized. That’s why I developed the 9-month Mystery School and if you join us, I’d love to support you through this amazing adventure.

OMS can help

(Oneness Mystery School)


THE ONENESS MYSTERY SCHOOL is a 9-month, group, in-real-time, immersion-from-home program that shifts your frequency into Mystical Shamanic awakening so that you can manifest Everything and dissapper into the Nothing . . . no matter who you think you are.

It is offered only 1X per year . . .

October 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025

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Specifically, this program is based around 9 ACTIVATIONS for awakening and long-term mastery. Starting with . . .

Here’s a SNEAK PEAK of the first 3 Activations



Manifestation is the most potent of the Shamanic powers. It’s the actualization of our humanity. When you are awake, fully alive, and free from limiting beliefs and illusions, you can birth, create, actualize anything and everything that you choose. Often instantly. In this first Oneness Activation, you’ll . . .



Unconditional Love is your pure state of being. It is the essence of the Mystical. It is Infinite, always has been, and always will be. This universal love doesn’t judge or distinguish, compare or contrast or evaluate or measure. Loving your shadow heals and resolves all obstacles to living from the deep wisdom of your higher-self. Experiencing this kind of love changes your life forever! In this second Oneness Activation, you’ll . . .



Learn to make every decision from a deep place of knowing, a place beyond logic and reason, a place that isn’t bound by space and time, a place that knows what is best for all concerned. This is deep Knowing, Intuition, Higher Self – I simply call it Inner Guidance. In this third Oneness Activation, you’ll . . .

When sincere people clear the obstacles to Infinite Possibility, their lives are filled with miracles and non-causal bliss and peace.

It really is THAT SIMPLE

so that brought up a couple of questions . . .

This is about you becoming FREE

Get The Course Bonuses

Violet Fire Meditation Audio

7SSS Ebook


How does the PROGRAM WORK?

This Shamanic Container is a 9-month “spiritual gestation & rebirth.”  It’s offered as a combo of recorded teachings, community virtual coaching & connection, and an in-person (or virtual) retreat. Each month we will immerse ourselves in one of the 9 ACTIVATIONS.

Oneness Mystery School Recorded Teaching Videos

Video Teachings & Activating Practices

Watch the recorded video teachings of the 9 ACTIVATIONS and frequency shifting practices/meditations. Each month you will get access to 4 video lessons (1 lesson for each week) offering a Shamanic Transmission and Shamanic Mystical Practices on the month’s Activation. This allows you to absorb at your own pace, watch and re-watch the videos, and have this library of content at your disposal for the duration of the Mystery School.

Transmission & Community-building Zoom Sessions

2X’s per month there are group, virtual zoom sessions of Shamanic Transmission, teaching, coaching, and community sharing. This is your community of like-hearted fellow voyagers. When we come together with a common intention and in the spirit of support and oneness, this quickens the outcomes for each individual. Each month there is be a kick-off zoom session so we understand the journey in the month ahead. At the end of the month there is followup zoom session so we can check-in, remove blockages and celebrate successes.

Oneness Mystery School Live Zoom coaching

3-day, in-person (or virtual) Mystery School Retreat

In the 8th month of Mystery School, we will gather for an in-person, 3-day, exclusive retreat in a place rich with Sacred Sites. Here we will get to be in the physical presence of our Spiritual Family (Ohana), immerse ourselves in the teaching of the 9 Activations, experience deeper ways to access the powers of Sacred Sites for healing and awakening, and ultimately come to know that “YOU are the Sacred Site.” If you cannot join us in person, we will be streaming the retreat and offer you at-home suggestions for connecting with the power of nature.

Retreat is included in price of program (travel & lodging expenses not included).

Shamanic Container of Community Support & Love

This is the online, virtual community chat room where you get to show up authentically, vulnerably and powerfully. Get peer-support, offer Unconditional Love to your fellow voyagers, ask your questions to Magick, and soak up the BLISSings of being with like-hearted beings that are holding the frequency of awakening. This is the place where we dissolve the illusion of separation and otherness and practice living in the new paradigm of Oneness.


