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Like a vault or treasure chest containing vast fortune and prizes, Sacred Sites also have keys that open their doorways – thin their veils and activate their power. Without the knowledge and wisdom to tap into the power of a Sacred Site, you might just have a “nice visit in nature.”

However, when you truly understand and experience The 7 Secrets: Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites, you will have the ability to access their most magical and mystical powers and the opportunity to walk through the doorway into the Infinite – tapping into the limitless possibilities. Anything is possible in these places of power!

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The 7 Secrets:
Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites

In this full-length ebook (130 pages), I share each of the 7 Secrets, unfolding in a sacred flow, designed to flame-on mystical experiences and your innate shamanic powers.

All 7 weave together in such a way as to exponentially “open the portals” so that you are catapulted into the adventure that awaits you. Anything is possible . . . when you know The Secrets!

On a literal level, the book is a guide to accessing the power of Sacred Sites, while on a higher level, it is a doorway into embodying your full potential as a Mystical Shamanic being. Both infinitely valuable.

only $9.99 usd

What Will The 7 Secrets Do for Me?

Sacred Sites have the power to amplify, catalyze and accelerate all transformation so that you can manifest and/or awaken much faster, sometimes instantly! And knowing The 7 Secrets will help you access their power and potency so you can utilize their magic to start living your best life now!

Experience Miraculous Transformation at Sacred Sites:

Praise from Our Readers

“Sacred Sites are a doorway to our most magnificent selves and serve as a gateway for going beyond where we have ever been able to go before. Magick’s book, The 7 Secrets: Unlocking the Mystical Power of Sacred Sites, is an inspiring and effective guide on how to access this power for yourself. His 7 simple steps will give you the keys to connect with these potent vortexes and experience the wonders and guidance within these more subtle realms. If you want to change direction of your life, follow the path this book leads you down, and open yourself to the mystery that awaits.”
~ Shems Hearthwell,
Author & Life and Relationship Guide
“What a wonderful, insightful book! I wish I’d read The 7 Secrets: Accessing the Power of Sacred Sites years ago when I visited many sacred sites. With beautiful color images and clear, easy-to-follow instructions, this book offers a wealth of tips for anyone into spiritual transformation, anyone new to shamanic adventure retreats, or experienced sacred sites explorers. I’ll definitely be taking this book with me on my next travels to sacred places. I highly recommend this book!”
~ Brian Moreland,
Sacred Voyager and Author
“Reading the book was a mystical experience in itself. Just reading the 7 Secrets altered my consciousness and awakened me to a higher frequency and vibration. And if that wasn’t enough, when I visited sacred sites and applied the tools & teachings, it elevated my encounter with the land to a whole new level of shamanic experiences. I am so grateful for this book.”

~ M.E.
Astrologer & Women’s Retreat Facilitator