Clear anything that is stuck in your root chakra and that is blocking you from receiving.  This CD is a culmination of the vision of John Hill with Magick participating in the CD as sound healing facilitator and artist.  Through this CD, you will tap into diverse instruments played as well as various sounds from sound healers.  Everyone gathered for this CD carried the intention that the sounds would facilitate huge clearings of stuck blockages in the root chakra that are known to prevent one from receiving.  The receiving includes working with guidance, connecting to source or receiving material goods. 

The experience each sound healer went through was different and altered during the session.  On the CD, you will hear intense clearing processes that connect you to your own emotional clearing and blocks you may be working through.  The CD work best for those that are interested in a powerful experience for emotional clearing work.  Through the process, you will be able to bring up your stuff, making it possible for you to clear and remove.  If you purchase the “Opening to Receive” CD, please follow the instructions for the CD to get the most out of it.

““…one of deepest, spiritually transformative and profound experiences I’ve had in years. Few sound journeys have any real measurable effects on me. Yet this one was unsurpassed and paramount in nature.”


Andre Vas

Retreat Participant


Since ancient times, sound has been recognized as a powerful facilitation.  New research now agrees that the power of certain sounds and tones affect the body through the cells and genetics.  This CD is a tool to support and facilitate your own transformational process in opening to receive even more of the joy, love and abundance that life has to offer.  Specifically, this CD is created with powerful aligned intentions to activate energetic blocks you have around receiving.  With this, you will move through a facilitation of experiencing and moving this energy.  The end result for those who work with this CD intentionally is a significant shift in receiving what you authentically want. 


This album was developed by a group of eight powerful sound artists, each with strong connections to spirit and their own inner guidance and all who are empowered, intentional creators.  The energy they gave in this recording is reflective of what you feel in your body.  The sound was also recorded in a sacred space on the Big Island of Hawaii to enhance the transformational power of the CD.  The Big Island is recognized by some as the island of the rook chakra and the island of transformation. 


The second track (Deepening) on this CD contains a tone from the Solfeggio scale at a frequency of 528.  This relates to the note MI on the scale and drives from the phrase MI – ra gestorum, also meaning miracle in Latin.  The exact frequency used by genetic biochemists is used to repair broken DNA.  Affirmations are applied in the sound mix to support the intention to receive more of what you desire. 


The affirmations include:


– I receive everything I desire


– I love myself fully


– I am nurtured and fulfilled in every way


– The universe fully loves and supports me


– I open to receive the abundance of the universe


– I attract all that I need and want to me


– I am loved and richly supported by life


– I feel gratitude for all that I receive


– I am worthy to receive love fully


– I deserve to receive abundance


– I am confident I will receive everything I need and want


– I trust fully in life giving me all I desire


– I attract my heart’s desires


– I love myself unconditionally in every way


– I feel and receive my love in my human heart


– I receive love fully from the universe


– I receive pleasure and fulfillment in every way


– I am abundance


– I am love


– I am perfectly nurtured in every dimension of my being.


– Activate Receiving 

– Evoke & Clear limiting beliefs, doubts and / or fears


– Heal Scarcity

-Shift old patterns and conditioning

-Shift Unworthiness

-Create Abundance & Prosperity 

-Heal Wounded Feminine 


-Resolve Root Chakra Distortions

-Feel Power of Authentic Self Expression



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