What Our "Voyagers" SAY

“I have spent quality time with friends Eckhart Tolle, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Michael Beckwith. Greg “Magick” Bernstein [Sacred Voyages Founder & Retreat Leader] is a star among star’s. His transformational teachings are truly life changing and influence the quality and fulfillment of every moment of my life since.”
Spar Street
What Our "Voyagers" SAY


“Everything became alive. . . I had this most incredible magical experience where I received downloads…I had this blissful state…this was a high I have never felt without drugs. . . all is possible on these retreats.”
Rachelle Karp
"My life has changed forever!!! This is the most amazing transformational retreat I have ever done. I had breakthrough after breakthrough in every area of my life: manifesting, health, wealth, relationship, intimacy, love, intuition, sex, spirit, knowing myself, manifesting, knowing my truth and more.”
Margot Zaher
“It was quick & easy to heal severe depression I’d had for 5 years. On the 3rd day of the retreat I stopped taking my medications & never took them again. I have been healthy & vibrant ever since!!!!”
M. Beatty
“After my retreat with Magick, I have awakened into a complete non-dual state of love and bliss in every moment without any fear. Being diagnosed with a brain tumor just after the retreat hasn't changed my bliss one bit. I am in total peace and awe and miracles are happening every moment. My diagnosis is irrelevant."​
Michelle Sandlin
"Before I came on this retreat, what I was experiencing was this sense of feeling like I had lost myself, in my every day life, relationships and work in the corporate world... like I am not who I am. Having different experiences (on retreat) I started to tap into 'that's who I am.' I feel more alive..."
Wendy Mendoza
“BEST RETREAT EVER…laughter, tears, amazing people, Magick’s guidance and the energy of the mountain. HOLY ENLIGHTENMENT! The combination of these gifts & more changed my life. Everything in my life has more color, peace & purpose. The sacred sites filled us with grace & love that I tap into everyday!”
Penny Johnson
“Before my retreat with Magick, most days were despondent & dissatisfied. Since the retreat, every single day has been the BEST day of my life! Everything in my life is amazing & I am at peace & in love with all that is in every moment. For the first time in my life I am truly happy!”
Michael S.
"It was a deeply moving spiritual experience that has changed my life. I had experiences at the different sacred sites that have opened new ways for me to experience and express the divine within me."
Michael Deese
“I have been experiencing a massive joyful spiritual breakthrough….every aspect of what you shared has indeed been a profound gift of healing/death/illumination/celebration…it is like a veil has been removed.”
Olivia Brown
"I've been on several spiritual adventure retreats and this was by far the most impactful and transformational. Great experiences, great fun! An awesome trip! Magick was an incredible guide, I made powerful changes."
Brian Moreland
“I was a 30 year old virgin who had never dated and had been stuck in the same job since college. Immediately following my retreat, I got a new job, making much more money and setting my own hours, and began dating the girl I would become engaged to on my second retreat! All this in 6 months - it’s been an amazing ride! Did I mention I lost my virginity? Thank you for helping me to move on with my life!​"
Jason W.
“…the most extraordinary workshop/retreat that I have ever been on! … I had an utterly, utterly, extraordinary experience… I am deeply shifted…”
“Words do this experience no justice; it was truly a shamanic mystical experience. I was moved and altered forever.”
Victor C.
“This group…made me feel so comfortable and made me feel so welcomed and gave me the space to be who I am, the real me, and that was just amazing…”
Eniko Palosi
"I just came back from my 3rd Retreat with Magick. I always come back very changed and much more evolved. I got all the intentions that I set out before I came and much, much more. This time I completely transformed into a new person with a totally new outlook on life. I am also just more present. I am enjoying life, and being in the moment so much more now. My doctor said that I have changed at a DNA level. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself and my life is amazingly better as a result!"​
Ziggy Pflaster​
"This was my third Group Retreat and by far it was the most fun of all. I learned so much about myself. It was a very magical experience. I especially enjoyed the way our group bonded together like a family and I was surprised how sad I was to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the week. It felt like we had known each other forever. I am looking forward to my next retreat!!!"
Marsha Edmiston
"Magick brought together such a vital mix of natural elements, group energy and intention that I experienced the actualization of my life purpose, which was my goal going in. I finally reversed a dis-empowering psychic/emotional 'habit' which has plagued me my entire life and held me back from realizing my full potential. I got clarity about my career path and how to weave a deeper sense of my mission in life into all that I do. I feel brighter and more centered in my heart."
