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1-on-1 Shamanic Coaching

Are you ready for a concentrated deep dive into the mystery of your own being, a clearing of past wounds and discovering the freedom of living as your true Self? Magick invites people to bring their deepest wounds/trauma, or intentions they have never been able to actualize, and typically facilitates total transformation in just a session or two. Whether you are wanting to create a better life, manifest, or wake up out of all illusion and into your true nature, Magick will not only help you create it, but will also teach you how. Meet with Greg "Magick" Bernstein 1-on-1 via phone or Zoom for a session to resolve a specific issue or to change every aspect of your life forever.

Shamanic Mentorship

Are you committed to total transformation on all levels - emotional, cellular, mental and spiritual? The Shamanic Mentorship program, customized for you, is a cumulative series of Shamanic Coaching Sessions (3 - 30 phone sessions) that progressively unveils all illusions, limitations and blockages to your total freedom. This program is for those who are dedicated to truly unconditionally loving All That Is (including all aspects of self) and turning the reigns of your life over to Divinity/Higher Self. Are you ready to commit to learning how to live in Unconditional Love and to Discover and live The Truth in every moment? Apply now.

Shamanic Apprenticeship

Are you a healer, mystic, shaman, energy worker or aspiring to such? Work 1-on-1 with Magick (via phone sessions) to shift, heal and resolve anything in the way of you discovering, embodying and conveying your greatest healing gifts. Additionally, Magick will then help you stay grounded and "in-check" as you serve and evolve as a healer/guide. Finally, equally as important for many, Magick will facilitate the dissolution of all wounds and illusion that prevent you from fully monetizing your gifts. Apply to become a Shamanic Apprentice.

"Magick is someone who walks the walk and talks the talk... an amazing human being and you are about to have the most extraordinary experience of your life. You can trust him because he has tried and perfected a method of helping people step more deeply into their hearts.... Magick embodies Love and he mirrors it back to you, in a way that shows you what's possible in your life."