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September 24-26, 2021


Journey deep into the most magical, mystical Sacred Site that exists – YOU!

Your being is a Sacred Site! You are actually a portal into all that is, all possibilities, the Infinite. In our You Are the Sacred Site Retreat learn how to dive deep into yourself and discover the mystical transformational power of your own body, mind and soul. If you want to manifest anything in the material realms, it starts inside you. Manifestation is an inside job!  While you are likely to manifest your greatest desires on this retreat, ultimately, you will discover that what you truly need is not outside you at all. There are certain keys that unlock all the mysteries of the universe residing within.
On this retreat you will deeply immerse yourself in The Oneness Method – our approach for resolving all wounds, separation and illusion and ultimately experiencing Oneness with All That Is. It can be used to manifest anything, awaken to your Infinite nature, or both, depending on your intention. What happens when you go deep inside and become truly intimate with the full reality that you find there?  You fully realize your humanity and divinity all at once so that you heal, move and dissolve illusion, conditioning, wounds, fears, doubts and confusion while experiencing self-realization as Everything.


Welcome to the You are the Sacred Site Retreat! Join us for a Group Retreat or design your own Custom Retreat.

{Our Retreats cater to individuals of diverse backgrounds, interests and experience levels. if you have any questions about this retreat meeting your needs, please Contact Us.}


This retreat is the fast track. Right to the source. Right to what really matters.
Most of us are in some level of distraction, pleasure seeking and/or inauthentic doing in an unconscious attempt to avoid. We are seeking to avoid the very internal feelings and sensations that are necessary for us to be intimate with in order to fully awaken and/or manifest what we really want. Distracted from where our attention truly needs to be, our senses are overloaded or consumed in a way that prevents us from feeling what is actually present in our body/mind/spirit.
On a You Are The Sacred Site Retreat we remove these distractions and ill-suited coping mechanisms so you can truly experience You. For most, it’s not until you sit still in silence, not doing anything or going anywhere, that you will actually confront and know you.  Everything you have avoided will be sitting there waiting for you when you get still and quiet. All of your history, everything you have sidestepped, all of your conditioning, all of your wounds, all of your trauma. It’s in this space that you can truly learn how to unconditionally love what is inside you.
Two things that can happen when you learn to go deep into the mystery of your own being:
(1) Anything in the way of manifesting your intentions is resolved and miracles happen. 
(2) You wake up out of the illusions of material reality, into multi-dimensional reality and Oneness.

Manifesting in 3-Dimensional Reality

You are a manifesting machine. When we are clear of all wounds, beliefs, history, stories, trauma and other conditioning, we easily create what we focus our attention on. We create our intentions naturally, effortlessly and easily. The reason most people are not manifesting their intentions is because their manifesting machine is clogged with wounds, beliefs, history, stories, trauma and other conditioning. So the key to manifestation is not on the outside, its on the inside. When we learn to hunt down what is in the way of manifestation, inside our energetic and emotional bodies, then we can unconditionally love it. This clears, heals and resolves it. Then manifestation of miracles occurs.

Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Reality

When you are willing to experience the depth of what is already inside you, not only will wounds heal, but they will transform and reveal the love and light that you are. You will awaken from the illusion of material reality into multi-dimensional reality. You will move into oneness instead of dividedness with all of your different parts and discover that you are an infinite source of divinity, peace and Godliness. You are all that is. There is no separation between you and anything else. You will realize unity consciousness and that love, truth and divinity are always present. This will change your life forever.

What Our Voyagers SAY

"“…the most extraordinary workshop/retreat that I have ever been on! … I had an utterly, utterly, extraordinary experience… I am deeply shifted…”
Group Retreat Voyager
"Before I did a retreat with Magick, for years I was so ill that I could not even get out of bed and couldn't hold down a job. I saw loads of doctors and healers but nothing seemed to help or heal me. Then I went on Magicks retreat. It's been almost a year since the retreat and I have been vibrant, fully alive, radiant and working at the same job ever since. I can hardly believe it - I got my life back! What a miracle! Thank you!"
Carli Grau
Group Retreat Voyager
"That was a wild ride and I couldn't have asked for a better guide through the discomfort, the fk'd up scary moments AND the moments of LOVE and LIBERATION. Throughout the last week I have even more fully realized the space you held and although I knew it in the moment--time has given it even more of the honor which it/you deserved. I saw your humanity as well and in that saw the full breadth of the love within you and the hope you have for me in terms of fully realizing I can shed some of the baggage within me."
Robin Santos
Group Retreat Voyager

The Retreat Experience


Greg “Magick” Bernstein leads each You are the Sacred Site Retreat following Inner Guidance, according to what each Voyager and/or the group may need. By following Spirit in this way, there is no agenda or schedule and every retreat is delightfully unique and miraculously shapes itself to fulfill your clear intentions.

