RETREAT ITINERARY: a typical day

One of the most special aspects of our spiritual retreats is that each are always uniquely different.*  This is because we are guided by spirit in every moment so that what we do unfolds naturally and organically in perfect blossoming.

While every day is different at the retreat, here is an example of what a typical day might look like.



Imagine waking up everyday in an ancient time, before western mind; a time of the heart and spirit rather than reason and intellect. You have no plan, no responsibilities, no agenda, nothing to do, you have no need for money, and you are in one of the most beautiful and powerful places in the world.

You are staying on amazing and sacred land in a beautiful mountain or Island setting. You eat nurturing meals of a wide variety, often while listening to the facilitator share life changing wisdom and stories of transformation. The stories are informing you of the powerful portals and vortexes that open into mysterious realms and other-worldly experiences. Somehow it feels like each story is being told just for you, with the exact energy and message that’s right for you in the moment of now. The stories reach into your deep psyche and change you forever…

On most days, have breakfast with your new found family and morning teachings/transmissions from Magick, your retreat guide. These shamanic transmissions are potent broadcasts of the exact frequency needed by the group in the moment. They are deeply healing and transformative and open portals and doorways into the mystical and magickal realms.  You will be swimming in a fish bowl of unconditional love and truth for the entire retreat.  After the morning transmission, you head out with your new soul family to a sacred site. Even though you have just met all these people, you feel more connected and more in love with them than you could ever have imagined.

Where you will head on any given day no one knows, because part of the journey is to connect with your higher self and follow inner guidance in every moment. Magick leads by example and as such, the retreat has no agenda, schedule or plan. It unfolds organically out of exactly who is present and what is occurring in every moment. In this way, it seems like the group is always doing the perfect thing just for you. Magick is following guidance on what sacred site to the take the group as well as everything else that happens on retreat.

This is intentional, for when normal ‘adult decision making’ is removed, it facilitates the wonder and feeling of being a kid again and connects us to a larger truth, with our divinity. This takes you back to when all the world was an adventure, and a new experience lays in wait for you in every moment and around every corner. What a gift to yourself!

Next you arrive at one of the most mystical, magical and powerful vortex’s you have ever experienced.  You just KNOW you aren’t in Kansas anymore!! (or wherever you might be from).  Magick has prepared you for the site, sharing stories of its history, its use by shamans, Lemurians and Ancients, as well as miraculous accounts of what people have experienced in these places.  Before you have even left the retreat center, you can feel the veils being thinned, as it occurs like everything Magick is saying is just for you. He has taught you how to open the doorways to all possibilities and they are palpable. The sites amplify and accelerate awakening and each has its own flavor.   Sometimes awakening and manifestation feels as easy as making a cup of tea here and sometimes it catalyzes connection with unresolved wounds and deep cathartic releases and experiences…the sites will activate whatever is need for your evolution. When you leave the sacred site you feel like you have changed so dramatically that you have been reborn and life will never be the same again. Now its on to the next sacred site for the day!

Magick’s teachings amplified access to my higher self & realms from which I created my soul mate and massive wealth quickly and easily.

Tanja Miller

Retreat participant


Another day on retreat might begin with a beautiful hike to a sacred waterfall, where the ferns and flowers welcome you along the path, as their vibrant greens juice up your energy with every step. Perhaps you walk past crumbling walls of an old village deep in the valley, walking where ancient footsteps cleared the path long ago. The mist kisses your face as you arrive at the waterfall. You saunter in as the refreshing healing liquid cleanses your body and rejuvenates your soul, or perhaps you stand near the waterfall spray that clearly awaiting your playful step.

You notice this place feels different than other waterfalls you have been to, there is a special healing power you can feel deep within. Perhaps this healing energy simply washes stuckness out of your body, or facilitates a cathartic cry, or stimulates a new found vigor. The sacred sites have different effects on different people depending on their journey. You feel transformed like never before.  ALL questions are answered here. ALL is available. ALL is possible. 

Now it’s time for lunch and you wonder just how the day could get any better!

Some days the group heads back to the retreat center for lunch and there are some ‘talk story’ energy transmissions from Magick which alter you in unexpected ways, open doorways and thin the veils. Somehow you feel that the stories were just for you, messages from the island/mountain!  Perhaps they ignite an epiphany, download, transmutation or cathartic release. The energy of the retreat itself is changing you from the inside out. Other days we eat lunch out at the sacred sites.  Either day, perhaps after lunch and a transmission you lay back on a warm rock and take it all in for a while, which feels strangely like dreaming, but you are really awake… or are you?

