This video is about our Hawaii retreat, but everything in it is very similar to what happens in Mount Shasta as well.


Our Shamanic Sacred Sites Retreats are held in Hawaii & Mount Shasta.  On retreat, we create a shamanic container in which we travel to an ancient time; a time before logic, reasoning and western mind took over our hearts.  It’s a field of unconditional love, mysticism and awakening; it’s who you truly are. Being in it 24/7, for a week, literally changes you at the deepest levels of your psyche.  There are potent teachings as well as & venturing out to sacred sites that can create instant change.  Often, when upon these powerful vortex sites, participants experience transformation through mystical experiences, downloads, epiphanies, awakenings, and instant manifestation. Each site holds a very specific energy that creates change in its own unique way.    Old patterns that aren’t serving us anymore, yet have caused so much struggle and suffering, just disappear.  New patterns, manifestation, self love, and new ways of being instantly appear.  Our retreats are not like others.  Your entire life will be changed forever.

“Before my retreat with Magick, most days were despondent & dissatisfied.  Since the retreat, every single day has been the BEST day of my life!  Everything in my life is amazing & I am at peace & in love with all that is in every moment.  For the first time in my life I am truly happy!”  

Michelle S.

Retreat Participant


It’s not unusual for a participant to experience a radical and total shift in their being, consciousness or even in their physical world.  Massive life changing shifts in material wealth, abundance, career, relationships, health, connection to divinity, and ease of life are all possible. Imagine how your life would be different if you attended a retreat that could permanently alter your limitations and create your dreams as reality.  Any dream.  It’s really possible and happens for most participants!  Are you seeking enlightenment; it’s happened on our retreats. Looking to know & live your life purpose, for massive wealth or your life partner; participants have created this on our retreats. Looking to heal a disease, even a terminal disease; participants have created this on our retreats.  Because we have had so many “miracles,”  we truly beleive that anything is possible*.

SHAMANIC CONTAINER: a field of higher conSciousness & awakening 

Our Spiritual Retreats evoke an ancient time & energy field, one that is always available and yet is less accessible in an era dominated by modern western linear mind.  This absolute reality has always has been and always will be.  An awakened field of consciousness.    And it was the predominant reality in certain places and at certain times in history.  In ancient Hawaii and ancient Lemuria, this was the norm.  In this field, anything is possible.   We travel there together, and individually, to a time and place where & when:

·         We came from the Heart, not the mind

·         Instant Manifestation was Common and Ordinary

·         Being Psychic/Telepathic was the Norm, not the Exception

·         We were always Connected with our High Self & Spirit

·         Inner Guidance was Clear & Easily Experienced

·         The Spirit World was as Alive and as Accessible as the Physical

·         Lemuria was Real and Present

·         Everyday reality was Mystical 

·         Ascended Masters and Evolved Beings Connect with Us

·         Everyone was Being their Authentic Selves

·         Learning came through Play, Fun, Catharsis, Laughter & Love


 We will travel back to this ancient time (at least energetically) & be there for our entire experience together. When you are immersed 100% in this ancient way of life, for any period of time, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!


“I had this profound sense of myself, of finally really knowing who I really am…I had tears of joy & I just cried & cried.   It was really an amazing experience.” 

John Hill

Retreat Participant


Whatever intention you bring to this retreat, life changing results, and even miracles often occur.   Here are some possibilities:

  • Master Intuition
  • Experience Oneness
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Health, Healing and Wellness
  • Experience Unconditional Love & Self Love
  • Relationship- (some call it Soul Mate)
  • Better Relationships
  • Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity
  • Know your Life Purpose
  • Full Authentic Self Expression
  • Be Who You Came Here to Be
  • Awaken, Remember
  • Experience Divinity
  • Ascension

See short videos of past participants sharing about the course and their results.

“…the most extraordinary workshop/retreat that I have ever been on! … I had an utterly, utterly, extraordinary experience… I am deeply shifted…”  


Retreat Participant


The following are common experiences (which vary among participants):

  • Mystical Experiences
  • Epiphanies
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Awakening
  • Spiritual / Shamanic Healing
  • Ah-Ha’s
  • Activations
  • Downloads
  • Empowerment
  • Alchemy
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Instant Healing
  • Deep Catharsis
  • Ascended Masters/Ancient Beings
  • Shamanic Teachings
  • Refined Connection to High Self
  • Remembering

Results are often reported as literally ‘beyond the imagination’ and more than most have ‘ever dreamed possible’.  These retreats are truly a turning point in peoples’ lives, so that life is completely different afterwards. Life is never the same again!

“Magick’s teachings amplified access to my higher self & realms from which I created my soul mate & massive wealth quickly & easily.”


Retreat Participant


We only hold our retreats in areas that amplify, catalyze and accelerate all change, transformation and connection to higher self.  The entire Hawaiian Islands, and a 100 mile radius around Mount Shasta, are such areas.  Yet,within these areas, there are specific vortexes, or sacred sites, that resonate a unique vibration or energy which distinguishes it from any o