Depending on what type of You are the Sacred Site Retreat you select, the activities may be different. No matter which retreat you choose, all retreats include the following:


Shamanic Transmission

Universal teachings from the world's wisdom traditions and new thought

Storytelling to engage the subconscious mind in liberating transformation

Experience & Learn The Oneness Method

Deep life-changing meditation (even for novices)

Individual time to follow your own Inner Guidance

Transmission of Unconditional Love

Depending on which retreat you design or choose, your retreat may also include time in nature, ceremony, ritual, group connection & sharing, and shamanic guidance.

{*Note: While some shamanic practices include the use of “plant medicine,” our retreats intend to give participants the experience of extraordinary states of consciousness without substances. We don’t want to put you in a trance or altered state, we want to wake you up out of the one you are already in! }

CHoose The Retreat That IS Right for You

Group - In Person

On this retreat we will gather and remain at a retreat center for our entire time together. Delight in the strengthened frequency when people of like-heartedness come together in Truth. There will be multiple teaching sessions and meditation sessions each day along with lots of time for you to stroll the beautiful and exotic grounds of the retreat center. Leave the responsibilities of home, here all of the details of daily life are taken care of.  Manifest anything and be in constant discovery of who you truly are, cultivating a deep intimate connection with yourself.

Group - Virtual

Experience a deep dive within from the comfort and safety of home. We will gather together by video conference each morning for teachings and meditation. After the morning session, participants will be asked to go outside in their own backyards, a park or nature somewhere close to their homes. Suggestions will be given for moving and/or sitting meditation in nature and participants will be asked to follow their their inner guidance/higher selves. In the evening we will gather again via video for another session of teaching, debriefing the day and small group connection.

Custom - In Person

Work with Magick in any location, anywhere on earth. Find a place that fully supports you to go deep within. Magick will create a Shamanic Container in which everything that occurs offers transformational opportunities for growth and lessons.  Any place anywhere can be a retreat, including your home or workplace. It is all a portal when your intention is to know that You Are The Sacred Site. The retreat will be customized to your unique needs and intentions. Very Limited availability. Ask for details.


Custom - Virtual

Yearning to do a custom retreat but unable to travel? Or are you wanting to do a retreat with Magick at a specific location that Magick will not be physically present at? You can attend a retreat with Magick via phone or video conference from the privacy of your own home or in any sacred site you choose. You and Magick will create and design this retreat together to navigate your best pathway deep within. Create a gentle 3 day experience or an intensive 7 day “block out the world” immersion. Want to do it alone or have your family or friends? Its all possible with the custom virtual retreat.  Ask for details.

Meet Magick, YOUR GUIDE

sacred Voyages Founder | Retreat FACILITATOR | Shamanic Guide

Greg “Magick” Bernstein, serves as a shamanic guide, leading all retreats and working with people one-on-one. His work is an alchemy of all the training and modalities he has intimately studied for over 25 years with several master Shamanic teachers. His own unique approach has evolved, braiding the teachings of many different cultures, traditions and spiritual tenants into a tapestry that is always different, depending on the moment and who and what is present. Magick engages and works with the mystical and the material realms all at once to help awaken people to their fullest actualization on all levels.


On Retreat, retreat leader, Magick, creates a Shamanic Container via The 5 Shamanic Tools: Sacred Site Attunement, Shamanic Container, Unconditional Love, Inner Guidance & The Oneness Experience.
With these tools, he alchemically creates an energetic vessel in which participants both marinade in, and travel to, other dimensions, parallel universes and infinite possibilities.  All illusions of 3-dimensional reality, including the illusion of separation and all egoic conditioning, begin to permanently melt and dissolve when saturated in what feels like a magic carpet ride into the deep unknown and infinite possibilities. People wake up to their true nature and leave behind that which doesn’t serve any more.

