I applaud your sensitive approach, providing just the right level of guidance needed to create a fully enjoyable experience I can only describe as “something special.”  I often reminisce our “special day” and how majestically cool it feels when those dormant memories and feelings reawaken.

Dave Corriveau

Founder, Dave ‘N Busters Co

Its a miracle; just two months after our retreat I am finally off the narcotic pain killers I have been taking for the last 10 years and I’m finding my mind is becoming calm and clear!  All of the debilitating pain I have suffered for so many years is gone!  I’m so grateful for the powerful shamanic healing and the techniques you taught me for self-intimacy, self-love, and healing. You truly helped me to look at everything from a different perspective. My life is totally transformed and I can’t thank you enough!

Stacy S.

I noticed that patterns I had been running my whole life melted away forever and I felt like I was on a rocketship to all my dreams coming true.

Brian Moreland

MY LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVER!!!!!!! … This is the most amazing transformational course I have ever done…. I had breakthrough after breakthrough in every area of my life: manifesting, health, wealth, relationship, intimacy, love, intuition, sex, spirit, knowing my self, manifesting, knowing my truth and more…!

Margot Zaher

Founder, Enlightened Beings

At 53, I’d been searching for my perfect partner my whole life.  After the retreat with Magick, I could finally follow my inner guidance.  As a result, within one month, I met my partner and we’ve been together ever since.  My life changed more than I thought possible and I am the happiest I have ever been!

Anita Chambers

I really cherish the new found ability to be totally present in the moment, fully alive to my self – expression.  Thank you so much for helping to facilitate so much growth and transformation, it has changed my life forever.

Lori Reetz

It was a deeply moving spiritual experience that has changed my life. I had experiences at the different sacred sites that have opened new ways for me to experience and express the divine within me.

Michael Deese

President, Santech Industries

Greg “Magick”  Bernstein reminds us that we all have the ability in us,  seemingly magical,  to transform our lives.  He guides us to the recognition that we too are magical beings, filled with light.  Yes, we can actually express our divine selves, our inner “magick.” on Earth.   Foregoing any fanfare, he has an incredible knack for getting us past our worldly limitations, and creating space for this to happen.   The magic of what happens is we learn that we can change our consciousness at will. My visit to the Big Island with Magick, and his stalwart merrie band of fellow voyagers, was highlighted by encounters with key ancient, and sacred sites,  almost all way off the beaten tourist track.  He introduced us to the real Hawaii, every bit as beautiful, and significantly more potent than the neatly groomed plastic resorts that most visitors see.  Why are these places that Magick takes us to sacred?  Because when approached with respect and an open heart, these places serve as physical portals into the infinite. In these sacred sites, I was supported by Magick’s intellectually keen and psychically graceful introductions,  I was swiftly able to slip into places outside of time…    Here, what may have otherwise seemed as though it were somewhere way off in the past, or perhaps even the product of fanciful legends is instead amazingly and powerfully experienced as real.  What an awakening!  Ancient lands, people, and spiritual truths are alive and present, fully connected and available to us.   These places and experiences have expanded my heart and impacted my life.  There is a reason why Hawaii is called the “land of Aloha,” as the land itself speaks of love,  of compassion, joy, and oneness.  The land remembers, and Magick hears the call. Like a fine tuning fork, he helps us to hear it too.” Magick is a shaman’s shaman.

Christopher R.

I had this profound sense of myself, of finally really knowing who I really am. I had tears of joy and just cried and cried. It was really an amazing experience.

John Hill

I have spent quality time with friends such as Eckhart Tolle, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Michael Beckwith.  Greg “Magick” Bernstein is a star among stars.  His transformational teachings are truly life changing and influence the quality and fulfillment of every moment of my life since I took his training.  “Greg “Magick” Bernstein is the best, he is phenomenal, he lives it moment to moment, day in and day out, and he trains it magnificently

Spar Street

Spar Street

The trip to Mount Shasta was an amazing experience for me. I have accomplished more growth, healing, and change – than I ever would have sitting in front of a traditional therapist…for the next 10 years. My life is on a completely different path, and I have an all new sparkle and a skip in my step – love it!

