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1-on-1 Shamanic Life Coaching

Are you ready for a concentrated deep dive into the mystery of your own being, a clearing of past wounds and discovering the freedom of living as your true Self? Magick invites people to bring their deepest wounds/trauma, or intentions they have never been able to actualize, and typically facilitates total transformation in just a session or two. Whether you are wanting to create a better life, manifest, or wake up out of all illusion and into your true nature, Magick will not only help you create it, but will also teach you how. Meet with Greg "Magick" Bernstein 1-on-1 via phone or Zoom for a session to resolve a specific issue or to change every aspect of your life forever.

SWEET Freedom

For most of us, we struggle with energetic, emotional, and mental blocks to manifesting our best life and achieving lasting peace. This is a normal part of the human condition. But it doesn’t have to be a permanent limiting factor in your life. Through the process we call Shamanic Life Coaching – 1-on-1 phone transmissions – you can eliminate these blocks and even open to the infinite possibilities of universal consciousness, freeing your Self to live fully and blissfully, with lasting results. Your life becomes a harmonic dance of material abundance and spiritual freedom.

HEAL & Transform ANything

For the past 25 years, Greg “Magick” Bernstein has been assisting people to heal from numerous types of phobias, mental conditions and addictions as well as resolve fears, doubts, confusion – anything that binds and limits. He also helps people open to create a joyful connected life – find a partner, leave a partner, know and act from Higher Self. Since the material plane is as important as the emotional and spiritual, he helps professional athletes excel, people create wealth and manifest their dream life. And for those who are on the path of Self awareness and Self realization, he guides clients to love oneself, awaken, experience true peace, become authentically self expressed, find & live their life purpose and more.

“Magick is the real deal. Just talking with him on the phone I was overwhelmed … I became emotional as stress was leaving my body, my stomach started to swirl with wonderful energy, and rise to my heart which seemed to swell. That’s when I began to feel light and stress was just leaving. I didn’t want to hang up.”
Peter J O'Lalor, PhD
“Most of my life I have had an intense fear of flying that makes air travel terrifying. After one miraculous phone session with Magick, I flew the next day with ease. I had very little fear and felt OK even when there was turbulence!!! What an amazing difference one session made in my life. I am eternally grateful!!”
Connie M.
“Magick builds this container of love and connection…there is no right, no wrong, no past, no future, there is only this now, this sacred now that you are in. And getting to discover that for yourself is like this beautiful flower opening. I felt so safe to explore who I am and to find out what is there for me. I have never felt such unconditional love.”
Carol Hlavarty


Magick’s early work in the 90’s was technique based, using the most regarded human potential methodologies. His work transformed greatly in the years to come as he studies with a number of Shaman and Kahuna deepened his other, more mystical abilities. These days his work varies from sharing deeply profound wisdom in a way that transforms you, to potent shamanic transmissions of healing and love that wake people up and resolve their deepest shadows & wounds.  He is a destroyer of illusion and illuminator of truth.  It doesn’t matter what you want to change or realize, Magick can typically effectuate results in just a few sessions.  The results of his work today are often nothing short of miraculous.

Photo: Magick Meditating in a Sacred Site in Mount Shasta. Yep, the photo is real – Divine Light, rainbows, orb, vortex. In service as a vessel of Love & Truth.

"Without words, I experienced an indescribable energetic transmission from Magick during which I was able to let go of patterns that I had been carrying my entire life. I cried and cried for almost an hour as I released old wounding and trauma. I shifted deep in my cells. It was a profoundly healing experience. Since then my life has been a continuous stream of miracles."
M. Beatty
“At 53, I 'd been searching, but not finding, my perfect partner for years. After spending time with Magick, I could finally follow my inner guidance. Within one month, I met my partner and we've been together ever since. My life changed more than I thought possible and I am the happiest I have ever been. I could never thank you enough.”
Anita Chambers
“When I first met Magick I was completely confused about everything…I just have clarity {now}…and there is always this bottom line of somewhere deep inside I know clarity exists….I now walk everyday knowing each step I am supposed to take, he was the greatest guide I could ever imagine.”
Tracey Sve



One client had a brain tumor in the language centers of her brain. As such she could not speak nor understand ANY spoken language, a condition called Aphasia. The Doctor said the condition would never change. After 30 minutes of silent transmission from Magick, the condition largely disappeared forever (she could speak and understand about 90% perfect English). Upon the next brain scan the following week, the tumor was half its size.


Once Magick assisted someone to heal from a 10 year struggle with Schizophrenia in just 2 hours.  In the nearly 10 years since, he hasn’t had another episode. Another client had such an intense fear of flying she was literally terrified and had to take medication to fly. The night before a flight she had a session with Magick and flew the next day, and ever since, with ease. 


Magick worked with one couple who could barely speak in his presence without yelling at each other incessantly.  There had been betrayal, lies and cheating. They were living a tortured life in the same house with no expression of love or safety. Once they started doing sessions together with Magick, everything changed. They found forgiveness and began to get along peacefully. Magick has had similar experiences of shifting the relating with countless couples.


There was a successful businesswoman who was very driven. She was busy both in her actions and in her mind. When she tried to meditate, there were incessant voices in her head.  During a session with Magick in which he was transmitting “The Nothingness,” she dropped into a space of pure silence, emptiness in which her personality didn’t exist. She was in a space she had never been before – the Void – with no thoughts.  She woke up to a the reality that there is something much greater, beyond her to do list and her personality.

“After a brief conversation with Magick, I noticed that patterns I had been running my whole life melted away forever. I am on a rocketship to all my dreams coming true … What a blessing!”
Brian Moreland
“I had this profound sense of myself, of finally really knowing who I really am…I had tears of joy & I just cried & cried. It was really an amazing experience.”
John Hill
“After heavily smoking cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco for 28 years, after 30 minutes with Magick, I never wanted, or touched tobacco again! Wow! Thank you Magick.”
Douglas Ross

Want to explore doing Shamanic Life Coaching with Magick?


Delivery: Phone
(Except with couples, Magick does not use video during a session as the visual stimulation can distract clients from going inward)
Duration: 1.25  hours
Pricing: $250 – $550 (sliding scale) per session

Scheduling: Contact Us to schedule your session.

In-person Sessions: Only conducted as a One-Day Journey in a Sacred Site or a Custom Retreat.

"Magick is someone who walks the walk and talks the talk... an amazing human being and you are about to have the most extraordinary experience of your life. You can trust him because he has tried and perfected a method of helping people step more deeply into their hearts.... Magick embodies Love and he mirrors it back to you, in a way that shows you what's possible in your life."