“BEST RETREAT EVER…laughter, tears, amazing people, Magick’s guidance and the energy of the mountain. HOLY ENLIGHTENMENT! The combination of these gifts & more changed my life. Everything in my life has more color, peace & purpose. The sacred sites filled us with grace & love that I tap into everyday!”

Penny Johnson

Retreat Participant


On retreat, we travel together to magical and mystical shamanic realms and sacred site vortexes where anything is possible and miracles regularly occur.  We will be immersed in a field of unconditional love and limitlessness in which all can healed and true peace results. You will be changed forever!  Participants often experience awakenings, oneness, downloads, catharsis, epiphanies, miraculous healings, divinity, higher self, mystical realms, life purpose, self-love, self-realization as God, improved relationships, wealth, finding their life partner and ease of life. This is not an ordinary retreat, it’s a shamanic mystical retreat and you will never be the same again.


The format of the retreat is to follow spirit, your higher self, in every moment. As such, there is no agenda or daily schedule.  This retreat operates in the void, the total unknown of all possbilities.  This creates the opportunity for whatever is most alive to arise organically from who and what is present in every moment of now.  It’s the true shamanic way, no plan, no agenda, just folllwing spirit, following the next opening. It could be a teaching, a ceremony, a meditation, a transmission, a trip to a sacred site, free time or anything.  There are no limits.  Having said that, we do know from looking at past retreats that there are some typical patterns.  The first is that on most days we will be in nature, in sacred site(s), much of the day.  Breakfast is sometimes a scheduled time each day but always takes place in the morning before 9am.   There is often shamanic transmission, downloads and teachings on and off throughout the day.  Venturing out and gathering at sacred sites as a group, as well as time at the sites in individual ceremony.  Lunch is often out in nature in beautiful settings or sacred sites.  Sometimes more than one power place or vortex is visited in a day and other times we drop in deep at just one site. Most everyday we go to at least one vortex.  Dinner together with more teachings and transmissions as well as hearing from fellow participants. 

There will also be plenty of leisure time to integrate the powerful teachings and experiences at the sacred sites. The retreat space is an oasis of peace and tranquility and is often located in amazingly scenic areas and very close to, or even on, power spots.


Many participants report there are two teachers on these retreats, Greg “Magick” Bernstein and the land itself. This is an experiential retreat; lots of the transformation and awakening happens while in the sacred sites, out on the land.  For others its while Magick is doing his shamanic transmission through story telling and eye gazing.  However, many also report breakthroughs in the most mudane of moments since Magick is constantly eminating a field of unconditional love and truth throughout the retreat. The teachings are founded in many forms of both western and eastern shamanism, mysticism and wisdom. We call these transmissions/teachings Universal Shamanism.  It pulls from the core tenants of many indigenous shamanic teachings and mystical aspects of some of the worlds religions, including mystery schools and the twisted hair teachings from Turtle Island.  Universal Shamanism is definitely not what most westerners traditionally call shamanism; its much more than that.

With one single gaze in your eyes Magick can melt away all the layers, all the junk, all the hurt, all the pain…it is just healed with no words, no touching…just pure unadulterated love in one single gaze.”  

Tracey Sve

Retreat Participant


Home base for this retreat, where we will all stay together is a beautiful and comfortable home(s) or retreat center with natural and exotic scenery located on or near sacred land in Hawaii or Mount Shasta. We always choose extraordinary sites with special features which are so magificent themselves that people sometimes don’t want to leave.   It’s surroundings are often filled with beautiful and powerful sites, such as a beach, waterfall, tropical rainforest, lake or fresh spring fed pond. It’s just the right combination of being truly a relaxing and peaceful place as well as magical and powerful.


The food provided on the retreat is on the healthy side, varied and delicious. We typically have a catered full and gourmet style meal for dinner. Breakfast varies and lunches are provided and often experienced out at the sacred sites. There are plenty of snacks at home and on the road and each participant is welcome to an open kitchen for snacks at any time, 24/7.  Most food is organic; we take food allergies into consideration and do our best to accommodate to your dietary needs.


Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the retreat and to the sacred sites each day. Many participants choose to share vehicles with other participants which makes the experience more fun and intimate. If you are flying to Maui, fly into Kahului airport. If you are flying into Mount Shasta, you can fly into Redding, CA, Medford, OR, or Sacramento, CA. For custom retreats in different locations check in with us.