On days when we are out in sacred sites all day (most days) after being in the first site for a timeless period, in the most altered shamanic state of being you have ever experienced, it’s now time to go to the next site. If you are in Hawaii, perhaps you take a short walk through a tropical rain forest that leads to a view high above the ocean. You might notice the remains of an ancient temple here, yet it is mostly underbrush cover.  The power place sends your imagination wild with thoughts of what life was like then.  You drift to a time when things were simpler.  You begin to hear chanting and drumming in the distance; are you there now?  Guided by your newly found or deepening connection to your higher self, you follow your intuition and climb to the top a lush flower filled hill with an amazing ocean view.  Or in Mount Shasta perhaps you walk to a magically flower filled meadow with a crystal clear stream running down the middle.  Mesmerized by the deep quality of peace of the stream, you sense a mystical presence here.  

Perhaps you meditate or go for a walk.  Maybe ancient beings or ascended masters visit you with epiphanies and healing. Perhaps you don’t see anything so extraordinary but you just feel like you have been changed in a profound and auspicious manner. Or you sit under a tree and have a deep, long awaited cry which resolves an old wound and provides a new sense of peace and liberation.  You are so transformed you cannot even imagine what could top that which you just experienced. Yet with each transmission from Magick and each site you visit, you are shifted at a deeper and deeper level as you are amazed at how different the energy of each experience is and how different you are as a result of visiting them.

You are drawn to sit at a particular spot and meditate.  As soon as you sit down, you recall a wound from your past that you have never been able to clear.  The land facilitates you through a deep and powerful cathartic release.  Tears flow as you let go of the old wounds and make room for the love and full expression of divinity that you truly are.  You open your eyes feeling like a different person.  

On your way out you are drawn to an amazing ancient and wise tree that calls you to sit near it for a while. You trust this, sit near it, and perhaps even lay back as you close your eyes and immediately feel as though you are embraced in your mother’s arms – a timelessness… it is beyond words. You suddenly notice how the sun warms your hair like a golden crown and powerful wisdom begins to pour into you. New ideas and a powerful knowing of who you truly are enter your consciousness.

It’s the answer you have been waiting for your entire life!

You feel so connected to Spirit through the land, sea and sky. You are one with everything and it is very peaceful deep inside of yourself, almost unrecognizable, yet comforting.  As you move in and out of this dreamy state, you find new awareness; perceptions and epiphanies abound like never before.  A little while later you feel a pull to come back and as you open your eyes, you notice the sun is beginning to set.  Your tummy rumbles slightly.

Somehow you feel this experience has changed you forever.


Moving slowly and still feeling the shift from the cathartic release, as well as the bliss inside from the tree meditation, head back to the beautiful retreat facility.  As the sun sets, the adventure continues with a delicious meal back at this ultra – relaxing and comfortable facility, while everyone shares their stories of miracles and breakthroughs. You feel like you are really among true family and are Home. 

While at dinner, the energy and conversations are like a ride at an amusement park. The conversation fluctuates from belly aching laughter, to life changing shamanic transmissions and wisdom shared by Magick, to deep and loving communion, to people sharing their deepest experiences and emotion of that day. One person shares that she feels as though she has let go of a family pattern of disease when the land told her if she really let the disease go, it would simply take it away. Another realizes that a big problem in his life, which was controlling him in every decision he made, no longer has a grip on him. The land just facilitated its removal. In this quiet space, he was able to see a simple solution that would remove the situation from his life, permanently. He knows deep in his soul that abundance and ease will now flow into his life.

Another person shares of how the land helped her surface some patterns and wounds she wasn’t aware she carried. She cries as Magick assists her in moving into and through the wounds and she learns how to love all her parts, even the wounded ones. Slowly, the wounds simply disappear and return back to their natural state of love and her tears shift to tears of joy.  

Each person’s experience of the day is unique and everyone honors the beauty of each individual telling their story. On this day, some laughed, some cried, some jumped for joy, some sang, some danced, some had epiphanies, some downloads, some had mystical experiences, some traveled to ancient lands, some experienced illuminated and magical beings, some experienced unconditional love, some inner guidance, and some even experienced true peace. All is welcome at the dinner table of your new soul family. One thing you are surprised by is that as varied as the experiences are, there is a commonality among them.  Everyone smiles as you realize you have all had similar experiences. A true feeling of oneness permeates everything, again.

All of a sudden, laughter moves through the group as everyone is thinking the same thought. You laugh together as the smell of spices and flavors permeate the air, bringing the conversation to a close so that all hungers can be satisfied.  “You know the food is good when no one is talking, right?” someone manages to express in-between bites. The sunset throws amazing colors across the sky and everyone has a pink-lavender glow to them.  You realize these people who were strangers to you only a few days ago, have become more like family (maybe even MORE so than your biological family, in some cases) as you all share your different, yet similar stories and acknowledge each other. So much love is present. You feel so relaxed and at home.

Then it is off to the dream world as another day of unknown adventure, play, fun and transformation awaits you tomorrow.

That night you have the soundest sleep you can remember and yet dream like never before…


Self Actualized. Fully Self Expressed. Pure Love.

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