While on our You are The Sacred Site Retreats, you will discover that the most life changing sacred place you will experience while on retreat is actually YOU.  You are the Sacred Site in which the entire universe exists.  All That Is, all of divinity, infinite love and light, all exist inside the mystical magical body that is YOU. Our retreats wake you up to this realization so you can stop seeking what you already are, but rather abide in eternal peace, manifest your highest potential, and live your authentic self.

The Infinite Possibilities on a Sacred Voyage


Full Authentic Self Expression

Harmonize all Relationships

Attract and be with your Life Partner (soul mate)

Create Wealth, Prosperity, & Abundance

Heal Anything

Ignite Creativity

Embody Happiness


Remember Who You truly Are

Know & Live your Life Purpose

Experience Oneness

Realize your Divinity

Ascension into a New Reality

Flame on Your Psychic Gifts

Deep Connection to Higher Self (Inner Guidance)

What Our Voyagers Experience

"On the last day of the retreat Magick gazed intensely into my eyes. Then on my way home, the entire car was filled with white light, I felt elated, and I received countless downloads and epiphanies. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life!!"
Penny Johnson
Group Retreat Voyager
"Before I came on this retreat, what I was experiencing was this sense of feeling like I had lost myself, in my every day life, relationships and work in the corporate world... like I am not who I am. Having different experiences (on retreat) I started to tap into 'that's who I am.' I feel more alive..."
Wendy Mendoza
Group Retreat Voyager
"Without words, I experienced an indescribable energetic transmission during which I was able to let go of patterns that I had been carrying my entire life. I cried and cried for almost an hour as I released old wounding and trauma. I shifted deep in my cells. It was a profoundly healing experience. Since then my life has been a continuous stream of miracles"
Melanie Simmons
Group Retreat Voyager


When you travel deeply into your multidimensional self and unconditionally love all that you discover there, everything in your world will change. You will see, hear and feel differently as your new embodied presence wakes you up to more of reality and your inner power to transform and awaken.  Old patterns that aren’t serving us anymore, yet have caused so much struggle and suffering, just disappear.  New patterns, manifestation, self love, and new ways of being instantly appear.

It’s not unusual for a participant to experience a radical and total shift in their being, consciousness or even in their physical world.  Massive life changing shifts in material wealth, abundance, career, relationships, health, connection to divinity, and ease of life are all possible. Imagine how your life would be different if you could permanently alter your limitations and create your dreams as reality.  Any dream can materialize into reality. Because we have seen so many “miracles,”  we truly believe that anything is possible.

Are you seeking enlightenment, wanting to live your life purpose, welcoming massive wealth or your life partner, choosing to heal a disease? Participants have reported all this and more on our retreats. Results are often reported as literally ‘beyond the imagination’ and more than most have ‘ever dreamed possible’.

You can look forward to a totally unique experience that is divinely designed just for you.

Common Retreat Experiences

  • Mystical Experiences Within
  •  Realize YOU are DIvinity
  •  Oneness
  • Awakening
  • Spiritual/Shamanic Healing
  • Ah-Ha’s
  • Activations
  • Downloads
  • Empowerment
  • Alchemy
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Instant Healing
  • Deep Catharsis
  • Instant Manifestation
  • Epiphanies
  • Connection to Higher Self

WHAT'S Included on The you are the sacred site Retreat

Included on All Retreats:


Shamanic transmission through storytelling


Eternal wisdom to activate awareness


Through this gateway to Infinite Consciousness

Included on Group In-Person Retreats:


Open the doorway to the eternal with intention


3 organic, plant strong, allergy-free meals


Delightfully unassuming, potent nature setting, double occupancy

* Voyagers will provide there own transportation.


We are here to help!


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September 24-26, 2021


Upcoming Group Retreat: Vermont September 24-26, 2021.

Limited Availability: To insure intimacy, there are limited spaces available on our group retreats and they often they fill up fast, so act now.

Lodging: Retreat includes tent camping on beautiful private retreat center land. (You can upgrade – for a fee – to a double occupancy room inside the main house. Email us for upgrade possibility.

Investment:  $700.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $300 will hold your spot.

Interested in a Custom Retreat? What to plan a custom You Are the Sacred Site Retreat for you, your family or your group? See our Custom Retreats.

Reserve your seat by using the form below to pay your deposit or pay in full.

You are the Sacred Site Retreat - Vermont