While there are many concepts of Shamanism around the globe, at Sacred Voyages we delight in what we call Mystical Shamanism. It is our own hybrid approach after studying with many great masters, kahunas, mystics, elders and teachers as well as experiencing deep states of prolonged Oneness. Through this lens we have deeply explored and ultimately codified what we call The 5 Shamanic Tools. While it is impossible to describe the ineffable, we have found that practicing an alchemy of these 5 Shamanic Tools creates a unified field of consciousness that supports all of our Voyagers to realize higher states of Being, on retreat and in day-to-day life.

Activate Your 5 Shamanic Tools

Sacred Site Attunement

Sacred Sites are a rarified place in nature where the land or water itself has a higher frequency, vibration, and potency that amplifies, catalyzes and accelerates evolution, transformation, and awakening. Some people call them vortexes, portals, earth chakra centers, etc. You may have stumbled into a Sacred Site, distracted, and not even ever known the rare opportunity before you. Or you may have journeyed to one and not known how to tune-in to get the most from your experience.

Our Retreats strategically take place at prime Sacred Sites where the shamanic realms are naturally amplified, more accessible and the mystical is unveiled. But in order to ensure you receive the greatest rewards, ideally your body/mind/spirit is in tune with the unique frequency of the Sacred Site. In our process of Sacred Site Attunement, we guide our Voyagers to use 7 Keys to Unlocking the Power of the Sacred Sites. When you know The Keys and steep yourself in the Sacred Site with a present heart-mind, it will amplify your intentions, healing process and awakening.

Now you are truly a Voyager, stepping through the multi-dimensional gateway. When you experience multi-dimensionality, just like in lucid dreams, anything is possible, time and space are shifted, and miracles abound.

“[At the Sacred Site] I was swiftly able to slip into places outside of time . . . what may have otherwise seemed…the product of fanciful legends, is instead amazingly and powerfully experienced as real. What an awakening! Ancient lands, people, and spiritual truths are alive and present, fully connected and available to us.”
Chris R.
Group Retreat Participant

The Shamanic Container

On retreat, shamanism elevates beyond burning sage or beating drums. We create a Shamanic Container of multidimensionality and limitless possibilities where you can literally step from one reality to another in an instant. This field of awakened consciousness quickens you to its frequency, dissolving all illusion as you marinade in its vibration. We call this field Mystical Shamanism.

In the Shamanic Container you slow down so much that you can access a state of timelessness. You will also move at the frequency of nature’s heartbeat and live in Unconditional Love for Self, which heals all separation and limitations. The Shamanic Container also creates a magical field in which you can follow Inner Guidance so that you know what is right and true for you at all times and with any decisions. You can be in Divine Right Action.

This powerful Shamanic Container awakens you to your:
– Mystical Nature: Dissolving all illusion, awakening to your true infiniteness, realizing your divinity, knowing your life purpose
– Shamanic Experiences: Instant manifestation / healing, shape-shifting, being in two places at once, teleportation
– Psychic gifts: telepathy, speaking with Ascended Masters, rocks or trees

All are common in this field within which all parallel universes, all times and space, are co existing at the same time. The crack between the worlds opens and we enter the shamanic realms of all possibilities. Life is never the same.

“ Magick builds this [Shamanic] Container of love and connection . . . there is no right, no wrong, no past, no future, there is only this now, this sacred now that you are in. And getting to discover that for yourself is like this beautiful flower opening. I felt so safe to explore who I am and to find out what is there for me. I have never felt such unconditional love.”
Carol Hlvarty
Group Retreat Participant

Inner Guidance

You can learn to make every decision from a deep place of knowing, a place beyond logic and reason, a place that isn’t bound by space and time, a place that knows what is best for all concerned.  While it may be called by many different names – Source, Spirit, Deep Knowing, Intuition, Higher Self, or Omnipotent Self – we simply call it Inner Guidance.

Inner Guidance provides you the ability to always be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It’s both part of how to live a more source/spiritually based life, and it’s essential to manifesting in the physical.

