Mount Shasta, California

July 13-20, 2024


Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Journey to the Sacred Sites – the Earth vortexes of power – and the all-powerful Sacred Site that You are! 

Are you seeking just the right spiritual healing retreats, shaman retreat, meditation retreat Hawaii, or Mount Shasta retreat? Are you ready to experience the mystical power of the earth in a shamanic new way? Is your soul finally ready to shed illusion, conditioning, fears, doubts and confusion? Are you yearning to simultaneously wake up to your authentic Self and realize your divinity, once and for all?

Welcome to your Shamanic Adventure Retreat! Join us for a Group Retreat or design your own Custom Retreat.

Mount Shasta

July 13 – 20, 2024


Winter 2024/2025

{Our Retreats cater to individuals of diverse ages and fitness levels, and in some cases can be adapted to your abilities. If you have any questions about accessibility, please Contact Us.}


Mount Shasta Shamanic Adventure Retreat

Hawaii Shamanic Adventure Retreat

The Retreat Experience


Greg “Magick” Bernstein leads each Shamanic Adventure Retreat following Inner Guidance, according to what each Voyager and/or the group may need. By following Spirit in this way, there is no agenda or schedule and every retreat is delightfully unique and miraculously shapes itself to fulfill your clear intentions. You can look forward to experiencing a unique blend of joyful & potent shamanic activities including:

Sacred Site gentle adventures with guided meditation and healing practices

Experience the Land as a Master Teacher

Universal teachings from the world's wisdom traditions and new thought

Storytelling to engage the subconscious mind in liberating transformation

Experience The Oneness Method

Deep life-changing meditation (even for novices)

Laughter, play, games, group sharing

Ceremony, ritual, fire, music and sacred sound

Personal shamanic guidance when requested

Individual time to follow your own Inner Guidance

{*Note: While some shamanic practices include the use of “plant medicine,” our retreats intend to give participants the experience of extraordinary states of consciousness without substances. We don’t want to put you in a trance or altered state, we want to wake you up out of the one you are already in! }


Shamanic Adventure Retreats are offered in both Hawaii & Mount Shasta, California. While each location offers a unique energy and specific gateways to healing and awakening, these Sacred Sites and the specific vortexes in each, are equally potent. Use your intuitive guidance to choose the location that you feel drawn and guided to. And of course, like many of our Voyagers, you can always experience both!

The Sacred Sites of Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most powerful & activating sacred site vortexes in the world – an infinite nurturing garden for the soul.  Some say it feels the closest to what the Garden of Eden might have felt like. Revered as the Chakras of the Planet by the ancient Hawaiians, many experience the Islands themselves as alive; as a powerful healer, teacher and amplifier of all change and awakening. 

Hawaii exists in a well-protected “frequency bubble.” The Hawaiian Islands are the most remote, thousands of miles from the nearest land mass. As such the culture and the island’s function as a gateway to multidimensional reality has been largely preserved.

Not withstanding its majestic beauty, the ancient energy of Hawaii is unique in that the land resonates with the frequency of timelessness and unconditional love.

When you visit the Hawaiian Sacred Sites you can’t help but feel the slowing down of time, especially as you step away from the busy tourist resorts. To the ancient Hawaiians – in Hawaiian spirituality – time did not exist. Timelessness is a powerful doorway into the multidimensional unknown of all possibilities. When you are not trapped in the concept of linear time, existing outside of time, miracles happen.

In Hawaii you will feel the love. The vibration of Unconditional Love is evidenced by the indigenous people’s most important word in their language, “Aloha,” or Love. The Unconditional Love is thick and palpable everywhere you go in Hawaii and it heals all separation, wounding and conditioning.  Some Hawaiian Elders have shared that the most ancient Hawaiians lived in Oneness with all that is and did not experience separation the way modern humans do. When you are steeped in Unconditional Love, fear releases and all possibilities are easily manifested.

Connection to higher self is amplified in Hawaii and nature is more varied and alive than almost anywhere on earth.  Plants talk, streams heal, volcanos catalyze manifestation. If you are called to spiritual awakening retreats, come to Hawaii not as a Tourist but as a Sacred Voyager and discover the gifts Hawaii has just for you. 

