We offer custom retreats for Entrepreneurs or small businesses who want to take their business to the next level of evolution and transform the way that they work and relate.  If you are ready for a new way to look operate your business, then organize a customized small business retreat.  These retreats are totally customized for your business and goals. We can focus on sales, team building, organization or one of our specialties, setting and actualizing goals.  Our approach combines traditional business accumen and training with shamanic transmission. Whether your staff or team is aware of the depth of change ocurring, or not, depends on your particualr situation. Regardless, they will awaken to a new level of connection with their inner guidance and even psychic gifts.  While tend to spend some time inside with set up and processing, these retreats often take you out of the meeting room and directly into mystical and exotic sacred sites or other nature for a direct connection with spirit. Imagine how different your business might be if your team were following inner guidance more of the time.

Our retreats are based on the wisdom of ancient cultures and traditions, mostly unfolding in concentrated power places like in the Hawaiian IslandsMount Shasta, Arizona and New Mexico.  However, we do these retreat in anytown USA, working with whatever nature is availabe.  Groups do everything together, forming a strong and lasting “family” bond.    


Please Contact Us for more information now and find out how your group can experience more than you ever thought possible at your next retreat or gathering. It will absolutely be memorable and unique. All retreats are customized for your specific group, limited in their availability and only possible during specific time periods.

TESTIMONIALS from small business OWNERS

There has never been 8 hours spent that has had some much positive impact on my life. Thanks Greg.

Tomas A. DeFrancia

Managing Partner, LA Weight Loss of The Rockies

Our YEO goal setting session was truly life changing. It made me realize why I hadn’t been achieving my goals—and I know that I will achieve the outcomes that I have created. Thank you!

Mike Jossi

President, Active Education

Greg is like a kindred spirit. He has a passion that comes through on all channels…I have also engaged him to work with entire clinic staff!

Dr. John White

Harvard MD, President, American Pain and Wellness

I really feel like I am already quite good at setting and achieving goals. Greg’s seminar took my skills up to a new level. He presented a way to organize my goals into attainable steps. He also really helped me further focus on setting my priorities. An excellent seminar.

Jeffrey Frankel

President, Mattito’s Tex-Mex Restaurants

The personal and professional development has been very impactful. It is my desire to find a way to make you and your process a part of me and my team’s daily process.

Tim Bell

President, Bellmed Resources LLC

Greg Bernstein provided the most impactful retreat my forum has ever experienced. The format was perfect as we focused on our goals and created a clear path to get there in a short period of time. The take home value was outstanding and is proving to be powerfully transformational. I highly recommend Greg to other YEO forums around the globe.

Rex Kurzius

YEO Dallas President, President/CEO, Resulté Universal

The concept of spending 8-10 hours on ‘Goal Setting’ seemed terribly boring and a waste of time. Our attitudes changed quickly—we chose to work longer than originally scheduled AND two of six of us guys cried…I’d say we tapped into some very good energy.

Jason Ascher

CEO/Founder, Mango Graphic Communications, Inc

Greg did a fantastic job as a retreat moderator. This is a life changing workshop—I would highly recommend it.

Victoria Pearson

President, Proact Enterprises

Greg takes you through an expansive process to get at your true life goals & outcomes. I would recommend him…

Mike Soucie

President/CEO, Electric Rain, Inc.