Sharon Kraus
“I did the Retreat at a time when I didn’t think I could afford it, and thought the last thing I needed was more self improvement work. I was amazed at how easy it was to make it happen and how miraculous and transformational of an experience it was for me and for my business. The best part is that it was more play than work.”
Neil O'Pflum
"The retreat in Mount Shasta was an amazing experience for me. I have accomplished more growth, healing, and change – than I ever would have sitting in front of a traditional therapist…for the next 10 years. My life is on a completely different path, and I have an all new sparkle and a skip in my step – love it!"​
Rebecca Smith
"That was a wild ride and I couldn't have asked for a better guide through the discomfort, the fk'd up scary moments AND the moments of LOVE and LIBERATION. Throughout the last week I have even more fully realized the space you held and although I knew it in the moment--time has given it even more of the honor which it/you deserved. I saw your humanity as well and in that saw the full breadth of the love within you and the hope you have for me in terms of fully realizing I can shed some of the baggage within me."
Robin Santos
"My whole life I've been a tomboy - assertive, independent - and totally out of touch with my femininity. Just before the 1 week experience retreat, my husband & I separated, with his chief complaint being that I was too masculine & domineering. Now, about a month after the course, for the first time in my life, men that are attracted to me are praising me because I am so feminine. Feminine!! Wow! Thank you so much for changing my life forever, I feel like a completely new person. Hugs and Kisses, XOXOXO"
"The retreat was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I am still processing what I learned and still getting ah ha's. I am greatful for all the love! I am using my power now to completely make over my life. I have already started, lol. I am quitting my job this week and getting a divorce and am moving out of the state in 2 weeks. I hope to make the next retreat! If I am able to do this now after many failed non attempts, imagine what I could do with another trip 🙂 Thanks sooooo much Magick!"
Dawn Birkhiemer
What Our "Voyagers" SAY


"It's a miracle: just two months after our retreat and I am finally off the narcotic painkillers I have been taking for the last 10 years and I'm finding my mind is becoming calm and clear! All of the debilitating pain I have suffered for so many years is gone! I'm so grateful for the powerful shamanic healing and the techniques you taught me for self- intimacy, self-love, and healing. You truly helped me to look at everything from a different perspective. My life is totally transformed and I can't thank you enough!"​
Stacy S.
“Magick holds such a generous, loving space, allowing for healing and Magic to arise. It is a few months since my 3 day custom journey … a gift of letting go and reclaiming trust in myself, my knowing and my internal radar…[now] My engineering mind takes a break, my energy opens and my heart explodes with expansive love. Thank you Magick!"
Rebecca Gamble
"Although I was unsure of what to expect, the One-day Journey with Magick in Hawaii was one of the best of my entire life! The mystical part of Hawaii sprung to life and this new found spiritual connection changed my life forever. Afterwards, I suggested that he should be on Oprah and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t charging $10,000 a day! I would recommend it to anyone!"
Chivas Warren
“The time I carved out to work with Magick was a remarkable turning point in my life. It has created a peace and calm within me and has completely transformed the way I live my life. For the first time in my life, I am feeling totally peaceful, calm, and happy. It has been one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. His work is a miracle!”
Suzanne Metz
"Magick is far more than a tour guide, he is a brilliant man, a powerful healer and spiritual guide not just as tour guide but a spiritual guide for inner guidance as well. He was filled with such wisdom and knowledge, it was a breath of fresh air to be with him. What I really loved about him was his egoless presence and commitment to our One Day Journey. I highly recommend to anyone who comes to Hawaii or mount Shasta, who is looking for a great guide both of the land and with your spirit, to contact Magick. Magick is wisdom and knowledge both, and that is what makes him Magick. He has brought the Magick into his own life and gotten results and as a result he is able to help others do the same."
Dan Hyman
"We came to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary and Magick took us on an amazing adventure. With Magick, we really connected with the island and, in the process, connected with each other. Our anniversary could not have been any better."
Brendan and Bridget
“The one day journey was absolutely life changing encounter. We were constantly discussing the wisdom shared through the rest of our stay in Hawaii. It was one of the most profound/important spiritual expanding encounters I have ever experienced. Thank you!!”