This entire Mystical Shamanic Process has been mapped out leveraging my decades of experience as a teacher and guide. It is designed to marinate you in the frequency of unconditional love, active your inherent super powers, bypass the mental doubts, dissolve limiting beliefs and bend time so that the infinite possibility of who you are – your fully conscious Oneness –  comes to full fruition NOW!


Embodying the Infinite Possibilites of an Awakened Life

People {Just Like You} Who said "YES!" to the Adventure
and Experienced the Awakening

"MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVER!!! This is the most amazing transformational course I have ever done… I had breakthrough after breakthrough in every area of my life: manifesting, health, wealth, relationship, intimacy, love, intuition, sex, spirit, knowing myself, manifesting, knowing my truth and more… Did I mention manifesting anything and everything instantly!”
Margot Zaher
“I have spent quality time with friends Eckhart Tolle, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Michael Beckwith. Greg “Magick” Bernstein is a star among star’s. His transformational teachings are truly life changing and influence the quality and fulfillment of every moment of my life since I took his training.”
Spar Street
"This was a gift of letting go and reclaiming trust in my self, my knowing and my internal radar. Magick holds such a generous, loving space, allowing for healing and magic to arise. My engineering mind takes a break, my energy opens, and my heart explodes with expansive love. Thank you Magick!"
Rebecca Gamble
"...It just got more powerful and more powerful with every day...It's amazing how confident and powerful I feel now as a man...I am now the most powerful me I have ever been in my life... it's the best thing I have ever done in my life!"
Brian Moreland
"BEST EVER…laughter, tears, amazing people, Magick’s guidance . . . HOLY ENLIGHTENMENT! The combination of these gifts & more changed my life. Everything in my life has more color, peace & purpose. I am filled with grace & love that I tap into everyday!”
Penny Zuber
"I got all the intentions that I set out and much, much more. I completely transformed into a new person with a totally new outlook on life. I am also just more present. I am enjoying life, and being in the moment so much more now. My doctor said that I have changed at a DNA level. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself and my life is amazingly better as a result!"
Ziggy Pflaster

Are you willing to step into the Unknown
to change your life forever?

Often when you are on the precipice of a new frontier in life, the 3D mind chimes in with all sorts of “reasonable” objections – really just limiting thoughts and illusions – about how life couldn’t possibly get this good, or how you are not ready or deserving (it must be for other more prepared people), or you are so busy with “important” things that you are “responsible” for, or there simply isn’t enough (time, money, energy, support, etc).

As humans, we have so much wounding and conditioning that keeps us locked in our comfort zone – but if you drop in and deeply feel, it is really rather uncomfortable not living as your brightest light and fullest self.



The only thing to do in this moment is decide:
“Yes!” I will let go of the false sense of limitations and step into the the miracle that I am.


When you make a powerful decision, the entire Universe rearranges all it’s quantum particles to bring you your Truth! Conflicts resolve, abundance shows up, time bends in your favor.

I fully trust that if you say “Yes!” to taking the sacred voyage of The Oneness Mystery School, then you are absolutely meant to be with us. This is your time to step into the unfathomable miracles of beingness.


October 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025

October 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025

offered 1x per year

Save your spot. space is limited

I hope you are unfetteredly excited by the great adventure into the the multidimensional mysteries that lies ahead! But, if for any reason, you feel you need to support to remove the blockages that are getting in your way, just reach out. It is my mission to support – using the superpowers of Shamanism & the magic of Mysticism – all who are on the path of awakening. Together we can clear the way to your best life!



(starting Oct 1, 2024)

If you have any questions about the Mystery School,
please contact me.
My Guarantee to You:
Dive deep into The Oneness Mystery School
for a Full 14 Days, 100% Risk Free

If you are not happy with THE ONENESS MYSTERY SCHOOL experience during the first 2 weeks, I want to give your money back.