Retreats & Shamanic Coaching Sessions are guided by Inner Guidance. On retreat, you are invited to participate experientially by finding and following your Inner Guidance, that part of you that already knows Truth. You will discover how your Inner Guidance communicates with you uniquely and be able to distinguish it from any other thought or feeling.  You will also learn how to deepen your trust that it is indeed your Inner Guidance as well as how to cultivate the strength of your attention on your Inner Guidance so that it is what guides your day-to-day life.  When you grow trust in this connection and deepen your reliance on it, there is a sense of peace and well-being that arises as worry melts away. When you live according to your Inner Guidance, you are where you need to be for the most synchronicity, manifestation and actualization of your highest and best self.  This creates the life-conditions for miracles to constantly show up.

“I deepened my connection with Inner Guidance in a way I never knew possible. As a result, my entire life has shifted in everyway, all joyously and exponentially for the better. Having experienced many workshops and teachers, I recommend Magick over any other.”
Johanna Wilson
Group Retreat Participant

Unconditional Love

True unconditional love is not a feeling or thought, doesn’t come and go, isn’t born and doesn’t die, and has nothing to do with what you like, what you are attracted to, or what you condone or want. It literally has no conditions on what it loves. It’s a universal love that doesn’t judge or distinguish, compare or contrast or evaluate or measure. Those are realms of the mind and emotion.  Instead, it’s infinite, always has been, and always will be. It’s a spiritual kind of love.
Spiritual teachers, psychologists and masters tell us to love ourselves. That the answer is love. Yet rare are those who actually teach us how to do it. On our retreats, you are steeped in a Shamanic Container that is created in part by emanating the frequency of Unconditional Love. You are metaphorically swimming in a fish bowl of this love during our time together. This helps attune you to Unconditional Love and begins to shake loose the old aberrant vibrations that are anything other than love. Finally, we have developed exercises, tools/techniques and meditations that will teach you how to truly unconditionally love yourself in a tangible, definitive and measurable way.

Unconditional love heals and resolves anything & everything and eliminates all suffering. It heals all wounds, all conditioning, all fears, all doubts as well as all egoic identification. When you learn to love yourself fully, shadow & light, pain & pleasure, suffering becomes a thing of the past. Bring the unifying power of unconditional love to everyone & everything (even the painful things), including yourself, so you can live in true peace.  Imagine what life would be like if you loved yourself and all experiences Unconditionally.

“I wanted to embody [Unconditional] Love, but struggled. This is the journey Magick took me on . . . he teaches you how to have a personal relationship with the essence of love. He has tried and perfected a method of helping people step more deeply into their hearts. Magick embodies [Unconditional] love & reflects it back to you.”
Group Retreat Participant

The Oneness Experience

Experiencing Oneness is a multidimensional experience that can both heal the wounds of our humanity and restore our connection to our divinity.

At its most basic level, what we call the Individual Oneness Experience is about merging with and being one with everything you perceive – all the aspects of yourself – emotions (“negative” and “positive”), thoughts, conditioning, wounds, etc. The Individual Oneness Experience is unity with all of your “parts.” This is where/when you have released all resistance to what is present in your current reality, inside and outside yourself. You become One with you.

When they integrate fully,  ultimately “you” dissolve into the (divine) Self.

What we call The Infinite Oneness Experience, includes the Individual Oneness Experience. From there something miraculous and magical can happen. A portal or doorway can open into unity with All That Is. The Oneness with all parts of yourself becomes Oneness with the singularity of the universe. There is no separation between you and anything else. This is awakening to your True Nature, unity with All That Is. This is the Infinite Oneness Experience.

So now the question begs, “How can you embody The Oneness Experience?”  Magick has developed an approach we call the Oneness Method. It enables us to realize both our full humanity and our divinity. It facilitates us to both manifest whatever we intend, by engaging in the Oneness Method process moving towards the Individual Oneness Experience, and/or to wake up out of the illusion of separation by realizing the Infinite Oneness Experience. The Oneness Method is a simple multi step approach for manifesting and healing anything as well as realizing your Infinite Nature.. Magick has shared The Oneness Method with thousands of people individually and in groups with awe-inspiring results. Experience The Oneness Method for yourself. Miracles of Oneness await you.

“I have awakened into a complete non-dual state of love and bliss in every moment without any fear. Being diagnosed with a brain tumor just after the retreat hasn't changed my bliss one bit. I am in total peace and awe and miracles are happening every moment. My diagnosis is irrelevant."
Michelle Sandlin
Group Retreat Participant

Experience The Awakening ALCHEMY
of the 5 Shamanic Tools