Andre Vas
"What a great, wonderful 3 days it had been, and how much it has brought me...I definitely am so incredibly grateful for you and for what the universe has offered to me! It has been truly incredible and amazing, touched my Heart profoundly."
Nico Aartsen
"Mahalo doesn’t even begin to express the gifts you gave to my heart in the days I spent in your presence, the gifts the island shared with my heart are ageless/timeless/spaceless. My life is dramatically different, almost unrecognizable in some ways. I thank God for you."
Alexandra Platt
What Our "Voyagers" SAY


"Magick is a shaman’s shaman, a healer's healer. He helped me see and acknowledge my innate gifts, power and abilities. And in perfect timing, he helped me shift the obstacles that were in the way of me bringing them to the world. Magick’s tutelage has been vital to guiding me towards mastering my own intrinsic abilities. He honors and supports each individual's unique journey to their One True Self."
Paul Fiske
“At 53, I 'd been searching, but not finding, my perfect partner for years. After spending time with Magick, I could finally follow my inner guidance. Within one month, I met my partner and we've been together ever since. My life changed more than I thought possible and I am the happiest I have ever been. I could never thank you enough.”
Anita Chambers
“After a brief conversation with Magick, I noticed that patterns I had been running my whole life melted away forever…I am on a rocketship to all my dreams coming true … What a blessing!”
Brian Moreland
“Most of my life I have had an intense fear of flying that makes air travel terrifying. After one miraculous phone session with Magick, I flew the next day with ease. I had very little fear and felt OK even when there was turbulence!!! What an amazing difference one session made in my life. I am eternally grateful!!”
Connie M.
“He {Magick} builds this container of love and connection… I have never felt such unconditional love.”
Carol Hlavarty
“Magick has this really magical power that just really looks right into your soul and helps you figure out what is "wrong" and how to release things.”
Eniko Polasi
“I deepened my connection with inner guidance in a way I never knew possible. As a result, my entire life has shifted in every way, all joyously and exponentially for the better. I recommend Magick over any other.”
Johanna Wilson
“I had this profound sense of myself, of finally really knowing who I really am…I had tears of joy & I just cried & cried. It was really an amazing experience.”
John Hill
“After heavily smoking cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco for 28 years, after 30 minutes with Magick, I never wanted, or touched tobacco again! Wow! Thank you Magick”
Douglas Ross
“Without words, I experienced an indescribable energetic transmission during which I was able to let go of patterns that I had been carrying my entire life. I cried and cried for almost an hour as I released old wounding and trauma. I shifted deep in my cells. It was a profoundly healing experience.”
M. Beatty
“Magick is the real deal. Just talking with him on the phone I was overwhelmed … I became emotional as stress was leaving my body, my stomach started to swirl with wonderful energy, and rise to my heart which seemed to swell. That’s when I began to feel light and stress was just leaving. I didn’t want to hang up.”
Peter J O'Lalor, PhD
"I had been having some friction with my beloved wife stemming from the decline of my short- and long-term memory. Nothing had helped until I met Magick. Since our one and only session, my relationship with my wife has been steadily improving, as well as my short- and long-term memory. I had planned on doing a number of sessions with Magick, so my wife and I were shocked that such a profound and definitive change could come from just one session. We are very grateful!"
Rod Price
“I wanted to embody love, but struggled with that. This is the journey Magick took me on… he teaches you how to have a personal relationship with the essence of love. He has tried and perfected a method of helping people step more deeply into their hearts. Magick embodies love & reflects it back to you.”
“I came from this confused state, I mean confusion about everything, not just the little things, not just the big things, everything in my life. {While working with Magick} I just came out of it and I had this clear direction and I knowing right inside of where I needed to go and what I needed to do. Magick was the greatest guide I could ever imagine.”
Tracey Sve
"I am still in awe, that anyone can change as much as I changed…Magick, you have more of an effect on the world than you probably realize!!!"
Jorge Zuniga
"I really cherish the new found ability to be totally present in the moment, fully alive to my self expression. Thank you so much for helping to facilitate so much growth and transformation, it has changed my life forever."
Lori Reetz
What Our "Voyagers" SAY


“Magick is a master of the mystical and a master of the practical. He is a master of how we function in our humanity and how we function in our spirit and how those connect together.”
