Our Next Shamanic Adventure Retreat

Mount Shasta, California

July 13 – 20, 2024


Imagine diving deep into mystical worlds and traveling to Sacred Sites – on earth & within – in ceremony and ritual.  Embark on a Sacred Voyage to catalyze & accelerate the actualization of any intentions that you bring on the journey.

Bring your biggest challenges, ones that have haunted you your entire life. Whether you are seeking something in the material world – more wealth, better relationships, soul mates, or improved health – or you are seeking illumination in the spiritual realm – such as a profound awakening out of illusion and separation, liberation and freedom from conditioning and the dream, lasting inner peace, oneness, unconditional love or ascension – this retreat is likely to deliver it, and more! 

No matter if you are a novice seeker of the mystical realms or a seasoned spiritual adventurer beyond the veil of separation, a Sacred Voyages Retreat is your opportunity to step through the dimensional gateway into the magick of Sacred Sites and the majesty of your Authentic Self.

*Note: While some shamanic practices include the use of “plant medicine”, our retreats intend to give participants the experience of extraordinary states of consciousness without substances. We don’t want to put you in a trance or altered state, we want to wake you up out of the one you are already in!


Activated by the alchemy of powerful earth vortexes, timeless spiritual teachings and deep self discovery, when you embark on your Sacred Voyage you are opening a doorway into exactly what you need right now – all magic shows up in your favor.

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What Our Voyagers Experience

“It was quick & easy to heal severe depression I’d had for 5 years. On the 3rd day of the retreat I stopped taking my medications & never took them again. I have been healthy & vibrant ever since!!!!”
M. Beatty
Group Retreat Voyager
"It was a deeply moving spiritual experience that has changed my life. I had experiences at the different sacred sites that have opened new ways for me to experience and express the divine within me."
Michael Deese
Retreat Voyager
“Before my retreat with Magick, most days were despondent & dissatisfied. Since the retreat, every single day has been the BEST day of my life! Everything in my life is amazing & I am at peace & in love with all that is in every moment. For the first time in my life I am truly happy!”
Michelle S.
Group Retreat Voyager