The Sacred Sites of Mount Shasta

Native Americans have long held Mount Shasta, in California, as sacred. Mount Shasta is the highest frequency place on earth. The Mount Shasta spiritual vortex is tremendously catalyzing for healing and awakening into Limitless Manifestation and Oneness Consciousness.

There are many visionaries today that say that the mountain resonates the “zero point energy,” a fully awakened ascension field that catalyzes ascension for you! Some say humans are shifting from a carbon based lifeform to a crystalline based lifeform and that Mount Shasta is vibrating at this new foundational frequency. Mount Shasta is presently the embodiment of this high frequency that the rest of the planet is awakening into at this time.

While many people believe it’s the root chakra of the planet, our experience (as well as that of many others), is that this powerful volcano resonates the crown chakra energy of pure spirit and divinity. This inactive volcano can also shape shift into any chakra it needs to, including the root chakra, or any other dimension, for the healing and awakening of the individual or group in the moment. In fact, there are vortexes at various elevations on the Mountain that resonate at each of all seven chakras, so the mountain has a malleable energy, serving the highest outcome in every moment.

If you are one who is intrigued by guides, on Mount Shasta it is frequently reported that visitors have encounters with Ascended Masters such as Saint Germaine, the Violet Flame, Ancient Lemurians and other mystical beings. These beings are the etheric Mt Shasta Spiritual Community and you are invited to join them. You’ll have many friends on the mountain!

Mount Shasta is widely considered the highest frequency manifestation and ascension vortex on the planet. Do you feel called to the Mt Shasta mystical experience of Oneness?

Your Shamanic Adventure Mount Shasta meditation retreat will catapult your healing and awakening. If you are ready to create all that you desire and travel to unknown realms that will impart their wisdom to you and alter you forever, then it is time to visit the Sacred Sites of Mount Shasta. Embark on your Mount Shasta retreat and step through the veils into the frequencies of ascension and Unconditional Love.

WHat Our Voyagers Say

Meet Magick, YOUR GUIDE

sacred Voyages Founder | Retreat FACILITATOR | Shamanic Guide

Greg “Magick” Bernstein, serves as a shamanic guide, leading all retreats and working with people one-on-one. His work is an alchemy of all the training and modalities he has intimately studied for well over two decades with several master Shamanic teachers. His own unique approach has evolved, braiding the teachings of many different cultures, traditions and spiritual tenants into a tapestry that is always different, depending on the moment and who and what is present. Magick engages and works with the mystical and the material realms all at once to help awaken people to their fullest actualization on all levels.


On Retreat, retreat leader, Magick, creates a Shamanic Container via The 5 Shamanic Tools: Sacred Site Attunement, Shamanic Container, Unconditional Love, Inner Guidance & The Oneness Experience.

With these tools, he alchemically creates an energetic vessel in which participants both marinade in, and travel to, other dimensions, parallel universes and infinite possibilities.  All illusions of 3-dimensional reality, including the illusion of separation and all egoic conditioning, begin to permanently melt and dissolve when saturated in what feels like a magic carpet ride into the deep unknown and infinite possibilities. People wake up to their true nature and leave behind that which doesn’t serve any more.  

While our Shamanic Adventure Retreats are ostensibly focused on journeying to the most powerful Sacred Sites on earth, the most life changing sacred place you will experience while on retreat is YOU.  You are the Sacred Site in which the entire universe exists.  All That Is, all of divinity, infinite love and light, all exist inside the mystical magical body that is YOU. Our retreats wake you up to this realization so you can stop seeking what you already are, but rather abide in eternal peace, manifest your highest potential, and live your authentic self.

The Infinite Possibilities on a Sacred Voyage

Whatever intention you bring to this Retreat, life-changing results, and even miracles, often occur.

