Shamanism & Shamanic transmission

Shamanism is not what most people think. It’s not a technique, or limited to Native Americans, and doesn’t necessarily involve plant medicine. The word is actually 35,000 years old and at its core, it’s the ancient practice of navigating and experiencing multi-dimensional reality. Breaking it down to its most basic nature, its everything. For various reasons, humans have suppressed and repressed our holistic nature and narrowed our range of understanding and proficiency to only the 3rd dimensional experience. Reality is much broader, complex and mysterious. It includes our psychic senses; it’s timeless, and is not limited by physical boundaries nor by the normal laws of physical 3D reality.


Our retreats strategically take place where the shamanic realms are naturally amplified and unveiled (sacred sites/vortexes).   These dimensions include all of consciousness, all of reality; form and the formless, the finite and the infinite.  As such, part of our mission is waking people up to shamanic reality so they realize their essential nature, their infinite being, and awaken to who they really are.  We hope to awaken you to absolute reality; you already are what you have been seeking.  In this realization there is true peace.


The veils between the infinite number of realities that are all co-existing right now are thinner in the shamanic realms and therefore change can happen instantly. You can step from one reality to another in an instant. When you experience multi dimensionality, just like in lucid dreams, anything is possible, all time and space is available and miracles abound.  The only limitation of your potential to transform and awaken is your imagination.  On retreat we transmit and you marinade in a multi-dimensional field that heals and resolves everything you have believed and felt as separation.  From this place of limitless possibility, you can create anything. Instant manifestation abounds!

“Without words, I experienced an indescribable energetic transmission during which I was able to let go of patterns that I had been carrying my entire life. I cried and cried for almost an hour as I released old wounding and trauma.  I shifted deep in my cells.  It was a profoundly healing experience.”

M. Beatty

Retreat Participant


Join Greg ‘Magick’ Bernstein for an evening of shamanic transmission and wisdom sharing.

What is a Shamanic Transmission


One definition of a Shamanic transmission is when a shaman, healer or teacher broadcasts energetically, rather than through the traditional 5 senses (for example a teaching, healing, wisdom, love, awakening, etc…).  The teaching is transmitted through silence or through the sound wave, rather than through language. It then pentrates deep into consciousness transforming and awakening all it reaches.


Transmit unconditional love deep into participant’s psyche, healing

   separation & teaching them how to experience the love that they are

-Transmit the exact energy/frequency needed to heal & transform the

   wounds, shadows & conditioning &  patterns that arise on retreat

 –Wake up out of illusion, out of the trance of conditioning, and

   into to the Truth of who they really are

 –Dissolve all divisions and inner battles

 -Create a concentrated energy field of unconditional love and awakening

   that can heal anything and wake people up to their true nature

 -Facilitate communication, amplification and connection with the sacred

   sites and all of nature,  including plants, rocks, streams, lakes, trees and


 -Assist people to realize your divinity and/or oneness 

 –Heal anything

 –Create anything

-Wake people up to a more conscious connection with their higher self