Rebecca R Smith


I got clarity about my career path and… my mission in life… I experienced powerful movement toward the actualization of my life purpose, which was my goal going into the course.

Sharon Kraus

Even though… I have a strong relationship with my intuition, and one thing that really struck me in the course right away was just how often I am not following my inner guidance… and how many areas I am actually missing out…When I signed up for the course I thought I would get a deeper understanding of my inner guidance and I didn’t realize that what I really got was living my life more fully. It’s been months now since the course and it’s really lasted.

Jenna Harrison Tolley

I am still in awe, that anyone can change as much as I changed…You guys have more of an effect on the world than you probably realize!!! Thank you.

Jorge Zuniga

Although I was unsure of what to expect, the one day experience with Magick in Hawaii was one of the best of my entire life!  The mystical part of Hawaii sprung to life and this new found spiritual connection changed my life forever.  Afterwards, I suggested that he should be on Oprah and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t charging $10,000 a day!  I would recommend it to anyone!

Chivas Warren

Founder and CEO, Market One Group

Mahalo doesn’t even begin to express the gifts you gave to my heart in the days I spent in your presence, the gifts the island shared with my heart are ageless/timeless/spaceless. My life is dramatically different, almost unrecognizable in some ways. I thank God for you.

Alexandra Platt

I just came back from my 3rd Retreat with Magick. I always come back very changed and much more evolved.  I got all the intentions that I set out before I came and much, much more. This time I completely transformed into a new person with a totally new outlook on life. I am also just more present.  I am enjoying life, and being in the moment so much more now. Every day it is truly getting better and better.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, again for doing these wonderful adventures in the realm of leading us to a place where everything is possible. When I got back, my doctor, Rob Parker, said that I had changed at a DNA level. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself and my life is amazingly better as a result!

Ziggy Pflaster

President, Zimports International

“I’ve studied the brain for many years and understand more than most how much change one can have by learning how to use it. Despite this, I am still in awe, that anyone can change as much as I changed in a 1 week trip. You guys have more of an effect on the world than you probably realize!!! Thank you.

Jorge Zuniga

CEO, Worldnets

AuthenticSharing.com “As a direct result of Magick’s classes I went from bankruptcy and almost always being flat broke to total financial freedom; living in a multi million dollar home and buying just about anything I want, whenever I want—all in just a few months!

Tanja Miler

Car Reality

I was a 30 year old virgin who had never dated and had been stuck in the same job since college. Immediately following my trip, I got a new job, making much more money and setting my own hours, and began dating the girl I would become engaged to on my second trip! All this in 6 months-it’s been an amazing ride! Did I mention I lost my virginity? Thank you for helping me to move on with my life!


Without words, I experienced an indescribable energetic transmission from Magick during which I was able to let go of patterns that I had been carrying my entire life.  I cried and cried for almost an hour as I released old wounding and trauma.  I shifted deep in my cells.  It was a profoundly healing experience.  Since then my life has been a continuous stream of miracles.

Melanie Simmons

Magick shows us a way of identifying what is really our inner guidance and helps us build that relationship so that when it comes in we can trust it and know that it’s our guidance….I deepened my connection with inner guidance in a way I never knew possible. As a result, my entire life has shifted in every way, all joyously and exponentially for the better. Having experienced many workshops and teachers, I recommend Magick over any other….Magick’s workshops are absolutely amazing and the tools he presents are so powerful. I am getting a lot more done with a lot less effort and for that I am truly grateful.

Johanna Wilson

After heavily smoking cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco for 28 years, after 30 minutes with Magick, I never wanted or touched tobacco again!  Wow!  Thank you Magick.