+ Here’s Why +

Over the last 25+ years, I have been guiding spiritual seekers and high-performers from all walks of life back to the essence of who they really are and showing them how they can readily access all the miracles life has at the ready for them. I have also been on the path myself, increasing my adeptness and embracing the miracles that show up for me everyday. This path is the real deal.

With my own eyes I have seen hundreds if not thousands, of instant healings, incredible manifestations, hearts opening & ego limitations dissolving. So I absolutely know that it is possible to move beyond the 3D into the realization of our full multidimensional humanity & our mystical divinity. And I know if you are called to this program, the same is possible for you.



Here’s how the guarantee works

Here’s how the guarantee works

Give it a fair shot. Come to the inaugural zoom meeting where we launch into the multidimensional shamanic container. Show me that you watched the first training video & completed the first practice. If you don’t love it, email me in the first 14 days of the School and I’ll immediately send you a prompt refund.

I ask you to be in the School for the first 14 days and do the work because I know that if you declare your intention, connect with this illuminated community, experience the #1 Oneness Activation, and avail yourself of the transformational practice to completely unbridal your frequency, you’ll be excited by what lies ahead.

After the first 14 days, you make the committment to your self, your Higher Self, and your sacred community to play big, in integrity, authentically, and you stay – fully present – even when resistance rears it’s head. You take a stand for what’s possible. It’s this unwavering dedication to unconditional love that gives you everything and dissolves your fear into the the nothing.

Just know this . . .

There Has Never Been a Better Time to join The Oneness Mystery School than RIGHT NOW

In fact, there is no other time than right now. Enter the multidimensional, limitless, timeless, infinite NOW! And now is the only moment in which everything and anything is possible.

We live in exciting times . . . so many are waking up out of the slumber of distraction, addiction, and powerlessness. There is so much opportunity for you to be a trail blazer and bring your light out into the world as a way-shower.

But this also means a lot of change is happening around us. Some people will keep up with the possibilities that are unfolding. Others will now. Right now, people are craving a deep sense of connection with their most essential self and authentic transparent connections with others. And the Mystery School is the best environment in which to be supported to connect deeply within and deeply with All That Is.

Let this be the beginning of your journey . . .



October 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025

October 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025

offered 1x per year

Save your spot. space is limited



(starting Oct 1, 2024)

If you have any questions about the Mystery School,
please contact me.

Early Bird Registration Bonus:

Here’s why: Mystery School starts the moment you register. You are in the Sacred COntainer. ANd things start to energize, shift and awaken.

PArticipate in this monthly call to get connected, grounded, supported and prepared all before Mystery School officially kicksoff.


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What if you don’t say yes now (highlighting free choice but illuminating pain points)
Special limited time offer to create urgency
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Here’s why: Mystery School starts the moment you register. You are in the Sacred COntainer. ANd things start to energize, shift and awaken.

PArticipate in this monthly call to get connected, grounded, supported and prepared all before Mystery School officially kicksoff.


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Results Disclaimer:

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product/service and its potential. There is no guarantee that you will accomplish anything or achieve any results in your life from using the teachings, techniques and ideas presented by Sacred Voyages and the Oneness Mystery School (OMS). Stories and examples provided by OMS are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of anything. Results are entirely dependent on the person implementing our teachings, ideas and techniques. While it is possible, OMS does not position the teachings as promising instant miracles or instant transformation. 

Your level of success in actualizing your intentions depends on the time you devote to the teachings, ideas and techniques, knowledge, innate abilities, history, other skills and various factors beyond our control. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success nor are we responsible for any of your actions or outcomes. 

If you do not understand or agree with any of these conditions, please do not participate in OMS. If you require further clarification, please contact us and we are happy to discuss and illuminate further. Contact us at

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