Awaken & Remember

Full Authentic Self Expression

Know your Life Purpose

Harmonize Relationships

Attract your Soul Mate

Create Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity

Experience Oneness / Divinity

Experience True Unconditional Love & Self Love

Be Who You Came Here to Be

Activate Instant Manifestation

Master Intuition

Ascension to a New Reality

Actualize Health, Healing and Wellness

The Power of "Ohana" On Group Retreat

For many, one delight of being on group retreat is forming a deep and lasting connection with a new soul tribe. Here you will be meeting like-hearted people, creating life-long “purposeful” spirit centered friendships,  Your new spirit family will offer potent reflections of both your greatest potential and your shadows to be revealed and healed.  Relaxing into true intimacy with others is a soul calling most have not experienced at this depth before these retreats.  It is life changing!  On this retreat you live as a part of a true Sacred “Ohana” (Hawaiian word for family) that will last a lifetime.

A Shamanic Adventure retreat serves as a potent Shamanic Container in which we dance together as individuals and as One Soul through the infinite possibilities of Unconditional Love.

What Our Voyagers Experience

“This group made me feel so comfortable and made me feel so welcomed and gave me the space to be who I am, the real me, and that was just amazing.”
Eniko Palosi
Group Retreat Voyager
"I just came back from my 3rd Retreat with Magick. I always come back very changed and much more evolved. This time I completely transformed into a new person with a totally new outlook on life. I am also just more present. I am enjoying life, and being in the moment so much more now. My doctor said that I have changed at a DNA level. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself and my life is amazingly better as a result!
Ziggy Pflaster
Group Retreat Voyager
"Magick brought together such a vital mix of natural elements, group energy and intention that I experienced the actualization of my life purpose, which was my goal going in. I finally reversed a dis-empowering psychic/emotional 'habit' which has plagued me my entire life and held me back from realizing my full potential. I got clarity about my career path and how to weave a deeper sense of my mission in life into all that I do. Thank you. I feel brighter and more centered in my heart."
Sharon Kraus
Group Retreat Voyager


Each Sacred Site that we visit on Retreat holds a very specific energy that creates change in its own unique way. Old patterns that aren’t serving us anymore, yet have caused so much struggle and suffering, just disappear.  New patterns, manifestation, self love, and new ways of being instantly appear. 

It’s not unusual for a participant to experience a radical and total shift in their being, consciousness or even in their physical world.  Massive life changing shifts in material wealth, abundance, career, relationships, health, connection to divinity, and ease of life are all possible.

Imagine how your life would be different if you could permanently alter your limitations and create your dreams as reality.  Any dream can materialize into reality. Because we have seen so many “miracles,”  we truly believe that anything is possible.

Are you seeking enlightenment, wanting to live your life purpose, welcoming massive wealth or your life partner, choosing to heal a disease? Participants have reported all this and more on our retreats. Results are often reported as literally ‘beyond the imagination’ and more than most have ‘ever dreamed possible’.  

You can look forward to a totally unique experience that is divinely designed just for you.

Common Retreat Experiences

  • Mystical Experiences
  • Epiphanies
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Awakening
  • Spiritual/Shamanic Healing
  • Ah-Ha’s
  • Activations
  • Downloads
  • Empowerment
  • Alchemy
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Instant Healing
  • Deep Catharsis
  • Ascended Masters
  • Ancient Beings/Guides
  • Connection to Higher Self

VIEWS From Our Voyages

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WHAT'S Included on Your SHAMANIC ADVENTURE Retreat


Guided journeys to potent earth vortexes


Eternal wisdom to activate awareness


Through this gateway to Infinite Consciousness


Shamanic transmission through storytelling


Open the doorway to the eternal with intention


Connect, laugh and revel in the joy of life


Rest, meditate, stroll, journal, smell the flowers


2 organic, plant strong, allergy-free meals / day


Center for daily gathering. Lodging NOT included.

* Voyagers will provide there own transportation.


We are here to help!


Embark on Your Mystical Shamanic Sacred Sites Journeys

Mount Shasta

July 13-20, 2024


Winter 2024/2025


To insure intimacy, there are limited spaces available (12-16) on our group retreats. They often they fill up fast, so act now.

(Want to plan a private Shamanic Adventure Retreat for you, your family or your group? See our Custom Retreats.)