Brooke Hart
"Magick is someone who walks the walk and talks the talk... an amazing human being and you are about to have the most extraordinary experience of your life. You can trust him because he has tried and perfected a method of helping people step more deeply into their hearts.... Magick embodies Love and he mirrors it back to you, in a way that shows you what's possible in your life."
"Greg “Magick” Bernstein reminds us that we all have the ability in us, seemingly magical, to transform our lives. He guides us to the recognition that we too are magical beings, filled with light. Yes, we can actually express our divine selves, our inner “magick” on Earth. Foregoing any fanfare, he has an incredible knack for getting us past our worldly limitations, and creating space for this to happen. The magic of what happens is we learn that we can change our consciousness at will."
Chris R.
“Magick builds this container of love and connection…there is no right, no wrong, no past, no future, there is only this now, this sacred now that you are in. And getting to discover that for yourself is like this beautiful flower opening. I felt so safe to explore who I am and to find out what is there for me. I have never felt such unconditional love.”
Carol Hlavarty
“With one single gaze in your eyes, Magick can melt away all the layers, all the junk, all the hurt, all the pain…it is just healed with no words, no touching…just pure unadulterated love in one single gaze.”
Tracy Sve
“He [Magick] has really powerful teachings… it feels like he’s speaking an ancient wisdom.”
Kirstie Carlson
"Magick truly walks between the worlds . . . and somehow weaves them into Oneness. I have had the grace and privilege to work closely with him for several years and there is always more and more infinite beauty that he helps me realize and revel in. Magick is a soul-Jedi a heart-ninja and a master of illuminated living. May you too be blessed to know this wild and wonderful "shaman soul."
“The sincerity of his teachings…echo back in my head at just the right moments, I think he is the gate keeper of many truths. Soak up the knowledge he shares.”
Rainelle Lushia
"Before I met Magick, I was having a major life crisis. It had gotten so severe that it felt life threatening. I tried everything. Years later, as a result of working with Magick, I got plugged into something that has taken me far beyond logic. I rested in the deep well of trust that he held my hand as I built within myself. Magick supported me as I faced the scariest parts of myself and life, and always knew exactly what to say to soften the blows and catalyze exponential growth and epiphanies. I found my inner compass, where all of the answers already are within myself. I totally recovered my health and I am tuned into who I am, what I want, and what I have to offer to in life. The course of my life changed completely, and now is a stream of continuous miracles. I feel at peace in the world, knowing that I'm following my unique path. I have endless gratitude for Magick's powerful, loving, unique way of being. He is the best mentor I could ever imagine having, and I am certain that he is by far one of the best there is."
Carli Grau
What Our "Voyagers" SAY


“I was charged with new vibrations from the raw elemental energy of the island and its ancient traditions. … I really cherish the new-found ability to be totally present in the moment, fully alive to my self-expression…so much growth and transformation, it has changed my life forever!”
Lori Reetz
“I had a number of miraculous experiences… I communed with The Goddess in an intimate way, was healed by an encounter with a tree, and met and spoke with a (ascended) realized being who changed my life….magic truly does happen!“
“{The sacred site} was truly transforming, and it is like a veil has been removed because I see everything with not new, but curiously deeper eyes, and in love.”
Sue M.
"Why are these places that Magick takes us to sacred? Because when approached with respect and an open heart, these places serve as physical portals into the infinite. In these sacred sites, I was supported by Magick’s intellectually keen and psychically graceful introductions, I was swiftly able to slip into places outside of time… Here, what may have otherwise seemed as though it were somewhere way off in the past, or perhaps even the product of fanciful legends is instead amazingly and powerfully experienced as real. What an awakening! Ancient lands, people, and spiritual truths are alive and present, fully connected and available to us. These places and experiences have expanded my heart and impacted my life."
Chris R.
“We arrived at a majestic, mystical, high mountain lake sacred site that is the most silent place I have ever witnessed, you could hear a pin drop. Upon arrival, Magick had us drop into deeper sacred silence within ourselves and it shifted something in me. I immediately had tears rolling down my face as I was suddenly struck with the feeling of pure unconditional love, (non-religious Christed Consciousness), in a way that I had never felt nor thought possible. It moved me so much I could barely function and expanded my heart in ways that I can never contract from. I am so grateful for silence and the doors it opened that day.”
