What if there was a place that by merely being there you could experience spontaneous transformation, healing and/or awakening? A place where you could tap into the most concentrated powerful energies on earth that by their very nature quicken consciousness and radically stimulate healing? There are such places; we call them Sacred Sites.

“I had a number of miraculous experiences at the Sacred Site… I communed with The Goddess in an intimate way, was healed by an encounter with a tree, and I met and spoke with a realized being who changed my life. Magic truly does happen here!“
Group Retreat Voyager


Sacred Sites are places in nature – geographic locations – where the land/water itself has a higher frequency, vibration, and potency that amplifies, catalyzes and accelerates evolution, transformation, and awakening. Some people call them vortexes, portals, earth chakra centers, etc.  A few of these Sacred Sites are so specific in their concentrated power that they hold the precise frequency of rebirthing, or letting go, or healing, or manifestation, or unconditional love, etc. Imagine a place where the energy is so thick with transformational energy that just being there shifts you instantly.

Anything is possible in these places of power. They hold the frequencies of unlimited potential. There are no limits: instant manifestation, healing, psychic abilities coming on-line, epiphanies, transformation, awakening; it’s all possible in these places where the veils are thinner and portals open. 

To experience these limitless possibilities, you just need “the Keys” to unlock the secret power of these mystical sacred places.

Honored Sites & Secret Places

Realizing their potency and usefulness, many civilizations have built sacred structures – temples, rock formations, medicine wheels, petroglyphs, etc –  on top of these places of power. It is not so much that the human-built spaces are the Sacred Site, but rather the true source of potency is the natural energy that emanates from the land/water itself, as well as the connected multi-dimensional space around the area. While you may have seen pronounced Sacred Sites in National Geographic, there are countless Sacred Sites that have no unusual markings at all. They are “secret places” known by a few and often protected from the masses. It is in these largely unknown places, “off the beaten path,” that great miracles may be awaiting you.

Multi-Dimensional Gateways

One thing all Sacred Sites have in common is their mystical qualities and transformational power. Sacred Sites are the residence of the Mystical; gateways to the shamanic realms of multi-dimensional reality. These dimensions include all of consciousness, all of reality; form and the formless, the finite and the infinite. They are a portal to limitless possibilities.

Quantum physics tells us there are an infinite number of parallel universes coexisting at the same time, right now.  In these Sacred Sites, you can pass from one parallel universe to another, sometimes in an instant! When you experience multi-dimensionality, just like in lucid dreams, anything is possible, time and space are shifted and miracles abound. This means you can jump from one timeline (perceived reality) to another in an instant.  The rules of 3D physical reality don’t apply.  The only limitation is your own imagination. 

Manifest Infinitely

With this “all-access pass” you can manifest anything, create anything, transform anything, heal anything – in an instant! This can occur in many ways, from mystical experiences and/or epiphanies, to cathartic release and/or life changing realizations.  From the spiritual to the material, these are places of infinite possibilities.

Whether you have something you want to transform; want to awaken fully in the now; desire to manifest something (anything!); wish to release a pattern, fear or doubt; want wealth, a life partner or to heal something; seek to experience oneness or your own divinity, or want Self-realization as Divinity, a Sacred Site is the ideal place to immerse yourself.  

Where Are Sacred Sites?

There are Sacred Sites all over the planet, all are potent. However there are two that stand out as particularly powerful, universal and diverse in their transformative power, where people seem to be intuitively drawn. The entire Hawaiian Islands, and a 100 mile radius around Mount Shasta, in California are such Sacred Site vortexes. 

Further, within these two areas (Hawaii & Mount Shasta), there are many specific vortexes, or Sacred Sites, that resonate a unique vibration or energy which distinguishes them from any other Sacred Site on Earth. Each specific vortex has its own unique vibrational flavor or medicine.  These more specific sites found all around Hawaii and Mount Shasta distinguish them from any of the worlds other powerful vortexes. It’s one of the reasons so many miracles are possible here.

The Specific Power of Sacred Sites in Hawaii & Mount Shasta

Each Sacred Site has its own energy and “purpose.” While no two are exactly the same, there is a gift to be received from each. 

In a birthing site, the earth’s energy is super concentrated in the form of manifesting something new that hasn’t existed before. It’s like stepping into a powerful beam of laser focused manifestation that permeates your entire being and instantly creates whatever you want or need. There are Sacred Sites – called “death sites” – that amplify our ability to release what doesn’t serve us anymore like fears, doubts, confusion or even primary ego dominance. There are also sites that resonate creativity, healing, presence, connection to Higher Self, timelessness, power, divinity, male-female balance and many more.

Here are just a few of the frequencies of concentrated power Sacred Sites resonate in Hawaii and Mount Shasta:




Death (letting go of what no longer serves)




Psychic Power





Male-Female Balance


Like a vault or treasure chest containing vast fortune and prizes, Sacred Sites also have keys that open their doorways, thin their veils and activate their power. Without these keys inserted properly into the locks, mystical experiences will likely remain someone else’s stories or an un-obtained fantasy.  Without at least a basic understanding of how the Sacred Sites work and what opens access, most visitors will not experience their transformative power. For most who enter a Sacred Site, they will walk away with just another beautiful and reverent experience, leaving behind the possibility of actualizing their wildest dreams into physical reality.  But with the keys, and knowing how to use them, Sacred Sites hold limitless possibilities to all who enter. 

On our Shamanic Adventure Retreats we teach you not only how to approach a Sacred Site with the proper protocol and due respect, but also how to use specific “Keys” to open the door to multi-dimensional reality and cultivate the power to manifest infinite possibility. 

The Sacred SItes of Hawaii & Mount Shasta

Our Sacred Sites Retreats take place in Hawaii & Mount Shasta, two of the most powerful and spiritually alive places on earth. Some say that they both have a multi-dimensional connection to the ancient culture of Lemuria.


The entire Hawaiian Island chain is such a strong vortex that most people who visit, conscious or not, realize there is something magical and special about it.  The ancient Hawaiians, who say they descended from an ancient civilization called Lemuira,  lived in a state of oneness & timelessness with all that is. The energy signature of the Islands is “Aloha,” which is unconditional love, and can penetrate deep into your psyche and heal anything. The lands are dotted with specific sacred sites that have potent concentrations of unique and powerful energy.


Mount Shasta is an ancient volcano, sacred to numerous native American tribes. This vortex is so potent that some can feel its affects 100 miles away. This mystical mountain that may have once been part of an ancient civilization called Lemuira.  Its high frequency is that of the crown chakra but, like sites in Hawaii, it’s also a shape shifter and can catalyze whatever change is needed. Also, like Hawaii, there are various sites all around the mountain that resonate specific and unique frequencies. 

Are You Ready for Your Sacred Site Adventure?

Group Retreats

Gather with us in the Sacred Sites - the earth’s most powerful vortexes and within the space of your own Being. Together with other like-hearted “spiritual voyagers,” we explore the limitless possibilities of multi-dimensional reality together and individually. Most days we will venture out to potent mystical geographical vortexes that have the power to instantly change your life forever. In a Shamanic Container of Unconditional Love, the dynamic of shared experience with others, group intention, personal transformational process, and the mystical, lead us deep into the heart of the Unknown where miracle transformations abound. Join us here.

Custom Retreats

Creating a Custom Retreat for your family, friends, partner or yourself is an opportunity to experience the transformational power of Sacred Sites. Adventure out, in mystery, to these natural geographical power vortexes. A Custom Retreat caters to your exact needs and desires. You choose the dates, place, number of days, and type of experience you want: grand adventure, deep personal shamanic work, or a bit of both. It’s a laser focused shamanic journey mystically designed to support your personal intentions. All customized just for you. It will change your life forever. Begin your awakening adventure now.

One-Day Journey

Are you visiting Hawaii or Mount Shasta and want to include a Sacred Site shamanic experience into your travel plans? The One-Day Journey is the perfect spiritual adventure to include on your travels. It is an all-day customized Sacred Site shamanic experience, just for you (or you and your friends or family). Voyagers have shared not only that it was the best day of their vacation, but that it was the best day of their life. If you are ready for an epic transformational adventure that happens in nature, in the most beautiful places in the world, accelerating change through beauty, shamanism, fun, play and laughter, then we’ll see you on your One-Day Journey. It's time to amplify your adventure!

“{The Sacred Site} was truly transforming, and it is like a veil has been removed because I see EVERYTHING with not new, but curiously deeper, eyes - and in love.”
Suzanne Metz
Group Retreat Voyager