"High on the mountain in the rich dense forest, Magick showed our group a natural spring reveared as miraculous healing water. At first I was sceptical and began to walk right past it with little interest. After a few steps, my Inner Guidance called my back to the spring and clearly instructed me to splash the crisp water on an angry, pussing, skin cancer lesion on my chest. I followed my Inner Guidance, without any attachment or expectation for an outcome. Low and behold as each day of the retreat progressed, the lesion shrank and faded. By the last day of the retreat it was gone! A week later I went to my Dermatologist and she said there was no evidence of this former advanced leasion. You can imagine her reaction when I told her my recovery was from Sacred Site miracle spring water. 2 years later I am still cancer-free."
Over an hour into the sounding ritual deep inside the womb like space of the lava tube, a buried memory sprang to life. It was the pain of when my oldest sister died unexpectedly, devastating my heart. I began to sob uncontrollably for what seemed like a long time, so hard my body was shaking. The ceremony unlocked the unprocessed memory of her unexpected death. In that one ritual, my history of being in an emotional coma for over a decade came to an abrupt end, and my heart was renewed. Life has never been the same.”
Alexandra Platt
"I stepped into the waterfall and my whole life changed!"
Christine Salvo
"Magick guided me in the technique of embodiment, where I dropped fully into my body. After standing up, I was drawn to a banyan tree which seemed to shimmer in invitation. I passed underneath, through a portal. I felt completely different on the other side. I told Magick, “That was the portal to Funland!” I am by nature and profession a serious person. A balance was needed, and the process of embodiment brought me the truth of a joyous transformation. And I certainly have had much more fun in my life since that day!"
Connie M.
"Heading up the path at the sacred site, etheric Kahunas appeared and gave me Protocols for entering and being in the site. Although I didn't know it yet, I was about to be in the most important initiatory experience of my life. Kahunas guided me through an intense 3-day challenge and initiation (in inner time) that required me to follow protocol and muster tremendous courage, including climbing over the high temple walls while Kahunas swiped at me with clawed gloves. Eventually, passing it, I exited the site feeling the most empowered I have ever felt. I was fundamentally changed forever. When I returned home, I received great boons, including ending my 21 year marriage, reconnecting with my college sweetheart who is now my wife, moving from Texas to Florida, and dramatically accelerating my spiritual evolution. It was one of the most important and life changing experiences of my life!"
Mark Youngblood
"My experience with Magick was light years more profound than any of the other modalities I've learned and received. It was a much needed transformational shift at a beautiful private Sacred Site on Maui that released decades of harmful patterns my subconscious was running on. I believe 100% that the root cause has been fully released and fully healed!"
Maggie Rayne
What Our "Voyagers" SAY


"How meaningful and powerful your Magick Talks have been. I learn so much through your story telling “transmissions”...tears flow each time, awakening and deepening me to the next level. So grateful to have you as a mentor on this journey!"
Jennifer Miyakubo
"I just listened to your Magick Talks on death. Oh my god, what an extraordinary, extraordinary download!! Oh my god! I gotta go back and listen a couple more times. It was so deep, probing, transparent, eloquent and powerful... Wow, I love it! Don't ever stop doing these. They are fabulous."
Grace Purusha
"In his Magick Talks, Magick is transmitting the energy of unconditional love and manifestation! The greatest thing I have learned from my experiences with him is how to identify my Inner Guidance and rely on it consistently."
Trish Parish
"After your Magick Talks, that night in my dreams I saw God!!! Had to turn away, he was way too bright!!!"
Bonnie W.
"Amazing how Magick weaves 3D and other dimensions and makes it accessible!"
Connie M.
"In his Magick Talks, Magick noted that an energetic transmission can accompany the talk. After the talk, I sat to contemplate whether I could make the upcoming retreat, and to ask for guidance. A few minutes later, I saw a violet light with my inner vision, and experienced physical sensations that helped me realize St. Germain was inviting me to the mountain and to the retreat. I never had an experience like that before!! I called Magick the next day and signed up!
“I was listening to Magick . . . I was quite astonished by what happened . . . His voice became a long sound and then in the middle of listening to it, I involuntarily sort of screamed. Then I cried not knowing why. Then I had an ah-ha moment of seeing how I’ve been limiting myself by what I’d been telling myself over and over about getting older: I can’t do this, can’t do that. All that blew away sort of like a wind coming through and blowing things away. I have felt like I was brought back to myself since then. I feel Magick has a real gift of helping us get back to who we really are.”
Lesta Frank